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Retro Sixties Femdom From Jo Paso

Poppy Cock - Jo Paso - FemdomcaveJo Paso returns to the Cave lists with another retro tale of sixties femdom.

A rural and localised matriarchy is fast being formed in an agricultural area of South-West England.

Life on the farm has never been so hard.

Especially on the backsides of its men!

If you love the women of the sixties - and prefer them when they're of a more... disciplinary... mindset without being humorless - then you'll adore the sixties femdom writing of Jo Paso.




“Elena’s Travails” by Nigel McParr – A Pink Flamingo Novel

An Eighteen year old, high school dropout, Elena, goes from homeless victim to controlling  in this work of  from Nigel McParr.

When an eighteen year old, high school dropout asks her friend Nadia if she can stay with her the timing is perfect.

For Nadia's husband, that is.

A very perverse and controlling husband.

Victor has long desired a buxom young woman he could take into his home to train, conquer and make a plaything and soon Elena finds herself in .

Then, with Victor's blessing, Nadia introduces Elena to  and  and while Nadia blossoms into a matron and disciplinarian of both men and women, Elena sinks further into submission.

Another cracking read from Pink Flamingo.


Erotic Femdom From Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo brings you yet more erotic femdom.

We all have secret fantasies.

And, most of the time, that’s what they remain.

Or at least they should,.

In his latest work of femdom fiction, JG-Leathers presents us with another tale of a man’s darker dreams brought to reality.

When Alexander’s internal pressures finally become too much to bear he reveals his secret fantasy to his wife but has no idea of how dramatically his life is going to change as she gives his femdom fantasies a try and finds the experience an enjoyable one and wants more.

Much, much, more…


More Female Erotica From Pink Flamingo

An award-winning journalist in her other life, K.B. Plum takes a wild and erotic detour into the territory of steamy satire in Penelope Pan. In her first attempt at female erotica, she ventures into heretofore forbidden territory, applying her long experience as a reporter to topics sure to titillate, amuse and horrify with her take on the “Peter Pan” fairy tale.

Where “Peter” was intended to appeal to youngsters, “Penelope” is serves to escort adults into a world of lurid sex, fantastical adventure, and outrageous erotic comedy. The book is also a testament to how a young woman of breathtaking beauty and limitless optimism can lure to the surface the “little boy living inside the grown man.”

“Penelope Pan” is nothing less than a smorgasbord of female erotica in all its weird and perversely wonderful manifestations.


“Useless Beauty” by Sandrine Bessancort

Useless BeautyAter the three volumes published up to now, yet another story from classical antiquity goes under the female dominant lens of Femdom Cave's scribe from Honfleur this week to become a part of what is proving a highly popular and beautifully written and re-imagined series of adaptations.

This week it's a story from the master of the everyday tale with undertones of the darkly erotic, Guy de Maupassant, that receives Ms Bessancort's attentions.

A self-assured aristocrat is about to have his orderly world with its admirers of both the male and female sexes disrupted in the most demeaning of ways as he becomes yet another testimony to woman's triumph over man in the marital arena.

Read on as another husband finds that what is good for the goose is sometimes far better and more satisfying for the gander as he becomes an obedient cuckold to a dominant wife.

And worse!


“A Passage to Britannia” – the Complete Novel

Up on the Cave this week in full, as one of the editor's Books-of-the-Month, is Ms Indira's well-followed tale of a young sub-continent serving-girl and would-be Mistress. Ms Indira herself assures me that her next foray into female-led writing will not be long in arriving but, due to demands on her time, will more likely be in novelette form than a full-length femdom ebook. So long as she continues to write, however, I'm sure we'll all be happy.

From the position of servant to an English antiquities dealer in her home town of Hyderabad to that of mistress to the same man on the east coast of England, Ms Indira gives us the journey of 'Aadhaya'.

Forced by an overbearing father into accepting  with expatriate Brit, Andrew Corbett, Aadhaya finds the handsome older man pompous, self-regarding and patronising and fantasises of being the one in control of both her own destiny and that of her employer.

Fantasies that become a reality when the girl with the less than beauteous face but incredible body spies on her employer with a young Indian prostitute as they have sex on his own front-room rug.

When Aadhaya realises she knows the prostitute and they become reacquainted, Andrew Corbett will be taught the true meaning of .


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

Femdom eBooks from Pink Flamingo

With "Samantha's Assemblage", two femdom eBooks between one cover are brought to you from Pink Flamingo and the pen of Patrick Richards.

First up is "Samantha’s Slave" – Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he’s immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess.

But Jack is not prepared for her cruel tests in male submission to the female and after her treatment takes him to the edge of sanity and he’s left on the street miles from his apartment with his hands cuffed and wearing only a woman’s thong to make a long and potentially embarrassing journey home he is, understandably, hesitant about continuing their relationship and realises his fantasy may just prove to be more than he can handle in reality.

Hesitation that is far too late.

The second of these absorbing femdom eBooks  is "Addicted to Samantha" – Jack’s addiction to the beautiful Samantha is becoming more and more marked – as is he – when she ups the ante in the tests of submission he must pass if he is to prove himself worthy of remaining in her life.

And remaining in it as no more than her abject slave.

For real!


A.J. Brown’s World of Femdom Fiction

A.J. Brown’s latest foray into femdom fiction gives us the story of a young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore.

When the third of three students drops out of the leasing of a high-end apartment the only person the two remaining guys can find to take up the slack is the younger sister of one of them.

A younger sister who likes guys to do what she wants.

And has no problem training them if they don’t.

This is the first of a three part tale of femdom fiction.


“Top Producer” by A.J, Brown – A Free Story

In the latest free-story from AJ Brown, a one-time college high-flyer and now married drudge and lowly admin-support-worker finds a means of self-expression at the expense of her company's most highly thought of salesman as she brings him to heel in a way that does wonders for her self-confidence but very little for her enslaved boss.

**Note to A.J.'s  fans:  he writes Quick-Start Stories as well as detailed Custom Stories per his fans' requests sent directly to your email.  Please email ajbrown2005@yahoo.com if you are interested in getting more information on Quick-Start Stories**



Indian Femdom by Kurt Steiner – A Journey to Disgrace

Indian Femdom is the subject of my new story "A Journey to Disgrace".

It's great to be back after such a relatively long absence and I can't thank enough those of you who've contacted the editor with your congratulations for the first two-parts of my new story of Indian Femdom"A Journey to Disgrace".

Indian Femdom - The Complete Book


The complete book is almost finished and part-three will, I'm told, be published this week, but I'm hoping for once to crack straight on after completion and get right into another tale of Indian Femdom, and the European males who succumb to its allure.

My thanks must also go to Ms Indira for her support throughout what I now refer to as "my dry spell" and the hope that she herself is able to build on her fantastic first effort at a novel in the genre, "A Passage to Britannia".

As always, I leave you with an image of the kind of subcontinent goddess never failing to either trigger my imagination or set the pulses to racing when it comes to Indian Femdom.

Good reading!





Psychological Domination and Golden Showers – Fiction From Pink Flamingo

Psychological domination and golden showers are amongst the many tools utilized to bring the hapless male to his knees in Rose Thornwell's latest tale of male submission to the female. 

Tony Sinclair is engaged to the wealthy and beautiful Lara Wiley and trying very hard to overcome his submissive past. But when his former mistress Giselle shows up to re-stake her claim, Tony starts feeling those old desires all over again. The man’s newly ignited masochistic heat is not lost on Lara’s younger sister, the cruel, tempestuous Miranda who decides to use Tony for her own pleasures. Tony soon finds himself caught between the savage love of two women, each trying to outdo the other in her ability to punish and degrade him.

Tony submits to a bizarre series of games and rituals; designed to break his spirit. His secretary, the cheeky Katy, tries to save him, but ultimately, Tony can bear no more and finds himself turning back to Giselle, the one woman who will accept him, naked and groveling. Only this time the rules have changed. Slavery is no longer a game but a savage reality, and if Tony is to survive he must come to Giselle ready to be beaten and broken...

And in every way.

In short, he must be made...

Fit For Submission.


Brotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom Tales - M J Rennie - Pink FlamingoFans of sophisticated Femdom are in for a major treat with this all new, never before published anthology from author M. J. Rennie.

While paying homage to the classic 1970 manifesto of Feminism, Sisterhood is Powerful, Rennie explores an array of liberated women who pursue an ascendant agenda over their cowed and now submissive men.

Whether they are forced to kiss her feet or do her laundry, these men are remain in thrall to the superior female.








Femdom Fiction From Jo Paso

Femdom Fiction - Bellringers by Jo PasoJo Paso's rollicking femdom fiction romp, set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village, continues as the girls – and women – get into their stride.

These young women - along with their older counterparts - know just how potent the prospect of a sexy woman taking on the role of a dominant teacher can be for most, if not all, men; indeed, femdom fiction itself is littered with examples of the strict female educator.

Knowledge these particular hellcats are not backward in placing at their sexy and perverse disposal.

Life for the men in this particularly peaceful area of the English countryside is about to become far more interesting.

Painful goes without saying.

Part-Three of Jo Paso’s four-part work of femdom fiction will follow shortly.



The Cost of Being a Gurl

Femdomcave's Ed is just in the throes of reading and editing my latest offer, 'The Cost of Being a Gurl.' Hopefully, it will be up on the site very shortly so this update is just to let you know that there is an imminent offering from me in the pipeline!

This is a much shorter novel than my usual offerings, some forty-five thousand words of excitement and dominant to submissive sex and abuse that focuses on a husband of a wife who transgresses in his/her want to be a gurl and who ends up paying one hell of a price - and ends with a 'punchy' conclusion.

Set in Hong Kong, Texas and California, it does share with its sister novels a love of food, wine and luxury.

It is perhaps more weighted to fem-dominance than gurl transformation, especially of the psychological form, than my previous FDC novels. I'll let you be the judge of that.

I've enjoyed writing it though and I hope my readers take the same pleasure from it.

Now the question is what next? Okay, I know some of you may say, 'Stop there, Clare; Spare us all!'


“The Erotic Adventures of a 20th Century Lady” by Penelope Drops

This week's offering from Pink Flamingo is a period piece from another age where surface morality was much in evidence.

Beneath the surface however...

"The Erotic Adventures of a 20th Century Lady" by Penelope Drops is an autobiography of the escapades in stern domination of one of the leading Madam's of the early 20th century, long before it was considered acceptable for people to even discuss sexual relations.

In this wild tale from Pink Flamingo, readers are informed of with Madam Penelope's outrageous entry into the world of domination. When her parents are suddenly killed in the Hindenburg disaster, she is given instructions left by her father to open a trunk she's neither seen nor heard of. To her amazement the contents of the trunk detail her parent's secret life of utter debauchery and the naïve young woman takes it upon herself to discover whether being a dominant female will work for her.

Penelope soon discovers her thirst for authority and control stretches further than anything to be found in the trunk and begins to fashion a life for herself that will ensure all males who cross her path will find themselves subjugated and used.


Submission, Feminine Domination, Transgender and Transformation

Submission, Feminine Domination, Transgender and transformation of our hero/one as she is taken through to a future life of academic 'slavery'.

Well, I'm hoping that with this warm weather in the UK that all my readers and potential ones are still finding time to download their femdom needs from Femdomcave or, dare I say the words, Kindle-Amazon.

The news here is that, despite being busy with other ventures and my art commissions, I have found some time to finish my latest offering, as titled above. It's now in the hands of our beloved Editor for him to do his 'Edding' thing and bring it up on-line for you.

Plenty of action for you in this one, a chronicle that explores the rites of submission and transformation of a young man after he, having become a vulnerable feminine-bodied orphan, is brutally raped at the hands of the monks at the school he attends. He finds himself transferred into a sister-convent and placed under the charge of a caring but dominant Sister, who reports to the Abbess, a warm but again dominant character.

From school, the novel winds onto his acceptance and time at University, tracking his development as a submissive and in being transformed by his Tutor. I won't say much more but there then comes some pretty powerful scenes when he/she now becomes part of an arranged affair, perhaps his/her destiny all along, the gorgeous Anaïs coming into her life.

I hope that the book is more than just sex but one that offers a good yarn and descriptive of life at large, something that I strive to do when I sit down to write, also bringing to the fore the emotional side of the characters involved.

It's been fun writing it and I hope this reflects itself when you read it. As ever, I love having feedback from you.




The Gates of Benign Immurement

The car was waiting, an impressive black Mercedes limousine, one of those cars that you see ferrying governmental dignitaries and the rich and famous around in. This one, however, was accompanied by a liveried woman, tall, upright and dressed in brown and cream. Brown boots, cream jodhpur-style pants, and a cream blouse covered by a rich, brown leather jacket. Pearls hung from her neck and she was austere but beautiful, long blond hair cascading down her back as she got out of the car after we emerged from the airport exit.

Luxembourg Findel Airport wasn’t the largest terminal that I had ever been in, about the size of Exeter or Southampton, I guessed. That was good, as we had arrived a little behind scheduled time from London, the chance to pick it up as our baggage had come through quickly and then the rapid expediency over our passports at the immigration desk.

Flight BA418 from London, Club Class, all rather perfunctory, the offering of a couple of glasses of champagne to each of us and a small tray of sandwiches as a snack, not much difference from sitting back in ‘Cattle Class’ bar the wine, the trip not long enough for the cabin crew to excel.

It was the end of a long trip, the transatlantic flight back to the UK with British Airways from Toronto, a much more comfortable flight than this one, a break in London for nearly seventy-two hours at The Connaught Hotel to snap out of the jet-lag, shop, and see friends from University days for dinner, notably Francine and Tim, and Victoria and Fi.

Then we had taken this flight, bringing us to our new career and furthering out life together.

The Connaught Hotel had been ideal for Anaïs and me, facilities such as the Aman Spa available for exquisite pampering by the girls in there and then the noted cuisine of Hélène Darozze, the location proving to be a wonderful base for our shopping and always a favourite.

I could have spent a few more days staying there, gathering my thoughts on what was to come. However, this was not to be, the decision long taken out of my hands. We were returning to Anaïs’s home, a place that I had never visited and, also, I had never met her mother.

Dining as a guest with Hélène was perfect, the emphasis in my life now on being a woman – with women – avoiding men as much as possible except for one special man, my life oriented in this direction now, the long training in being a submissive woman to strong Dommes, to meet their needs in whatever way they so dictated.

It was a life that I had never dreamt of, not even in my wildest sexual thoughts when I was but a male teenager, a teenager lost in his ways as to his sexuality and personality.

«Bonsoir, Madamoiselles, bienvenue à Luxembourg, Mlle Catherine et il est bon de vous revoir, Mlle Anaïs.»

«Merci Joëlle, en effet, il est bon d'être de retour au Grand-Duché.»

Anaïs, my travelling partner and mentor, absolutely fluent in French; well, it was her native language albeit changed slightly after all her time in Paris and Canada, speaking five other languages as well. She was returning home to an impressive house that I had only seen pictures of, bringing me to work with her and for her mother, the Comtesse de Miratey van Nyvelt van Schoenberg, apparently  ‘une dame formidable’ as they say.

Anaïs was also my lover and now my Domme – and also the Freiin of Miratey, her hereditary title as her mother’s daughter and reflecting her German familial linkage, Deutsch just one of her languages.

We got into the back seat of the car, Joelle taking care of our not inconsiderable pile of luggage, packing it into the trunk of the car as well as the passenger seat.

“Catherine, it’s a family tradition that all submissives, be they girls or gurls, who visit the family château are chained or cuffed for the first time they enter the gates.”

She rustled around in her voluminous over-the-shoulder travelling bag,

Here we are. Got them.”

What airport security must have thought when Anaïs had gone through the screening process, who knew?

But then, Anaïs was pretty immune to such embarrassment, as I had learned in the time that I had been with her, some of the humiliation that I had to undergo, notably being led around the streets of London from bar to bar in a state of considerable nudity, crocodile clamps and a long silver chain serving as my leash attached to my nipples, pussy clamps visibly holding lead weights to distend my relatively new labia, anonymous men and women being invited by her to feel or even tongue me.

The shame of all this, the feeling that I was a cheap prostitute in the making.

She enjoyed my discomfiture though.

Anaïs helped me into a pair of heavy-duty wrist cuffs, a pair that I was familiar with as she had used them on me before when we had been out, rather than the sleeker Talena ones that she often liked to keep me in.

Each cuff weighed in at close to a pound, a short chain between the two rings and padlocked off at each end, giving me little room to manoeuvre other than moving both wrists at the same time.

I didn’t object – the time for that had long past and how my rear and thighs had suffered when I had objected. Abject servility was the name of the game with her; loving and caring, yes, but any dissension was swiftly and ruthlessly handled. To do it in public and shame her, then I really suffered.

One learns quickly.



Tales of Men Brought to Their Knees by Jo Paso

Four rollicking short stories in one volume of men brought to their knees, all laced with the unmistakable mix of humour, humiliation and female domination we've come to expect from Jo Paso.

Jo’s women are never happier than when making obedient husbands and boyfriends and placing them in positions of submission to the superior sex.

Submission that is both complete and abject.



“Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” – Part-One-of-Two

Yet another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction from the author of the immensely popular, "Wifely Control" and "Husband to Cuckold... and Worse", Clarice Darling.

Published in two-parts, part-one begins with yet another unsuspecting older husband being brought low by a young wife.

A young and previously biddable wife.

This time, however, the young wife in question has a sadistic and controlling stepmother at her back and the loving and devoted husband is about to discover he is not the proud and strong man he thought himself to be.

Not by a long-shot.




“My Passage to Womanhood” by Clare Penne

And so we come to the final instalment of the penultimate volume in Clare Penne's incredible history of her namesake.

There will, of course - and I'm sure Clare's readers would expect nothing less, be no let up in the sexual heat applied to Ms Penne's eponymous heroine and now former (very  former) hero.

Clare's new career as an extremely high-end call-girl proceeds apace.

But there are compensations.

And, of course, the usual cast of loving and depraved, considerate and sadistic, friends, lovers and family members are on hand to ensure the action is never less than interesting, off-the-wall and downright perverse for those times when things become too...



Not to mention the dominant lesbian, the dominant shemale, and the harem's male slave.

It's been a riveting adventure so far and nothing we've read in Volume-Nine seems to point to the tenth and final volume relaxing its relentless grip on both our interest and, if I may be indelicate, our vitals.

Bring it on.


Ms Indira: In Praise of “Venus Descends”

How wonderful to read the words of past literary masters such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a particular favourite of mine, Guy de Maupassant, filtered through the mindset and emotional make-up of a female writer (a writer who is, like myself our editor assures me, a real woman and not a man writing under a pen-name).

Again, I can no fault with Kurt Steiner's words on Ms Bessancort and her female dominant adaptations of classic tales and can only add that I love the way she stays true to the actual style and structure of the work she  sets her mind to and, with the briefest and seamless of pen-strokes, changes into something different and exciting whilst remaining as true as possible to the original.

As a lover of de Maupassant's short-stories myself, I have suggested to the editor a few more examples from his pen that may set the Bessancort juices flowing (assuming she is not already familiar with them) and look forward with much anticipation to her stylish and intelligent work in the future. My own personal favourite of her tales so far, however, is Mr Jacobs "The Interruption", which I read through in one enthralled sitting.

ms indiraI feel I cannot finish this entry without leaving a gift of a dominant young Indian lady taking a, no doubt, well-earned nap; a present made for my friend Kurt in the hope it will go some way to triggering a resumption of his own writing on the subject that enthralls us all so.

Ms Indira

Sandrine – Kurt From the Small World Loves You!

What a joy to welcome Sandrine Bessancort to the Cave. For someone whose own adolescent reading consisted of just those stories she now re-invents from a very female dominant point-of-view, but whose imagination (not to mention talent) stopped short of the overriding overview necessary to structure and re-vamp while keeping as true to the original as possible, it truly is a trip back to those days of forming sexuality and the puzzlement that went with it.

Rest assured, I'll be lying in wait with twitching mouse and procuring MasterCard for every outpouring from her pen that finds its way on here and I can only hope the list of stories from the (out-of-copyright) past inspiring Sandrine are queuing for treatment from her female-led quill.

So far, though each of her stories have struck their own particular chord, it's her version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Parasite" that resonated with me most - possibly, I have to confess, because of the presence of a woman-of-colour. The somewhat frail and disabled Trinidadian woman, Miss Pencelosa, is replaced by a far more vibrant and commanding black goddess as the persecutor of Sir Arthur's cynical professor. A cynical professor whose pooh-poohing of the woman's supernatural gifts lead him into the worst kind of male bondage.

More along the same lines please.

I see in Sandrine's introduction to the stories that she is from Provence and now appears to be based in Honfleur. I know both areas reasonably well, but I'd warrant my French is nowhere near the exalted level of her written English which I, as a native Englishman, can only envy.

As always I leave you with the picture exercising my own imagination most right now.

And if you think I've been visualising her as the incarnation of Sandrine's "Miss Pencelosa" you will be entirely right.

Kurt Steiner.black_goddess

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