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Femdom Spanking From Paula Andante

Corner Time - Paula Andante - Femdom Cave

Two femdom spanking stories constitute “Corner Time” from Paula Andante.

“The Hole in One” gives us the story of a married couple who are about to go semi-public with the fact the husband spends a lot of quality time both in the corner and over-the-knee of his sexy and no-nonsense wife.

"coming out" that will ensure he is soon over the knee of other also.

“A Report on the Annual SASS Convention” favours us with a description of what goes on when a group of likeminded female dominants get-together to discuss the various ways by which they maintain complete and utter control of the men in their lives.

If you think marital discipline of the husband by the wife is no more than fantasy, you might just think again after reading these two tales of femdom spanking dealing with the domestic discipline of the male.


Miss Irene Clearmont’s Femdom Erotica

The familiar characters (including herself) we know from her massively popular novel of femdom erotica and wicked perversity, “Dark Widow”, continue on their perverse and, sometimes, downright evil way as Miss Irene Clearmont gives us the third and final part of this fascinating insight into the lives of those for whom morality plays no part.

The young wife married to the repressive and judgmental prig is growing in confidence and self-esteem.

The same, however, cannot be said of the "Prig".

Though it must be said, he is changing.

The problem for him being that he is not growing.

Except, that is, in the new and utterly demoralising way his new female owners wish him to grow.

And as for Miss Irene...?


Cuckold Fiction From Rebecca Tarling


The two-parts of a work of cuckold fiction by a writer new to Femdom Cave is now complete under one cover.

Rebecca Tarling uses her first novel of dominant wives and controlled and cuckolded husbands to relate the story of the hapless Trevor Drayton and the mess that is made of his world.

A mess made by his deviant and manipulative wife, and the black shemale who delivers the unsuspecting husband in metaphorical chains and fetters to that deviant wife’s feet.

But only after taking her from the husband and winning her permission to use him also.

Usage made in the way of most classic cuckold fiction as the wife herself uses her new-found freedom and control to see other men outside the marital home.

As well as in it.


“Elena’s Travails” by Nigel McParr – A Pink Flamingo Novel

An Eighteen year old, high school dropout, Elena, goes from homeless victim to controlling  in this work of  from Nigel McParr.

When an eighteen year old, high school dropout asks her friend Nadia if she can stay with her the timing is perfect.

For Nadia's husband, that is.

A very perverse and controlling husband.

Victor has long desired a buxom young woman he could take into his home to train, conquer and make a plaything and soon Elena finds herself in .

Then, with Victor's blessing, Nadia introduces Elena to  and  and while Nadia blossoms into a matron and disciplinarian of both men and women, Elena sinks further into submission.

Another cracking read from Pink Flamingo.


The Spanking Fiction of Paula Andante

More spanking fiction from Paula Andante as her second novel of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave takes us into the world of disciplinary wives and their trained and obedient husbands.

Even if “trained and obedient” is the last thing they wish to be for their wives.

In an affluent and, seemingly, unremarkable neighbourhood, one driven and commanding woman has set up an exclusive society of dominant or wannabe dominant wives.

An exclusive society she calls “The Club”.

And one rules with an iron hand.


“Office Manager” by Mark Remond – A Free Story

Another story for the growing Femdom Cave free library, kindly donated by Mark Remond.

Mark is currently in the process of writing a full-length novel for the Cave and its readers.

Becoming obsessed with the office-manager can be a bad idea.

No matter how long a man 's been with a company and no matter how impressive his work record.

Especially when that manager is a  by the name of Elsa Knudson and she has firm ideas on respect of a  kind in the workplace.

Not to mention elsewhere.





A Femdom eBook From Shayla Marks

My Husband is my Servant - Shayla Marks - FemdomcaveShayla Marks, yet another of the growing legion of female writers who know whereof of which they speak when it comes to the domination of the male by women, makes her femdom eBook debut with a novella in three parts that tells the tale of a marriage in the suburbs that is about to become anything but everyday.

For this smug husband fallen on harder times, servitude is going to mean exactly that.

And will be no less draconian for the fact his once malleable young wife likes to keep his submission to her private.

Well… as private as possible, at least.




Female Domination From Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Clearmont Presents Volume Two - Irene Clearmont - Femdomcave


The glorious agony-aunt, femme fatale and uber-dominant lady, gives us volume two in her “Miss Irene Clearmont Presents” series and two novels of female domination dealing with subjugation of the male at the hands of dominant wives.

First up is “Valedictions” and the fate of a husband at the hands of his cunning and irresistible mother-in-law as he is changed into both a cuckold and the most humiliating kind of household servant.

Second comes “A Reversal of Fortune” and Miss Irene’s tale of a mercenary and philandering husband whose life becomes a nightmare of service and emasculation at the hands of the wealthy wife he had used and cheated upon and her equally as vengeful friends.


Femdom Fiction Collections from the Cave

The Femdom Collection

From Femdom Cave comes Volume-One of the "Femdom Collection", a volume containing three stories of femdom fiction ranging from the exotic, to the classical, to that of fantasy with a realistic edge.

The first of these great works of collected femdom fiction is Gudrun Lindstrom's tale of an Englishman’s Middle-East nightmare in“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” -  an Englishman who finds himself a modern-day white-slave to the young Arab girl for whose father he was once a bodyguard.

The second in our collection continues with Sandrine Bessancort's erotic and sexually demonic reworking of Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale of possession and submission in a sleepy French village in “Ancient Sorceries”.

The trio is completed with Vera Carlisle's believable and gruesome tale of one middle-aged gigolo’s inhuman and inescapable fate at the hands of his young German wife and her Senegalese housekeeper in “Man-Beast to Male-Pet”.

Great femdom fiction at a great price.


Female Supremacy From Pink Flamingo

Slut Boy Mega Collection - Volume 1 - Lance Edwards - Pink FlamingoThe perusal of female supremacy over the male drives the latest collection of deviant tales from Pink Flamingo.

In his latest collection of short-stories, Lance Edwards paints a vivid picture of female perversion and the desire of some women to control her man.

Fans of Mr Edwards, and his take on female supremacy and the dominant and controlling woman, will not be disappointed with his tales of slut-boys and their female masters.




“Original Sins – Book Two” by Miss Irene Clearmont

Original Sins - Book Two

The second volume of the glorious Miss Irene's short tales of female perfidy and male surrender.

Read and be warned.

Or ignore the lessons inside and suffer.

 with a modern view on  of the male and a mother with a more old-fashioned approach.

An Aunty most unlikely to sit her nephew on her knee and read him a story - though he may well go over it and, worse, do so in the presence of the female cousin he lusts after.

The above being just some of the characters in Book-Two of "Original Sins" that also contains the agony-aunt letters of the divine Ms Maxine.




A Tale of Female Authority from Paula Andante

The march of female authority continues!

The ever popular Paula Andante returns to the Cave with a novella of female supremacy and humiliation of the male that tells the story of a conceited user of women who is about to meet his match in one older and highly determined business-woman.

A woman who will make use of his out-of-control male chauvinism and exercise her female authority... Until he is the one naked and barefoot in the kitchen.

Brad Jensen is about to be broken!


More Erotic Femdom From Pink Flamingo


More  erotic femdom from Pink Flaming.

This time out it's a female Police officer who gets herself into heavy debt  and finds the prospect of doing some enforcing for a local drug-dealer too tempting to pass up.

It will also lead her into a life of domination and submission from which she will find no return.


The Femdom Cave Forum


Femdom Forum

A new year and a new start, so what better time to be the first to get the ball rolling in the new Femdom Cave Forum of 2013?

Whatever gets your femdom juices flowing, real or fantasy or adult and believable, physical or mental, controversial or otherwise, put it out there and get the feedback of your fellow aficionados and connoisseurs.

Review a book, praise, criticise or suggest an improvement, that's the purpose for which the femdom forum is intended.

And the more we hear from that half of the male-female equation, such as the siren above to whom this site is devoted, the better we will all be for it.


The Facility – A Comic Strip

A First For Femdom Cave - Virmatra At His Very Best

We have teased you long enough over the release of the first ever Femdom Comic Strip. This brilliant work of art by Virmatra is now ready for download.

Set in a strict cosseted world, where every decision is removed from the everyday lives of the inmates – men who are guarded by a specialist, hand-picked team of women that share one common trait – an innate desire to dominate the male of the species...

On sale from today this ground breaking comic strip is available in store at the generous price of £4.50 (approx $8).

The Comic Strip is free to Lifetime Members. You need to login to your account for a free download.

The Facility - Click here

Sample Page

The Facility - Sample Page - Virmatra - Femdom Cave

“The Dance of the Veils Revisited” by Sandrine Bessancort

The Dance of the Veils Revisited

"The Dance of the Veils" is the second stand-alone story from Volume-Three of "Venus Descends" and joins Algernon Blackwood's "Ancient Sorceries" as yet another tale from antiquity to receive the Ms Bessancort treatment.

This time around it's a story from Sax Rohmer that has commanded Sandrine's interest.

It's a macabre tale of oriental decadence and a down-on-his-luck n'eer-do-well on the receiving end of it. Set in London, it undergoes the female dominant Bessancort treatment to become even more macabre and certainly more decadent.

It's hard to believe the creator of Fu Manchu and the master of all things oriental and decadent, would have left a hero of his own devising to quite such a degrading and inescapable fate as that which Ms Bessancort's poisonous pen devises for hers.

This is a part of the "Venus Descends" series of short-story volumes.


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For a single - one-off - fee you can now download all Cave content, old and new. We try to release between 2 and 4 new novels per week.

As a Lifetime member you will also be entitled to generous discounts on our innovative new ideas. We have interactive novels and a new comic strip by Virmatra Scala in the pipeline.

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Femdom Fiction From Jo Paso

Femdom Fiction - Bellringers by Jo PasoJo Paso's rollicking femdom fiction romp, set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village, continues as the girls – and women – get into their stride.

These young women - along with their older counterparts - know just how potent the prospect of a sexy woman taking on the role of a dominant teacher can be for most, if not all, men; indeed, femdom fiction itself is littered with examples of the strict female educator.

Knowledge these particular hellcats are not backward in placing at their sexy and perverse disposal.

Life for the men in this particularly peaceful area of the English countryside is about to become far more interesting.

Painful goes without saying.

Part-Three of Jo Paso’s four-part work of femdom fiction will follow shortly.



A.J. Brown’s Femdom Erotica

The third and final part of A.J. Brown's tale of domination that mixes femdom erotica with femdom tyranny sees our hero's situation become more and more hopeless.

Now, not even the consolation to be found for him outside the apartment in the shape of his girlfriend is to be available as his younger, gorgeous, and utterly dominant, housemate decides this too should be something over which she has control.

Can our hero find a spine before it truly is too late for him?

Or is he doomed already to be no more than a chattel to any woman who comes his way in life from now on?


Indian Femdom From Kurt Steiner

Indian femdom from Kurt Steiner?

Is he still alive, I hear you say?

Fortunately - or sadly for those of you who have had more than enough of my preoccupation with the dominant and dusky beauties of the subcontinent - I am just about to complete my latest novella of male slavery concerning smug and superior white Europeans and the devious and assertive Indian mistress determined to show him his proper place in life.

At the feet of his female owner.

It's called "Enslaved in Kolkata" and it will be with you in the next week or two.

My kindest regards to you all and, as ever, a picture of just the kind of subcontinent mistress who compels me to put pen to paper... Well, fingers to keyboard anyway.



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It Was Just His Way Of Relaxing
The words reaching his ears are unbelievable. Incredible. Soul-destroying and mortifying.
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New Releases

Jo Paso returns with more adventures of swinging sixties domme, Poppy Peacock, and the likeminded friends who see men as no more than the naughty schoolboys in need of a firm female hand that they are.
Price: £4.25
fancy5 details Home
A normal and loving marriage becomes something else entirely when a wife decides to exert her power and take control of her husband. Control that will ensure he becomes a sight less manly and a whole lot more obedient and pleasing
Price: £4.50
fancy5 details Home
When an older man with issues helps a beautiful young woman with an agenda of her own in a campus bookshop his life begins to spiral out of control and as his infatuation for the exquisite but warped young woman grows the more she uses his need to make him an utterly dependent and completely obedient sexual slave and servant.
Price: £3.50
fancy5 details Home
Dara Dupree was a Caribbean street girl and prostitute who rose to wealth and power running the most popular fetish club in the islands. To treat herself upon reaching such success, she buys an adolescent male to conceal in an underground apartment below her estate.
Price: £5.50
fancy5 details Home
Book-One of Wes Royal's "The Golden Screw" collection sees the return of the irresistible Gilda Cane and her cohorts of deeply perverted and sexually dominant female friends and acquaintances as Hugh Bristol ("Hubris"), her new husband finds he might be wedded but any bliss he might take from the union is likely to be extremely painful. And ALWAYS humiliating.
Price: £4.50
fancy5 details Home
Janet and Edward’s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches’ Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous.
Price: £5.50
fancy5 details Home

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