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Sexually Dominant Women

In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and handsome twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia. His girlfriend, all too aware of what could befall him at the hands of the sexually dominant women of her family, pleads with him to leave.

Bewildered, Evandro heeds her advice, but not before getting a taste of the danger his girlfriend fears and, after a hasty departure, appears to be safe from his girlfriend’s dominant and sadistic family.

Until fate steps in to ensure escape from the family web of female domination would not be so easy.



Chapter One


Abigail and Becky toiled in the kitchen, washing the last of the dishes after breakfast when they heard a loud pounding on the front door. Always full of energy and looking for an adventure wherever she could find it, Becky practically sprinted to the door.

“Wow...hello,” Becky said when she laid her eyes on an attractive and slender stud standing on her doorstep.

His drenched T-shirt, tight to his torso, had become nearly transparent, hinting at the sculpted body, which lie beneath. His nipples tented the front of his shirt nicely. Evandro braced himself against the wind-driven rain, trying to at least keep the harsh pellets of water out of his beautiful smooth face. His dark curly locks hung in front of his bright blue eyes with water dripping down from the tips. He brushed his hair to the side.

The awning above did little to shield him from being battered by the torrential downpour, which was now on its third day. Evandro was too miserable to bask in the attention.

“Hi. Is Alex here?” “Alex?” Becky repeated dumbfounded. “Ain’t no Alex living here. Hate to say it, but I think you got the wrong house, pretty boy.”

“No, I mean Alexis. I know her from college. I’m sure this is the address she gave me.”

Abigail had been trying to listen from the kitchen, but the noise of the rain was making it difficult. Yet she picked up on the name ‘Alexis’ and nearly dropped the plate she had been drying when she heard it. Nobody in West Virginia called her by that name. And it wasn’t just the name, but it was the accent associated with the voice that caused her panic.

No, it couldn’t be!

He’s in Florida or Brazil. It can’t be him!

Her mind was racing. She crept closer to the hallway where she peered around the corner to get a glimpse of the miserably wet figure in the doorway.

For a moment, Becky was still at a loss. Then a light went on in her mind. “Oh, you mean my sister, Abigail Alexis?”

“Yeah, that’s gotta be her. Can you tell her Evandro is here to see her?”

“Evandro?” Abigail exclaimed from the other end of the hallway. “What are you doing here?”

Becky still wasn’t computing the scene nearly as quickly as she should have. She turned, still processing at a slow speed.

“Wait…Evandro?” Becky said, beginning to catch on. “Is this Evan? This is Evan?” Becky stated more than asked.

It all became clear, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh my gawd!” Abbe completely tuned her sister out. She was torn between running and throwing her slender frame into her boyfriend’s arms, or pushing him back to his car and screaming at him to leave. She did a little of both. Abbe handed the plate to her sister without thinking, and stepped towards Evan’s open arms, but stopped herself, glancing sideways towards her sister. She wanted to embrace him, hold him, and kiss him, but she would never do that with her sister there.

Evandro was confused. He was sure that she would have been ecstatic to see him. A surprise visit like this, after not having seen or talked to each other in over a month, warranted at least a warm embrace.

“Evandro, you can’t be here. No, you…you have to leave,” Alexis said frantically.

Evan’s smile faded quickly from his face. “What’s the matter?”

“No, I can’t explain. There’s no time,” Alex countered in a panicked tone. “It’s just best if you leave. My gawd, when’s Momma going to be back?”

Becky replied, “Well I think she said they’d be back by noon. But with this rain, it’ll probably be a while longer.”

“Okay, you gotta go, Evan. I mean, I love seeing you, but it’s just that you can’t be here. I thought you were going to be working in Miami, or going back to Brazil for the photo shoot.”

“I am. I mean, it got delayed for another month so I decided I’d rather take you up on your offer to come work on the farm for a while. I’ve never worked on a farm before.”

“Oh gawd. No, I…I didn’t really…I mean, I was totally drunk when I said that. This is not the place you want to be. Oh shit…”

“He can work on the farm. I don’t see no problem with that,” Becky chimed in with a smirk.

“You stay out of this!” Abbe barked back. “And you CAN’T tell anyone that Evandro was here. You understand me?”

She looked back at Evandro.

“And you can’t tell anyone you were here.”

Becky thought for a moment. This situation was as dire a situation as she would ever find Abbe involved in. Abbe was right. She had to get her boyfriend off the farm before their mother found out. If she found him there, it would be all over for Evandro. But Becky learned a few things while Abbe had been away at college for two years. She wasn’t the same little sister who caved whenever she was ordered to do so. Becky had been only too happy to follow her sister’s direction in her younger years. A few years ago, she never would have considered talking back to her sister. But working on the farm under the tutelage of her mother and not having anyone else to boss her around for two years gave her the confidence she hadn’t had before. She was growing up physically as well as mentally. In many respects, she was considered a boss around the farm. She had gotten used to having others follow her orders without question.

During the time that Abigail had been away at college, Becky had developed the Franklin attitude, perhaps a little too soon for her age. This tomboy had to make the developing crisis work to her advantage. She had to play the game.

“It’ll cost ya.”

Abbe was stunned.

“Are you kidding me? You just keep your mouth shut, little sis.”

“Hey! I ain’t so little no more, in case you ain’t noticed,” Becky replied, standing up for herself.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!”

“You watch your language in this house, Abigail. A beautiful hunk shows up on the doorstep asking for you, and you expect me to just forget about it? No way. I’ll keep quiet, but I get something in exchange.”

Oh my gawd. What the F do you want?”

A smirk crept across her face as she looked towards Evandro.

“Him. I want him for ten minutes. Alone.”

“Are you out of your mind? Hell no, I’m not letting you have him. I know what you’ll do to him. No. No way, Becky!”

“Well, you don’t know everything I’d do to him, but I only have about ten minutes, so, yeah, you probably have a pretty good idea. AND I want that picture of him you have hidden under your pillow. The bikini shot.”

“What happened to you? You turned into a conniving little bitch! My gawd, I was away for two years, and you’ve turned into one of them.”

“You weren’t here, Alexis. Things changed. This is what ya get. Listen, you got no choice. Hell, he’ll enjoy it. You know that.”

Abbe could only stare at her. She knew she was beat. She had no choice. “Mother would have a fit if she heard you right now! There’s no way she’d let you do anything like this, little girl.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. Like I said, things have changed.”

“I will never forgive you for this.”

Evandro had been standing just inside the doorway, watching the argument ensue, hardly believing what was being said. A simple surprise visit and offer of help was being turned into some nasty battle of extortion.

“Evandro, I know you have no idea what’s going on, but you have to believe me when I tell you that this is for your own good. You have to leave, but first you have to do what my sister tells you to do.”

“Wait, I-”

“No, just listen. You have to do whatever she wants. I know you’ll never talk to me again, but you’re better off this way. And I’m better off this way.”

Alexis held her boyfriend by the arm and escorted him to her bedroom, which was in the back of the house.

Evandro tried to protest, but each time he was quieted by his girlfriend and pulled forward.

“Make it quick,” Alex said to her sister. Abigail was an attractive girl with a slender frame. It wasn’t her younger sister’s more stalky build that had her too intimidated to try to force her sister into submission. Abbe’s problem was that she didn’t have the devilish Franklin attitude that her sister and her mother had. It was the primary reason she wanted to get an education and leave the farm behind. She was simply too kind and caring to lower herself to her sister’s level to successfully fight for her boyfriend.

As a result of her kindness, Abigail stood silently by as Becky smiled at her and closed the bedroom door behind Evandro.

“Take off your shirt,” Becky could be heard saying on the other side of the door.

“What do…?”

“Just keep your mouth shut, stud, and do what I tell ya.”

Alex, her ear to the door, heard Evandro pull his T-shirt up over his head.

“Now your shorts, handsome.”

Abbe heard the zipper, then the drenched cargo shorts falling to his feet.

“Mmmmm…yeah, very nice. You’re a little excited, aren’t ya? I didn’t believe her when she said she was banging an underwear model, but I guess I was wrong. Let me help you with these.”

Abbe heard the unmistakable sound of his tight underwear slide down his legs. She found herself wondering which pair he was wearing.

“Step out for me. That’s it. Oh my gawd, you’re hung like a horse! Wow, it rises fast.” “Ohhh…mmmm…”

Evan moaned. Alex imagined her sister was stroking his cock now.

“Oh yeah, give me some precum. That’s it. Yeah, you want to give it to me, don’t ya, stud? Okay, get up here on the bed. I’d make this last longer for ya, but we gotta get you outta here fast. That’s it. Now get on all fours. I’m gonna show ya how I milk the stallions each week.

“Damn, you’re hard. How do ya like that? Do you like having your balls pulled back like that?”

Evandro wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer, but all he could do was grunt anyway.

“That’s it. Now your cock’s pointed in the right direction.”

From his moans, Alexis pictured her sister with Evan’s balls in her hand, pulled tight to his ass, and milking his cock with her other hand.

He wouldn’t last long.

“Okay, I’m gonna squeeze a little harder, and you’re gonna cum for me right into this glass I got underneath ya.”

Evan looked down to see Becky position the small glass on the bed beneath him, just inches below his purple cockhead.

“Come on...come on...give it to me now, stallion. Give me all ya got. Come on…”

Evan’s moans became more high pitched and more frantic. He was close. Finally, Alex heard a loud groan emanate from deep within Evan’s throat. She knew exactly what that meant. She had heard it many times before.

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Damn, your balls are full. Keep it coming. Oh, that’s good, real good.”

It seemed like an eternity to Alex, but finally his sounds of ecstasy were over. He was still breathing heavily, but he was spent.

“Don’t you move, til I say so.” Evandro let his head hang while he caught his breath and tried to wrap his head around the events that culminated with a forced orgasm. The euphoric wave of his orgasm disappeared from his body as the final strand of cum seeped from his twitching cock.

“Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” – Part-One-of-Two

Yet another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction from the author of the immensely popular, "Wifely Control" and "Husband to Cuckold... and Worse", Clarice Darling.

Published in two-parts, part-one begins with yet another unsuspecting older husband being brought low by a young wife.

A young and previously biddable wife.

This time, however, the young wife in question has a sadistic and controlling stepmother at her back and the loving and devoted husband is about to discover he is not the proud and strong man he thought himself to be.

Not by a long-shot.




“My Passage to Womanhood” – Volume-Eight Complete

The latest volume of Clare Penne's  continues with Saffi's tastes for dominance and control becoming more and more marked and eclectic as she decides it will not be women alone who serve in the new "harem".

Bad news for one unfortunate and down on his luck man.

With the agreement between Saffi and Minnah agreed regarding the Arab woman's access to Clare in his/her role of schoolgirl and the Vermont lingerie enterprise beginning to take off, Saffi's thoughts turn to acquiring a man to serve as a kind of  on the estate.

A tall order in the 21st Century.

But not as tall as it seems when a business acquaintance informs Clare and the increasingly dominant Saffi of a middle-aged couple who have been driven to ruin by the escapades and inefficiency of the husband and are on the verge of losing everything if a benefactor of some kind isn't found.

The husband in question someone  who considers himself an alpha-male and is about to provide Saffi with the kind of challenge she relishes as she sets about reducing him to utter dependency.

The adventure continues!


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

Femdom Fiction From India

Femdom Cave presents two riveting novels of femdom fiction and subcontinent domination of the European male together in one sensibly priced volume.

“A Passage to Britannia” tells us of a scheming young Indian housekeeper and the gradual way she leads her“master” by the nose until he is utterly dependent and sexually besotted with her… And then…

“Vincennes” gives us another devious and controlling Indian menial. This time, however, it’s a hotel waitress who takes the obsessive eye of visiting English businessman and develops that obsession into an overpowering need that will ensure he will never leave India...

...Nor be much of man during his stay.

Two works of femdom fiction to savor from first time author, Ms Indira and the master of the Indian femdom novel himself, Kurt Steiner.



Lesbian Femdom and Males in Slavery

Lesbian femdom and males in slavery are the themes of these three re-published novels from Pink Flamingo.

First up is ‘Compliance’ with its intertwining stories of two commanding women – one a fully-fledged tamer of men, the other a very enthusiastic neophyte when it comes to the placing of males in slavery.

The above a happy combination for young beautician Frankie when, not knowing the profession of her new acquaintances, she describes her boyfriend troubles and gets a lesson on how to take control of a man.

A lesson that neither she nor her boyfriend – especially her boyfriend – will ever forget.

How could he, when his particular “lesson” includes the use upon him of branding, orgasm denial and various chastity devices?


elenas travails - Nigel McParr - Pink Flamingo

Eighteen-year-old Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia’s husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into their home to train and conquer and he asks the dominant Nadia to educate their new house-guest into obedience and make the innocent young woman his/her plaything.

It is a favour his wife is only too pleased to perform as it enables her to indulge her passion for lesbian femdom and also include her husband in the enslavement process as she sets about transforming the innocent young woman into the most loyal and obedient of household chattels.



A Womans Servant - Chris Bellows - Pink FlamingoAccording to Chris Bellows, a woman of authority and quality should be served and tended to in order to satisfy her every wish and command, and the following tale does NOT contradict these beliefs

In the very near future, a dominant nurse at a correction facility for males decides she should acquire a manservant to meet her somewhat demanding domestic needs and,  in so doing, finds her need to govern extends well beyond the Institute walls.

As with all Chris Bellows novels, this book is not for the timid, first-timer to Female Domination and his tales of males in slavery will have you feeling every snip, every slit and every, single ounce of pain the poor servant is put through in order to make him the utterly compliant and obedient factotum his new employer wishes him to be.




Domestic Discipline… and More

Merrick Scanlon’s first foray into the world of cuckolding, domestic discipline and the dominant woman, brings us the unhappy tale of a formerly happy and contented – if a little overbearing – husband. Struck down by a tropical disease whilst on business in the Philippines, William Grant is about to discover another side to the young wife he thought loved and respected him. A "side" that has plans to use his misfortune to her own advantage.

The results will alter his life in ways he finds as unimaginable as they are revolting and will not only see him lose the adult status he naturally considered his by right but will see him being supervised and corrected by other people far younger than himself. True and humiliating domestic discipline, in fact. This book is in two parts. FCEDITOR.

“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” – Part-One-of-Two

From Ringstead in the heart of Denmark comes a talented first-time author with a tale of femdom erotica and female emancipation in a wealthy (and fictitious) Arab State and the young Arab girl who make the most of her advantages to make a fantasy come true.

Part-one-of-two of Gudrun Lindstrom’s tale of erotic fiction and female erotica involving a British Secret Service man and the ways by which he is brought to his knees, literally and metaphorically, by the young Arab girl whose father’s official bodyguard he once was.

The freedoms of the west taken for granted so much by its citizens are not so readily apparent for a man framed on a charge of rape and transported deep into the interior of an oil-rich Arab state.

Especially when the young Muslim girl whose wealth and influential contacts have seen him framed, and into whose less than tender care he has been given, intends that he is to have no freedom whatsoever.





Female Domination From A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown’s latest foray into female domination gives us the story of a young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore.

When the third of three students drops out of the leasing of a high-end apartment the only person the two remaining guys can find to take up the slack is the younger sister of one of them.

A younger sister who likes guys to do what she wants.

And has no problem training them if they don’t.

All three parts of A.J.'s tale of female domination complete in one volume.


Femdom Fiction From Jo Paso

All four parts of Jo Paso’s rollicking femdom fiction romp set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village in one volume as the girls – and women – of the area put the men under their sexual spell.

Life for the men in this particularly peaceful area of the English countryside is about to become far more interesting.

Painful goes without saying.


Retro Femdom From Jo Paso

Jo Paso gives us the complete version of her two-part work of retro femdom.

Once again, she re-visits the past to mine yet another entertaining read from the Jo Paso again visits the swinging sixties to provide us with some retro femdom  from her favourite period.

This time it's gives us a group of guys set to become the music world’s next big thing who take her eye.

Unfortunately for them, however, their time in the sun lasts only for as long as it takes the female singer fronting them to decides the guy’s girlfriends – as well as the mother of one of them – would be an even bigger thing.

Both their management, the owner of a record label, and the public, agree and, before long the girls are becoming successful.  Very successful. And guess who it is who become their roadies and general flunkies?



Male Slavery and Sadistic Women

Male Slavery and Sadistic Women

Most people think that slavery doesn’t exist in the world today. Ha… little do they know. Others are convinced that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is to most people but not to an evil, sadistic woman who gets herself off by making her slaves suffer and scream from the pain. To her, torture is a pleasure – a form of recreation. It’s a sexual thing - her aphrodisiac. When Jeff Owens vanishes from the Nevada desert, his search for a new life and adventure takes a much different path than expected.

Instead of spending the winter as a ski bum with his buddies in Tahoe, he becomes a slave to a female motorcycle gang that treats their captives in the most inhumane ways imaginable. After breaking down along a deserted highway near some uninhabited ghost town, he thinks he is saved when three sexy, leather clad women arrive on Harleys. A younger sister soon comes along and easily lures him into their clutches. To a young, horny guy down on his luck, sex is such an easy bait.

He was abducted and never saw it coming. Jeff finds that being bound and severely whipped is the easiest part of his torment. Sherry, the club’s leader specializes in cock and ball torture while other club members get to use him on alternate nights to satisfy their sadistic cravings. From a pair of man-hating lesbians to a tattoo artist and an evil dominatrix, Jeff experiences it all. Even while suffering at the hands of these evil women, he learns that his life is far better than the other young men who also became victims of this same evil gang.

Hard labor with deplorable treatment and brutal punishments are just the beginnings for the other slaves. Jeff finds that pain is an excellent teacher. He was warned several times that escape was impossible, but like all the others he tried it. He was easily caught and paid an agonizing price. He quickly realizes that he is just an expendable commodity in this savage, brutal, insane world. But through it all there is one slight glimmer of hope. One of the gang members takes a liking to Jeff. She helps him out, tends his wounds and keeps him going.

The Cuckold Fiction of Clare Penne

Clare Penne’s latest volume of cuckold fiction reaches a conclusion and finds the once-powerful executive in a position and situation not even his wildest fantasies had pictured.

The adventures of an affluent married couple, as what started out as harmless play becomes a lot more serious and binding, get darker and for the male half of the equation become more humiliating by the second.

The dominant and ultra-wealthy married couple who decide to enslave both the former CEO and his wife, have already set their would-be slaves on a course of usage and degradation.

And worse is to follow.

This is part-four of Volume-One in a work of cuckold fiction and should serve - though it probably won't - as both warning and cautionary tale for all those of you out there who harbour similar fantasies and wish to make them a reality.


Femdom Erotica From Pink Flamingo

Joan's Calculated Surrender - J.A. Schenley - Pink FlamingoIn another work of femdom erotica from Pink Flamingo a wife is given a gift.

An old “swingers” magazine that her husband had bought just before they vanished off the market.

The submissive desires she has long held for both herself and her husband come racing to the fore as, inside, she finds the young and demanding woman of her dreams. A young woman who will do to Joan and her husband exactly what she yearns to have done and it would be easy to arrange. In fact, her husband would relish his lovely wife being dominated and controlled and seeing her perform lesbian sex acts.

So what if he might have to suffer a bit to do so?

Well… more than a bit, actually.


Lesbian Sexuality

Female lovers Cassidy and Peach quit the city for the summer, traveling north to The Edge, a B&B playground for sexually open-minded women, run by an experienced Female Dominant, Tasia. Wanting Peach for herself, Tasia lures her from Cassidy. While the angry Cassidy waits for Peach to return to her, she finds her own dominant tendencies are brought from hiding as she’s seduced by the mysterious waif, Analise. Cruelly taking this innocent initiate through bondage, whipping, anal probing and other S&M tortures. Yet only the Midsummer Madness and a stunning confrontation with Tasia gives Cassidy the fulfillment she desires. A fantasy of love and surrender, of twisted motives and crude sexual practices for readers who enjoy the sensuous extremes of lesbian sexuality.



A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden, leaping from cell to cell

in a tantalizing dance,

of what’s to follow.

A thought… returning with friends… demanding… impatient,

twisting in a spiral

of unrecognized lack,

seeking attention’s wandering gaze.

A thought… swelling with desire… festering with passion, as it’s slowly brought to a boil

over lust’s licking flames,

stoked by insatiable hunger.

A thought… leading the body in hell born pursuit… of appetite’s need,

nerves pulsing in pleasure filled desire, seeking to worship

at gratification’s altar.

A thought… exploding in completion…

dying of spent release, on the altar’s cold stone, as orgasm

becomes one with obsession…

A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden,

leaping from cell to cell, in a tantalizing dance

of what’s to follow…

Chapter One

I see her standing by the stacks in the old library. I’m surprised to see that she actually showed up. I usually don’t arrange dates this way. But I was obsessed. I watched her every day for two weeks. She was doing research, and so was I; though after two weeks I confess I was doing more research on her than on my American Poets thesis.

My obsessions drive me to such things. In a mad impulse I finally peeked in the front of her opened notebook when she was off to the bathroom. I was looking for a name, maybe a phone number. That was three days ago. That night, I called her.

“Yeah sure, I remember you,” she said, when I described myself. “You’re the one with the

gigantic blue eyes and the soft blonde hair. You were sitting at my table.”

I’m excited that she remembered me at all. I feel so stupid, flustered like some school kid. I’ve never felt quite this way about a woman. I knew I liked women, but never like this, never with an obsession that made me follow her around, steal her name from her notebook, and find out where she lives and with whom (no one, I was glad to discover). Would she still be meeting me if she knew to what lengths I’d gone to feel close to her? My God, I was certain that if I didn’t have some consummation to this heated insanity, I’d soon be stalking her nightly, peeking in her window, stealing flowers from her flower bedecked porch.

Seeing her now in front of the stacks, perusing some enormous art book that looks too big for her, I’m tingling all over, especially between my legs. That place gives me away, it leads me running around after phantom lovers like a child with a first crush. But Peach is no phantom.

I call her Peach when I see her dressed in this peach colored tee-shirt dress. It’s nearly ankle length, but she might as well be wearing nothing the way her body seems to climb out on top of it. Her ass, which is turned to me, is one of the pert round kinds. I see the hint of her cleft as an indentation in the material. I know when she turns around, that her pendulous breasts will be pressed against the fabric erotically, her tiny nipples poking through the cloth. I know this because other tee shirts I’ve seen on her do the same.

“Good evening,” I say, trying not to scare her. Approaching people from behind can be risky, so I take it slowly.

She doesn’t miss a beat, turning around as if she knows I’m there all along. Exactly what I want, a smile is beaming on her face, her bright cheeks glowing. And yes, there are her breasts with the conforming fabric of her dress showing off the subtle curves and her nipples.

“Cassidy,” she says, in a voice that floats to my ears like Mozart. She gives off warmth like perfume. I can smell her scent, a fresh scrubbed soapy scent, kissed with the trace of some sweet hand cream. It’s been hot, so there’s a musky sweaty fragrance too, on her skin and mine.

“Hey, Peach, I’m glad you came,” I reply.

She doesn’t balk, not even when I call her Peach. Her name is Samantha Clarisse Sykes. It’s much too much a name for her, she’s much more simple than that.

“I liked your invitation,” she says.

“Not too bold?” I ask.

“Honest,” she replies, “telling me you’ve been having erotic thoughts of me, I know that’s a

bold thing for you to say. You’re really very shy, aren’t you?”

I giggle a little.

She takes my hand and pulls me deeper into the stacks. We wind our way into the maze of tall metal shelves, into the bowels of this ancient place, searching for some privacy.

She touches my breasts first. Her hand is like a feather. I’m shivering. I can feel her touch in the top of my head underneath my hair, and at my shoulders, they’re trembling, and of course, between my legs. But it’s not enough that it’s there, it’s everywhere that shivers.

I lean forward, instinct leading me, and touch her offered lips with mine.

“Ooooo, I am in love,” she says.

I can’t believe that she’s saying this to me. How can she love me when we’ve just met? Then, how can I love her when I don’t even know her? Has she been feeling anything that I’ve felt, can I be that lucky?

She kisses back, and then there are a dozen more little kisses, while she leans into my body, pressing herself against me and fondling me more.

I think I’m going to swoon, until she laughs that lilting, approving laugh. She seems to know my trepidation and my joy, and tries to put me at ease with her hands. They are all over me. One hand breaches the bottom of my shirt, lifting it so she can fondle skin to skin.

“I don’t understand this, Peach, why I love you like this,” I tell her. I figure I need some kind of explanation.

“Shush,” she puts a finger to my mouth and smiles. We kiss again. And I take liberties with her body. My hands were poised for minutes, then finally after she shushes me I have the courage to touch her, really touch her.

We’re leaning against the stacks of books: the tall, fat, musty medical library where no one ever goes. I’m glad we have this privacy, because she feels free to raise my shirt enough to view my breasts with her eyes, not just her hands.

“You have such creamy white skin,” she says.

I want to tell her, I find her dark tanned skin perfection, my blonde skin always seems uneven and flawed.

She presses her mouth into my breasts and kisses them all over. She sucks the soft flesh.

Sucks hard, so I know that there will be a hickey there when she’s done. I couldn’t ask for more.

My hands reach around her so I can find her ass, that perky round one, with the melon globes of tight flesh that lightly bounce against the dress.

When I squeeze the cheeks, I can feel her thighs tense, her breath becoming short and excited. Pulling up on the dress, I want to feel the soft skin underneath.

We’re wrapped together, pressed tightly. Her hands rove at will. Mine do the same. We’re both wet like rivers between our legs. We’re feeling each other in the center, where undiscovered clits become discovered, and once virgin holes become places to violate again.

“Cassidy, right there,” she instructs me, as my hands find her special spot. I drop to my knees, I want to see it, tongue it, watch it burst. Her cunt is dark, a silky bush of hair covers plump brown labia. I spread the hair and the lips to find her clitoris. It’s become a hard throbbing finger.

It only takes a few gentle sweeps of my tongue to discover what she likes best, what makes her throw her head back in a passionate stupor. She grabs my hair to keep her balance. So easily she could tumble to the floor, but I keep her stable. I want her to remember only that this was the most exquisite orgasm she’s ever had.

Her cries are nearly inaudible, but to me they are like an ocean roaring with waves of fervent bliss that crash at my ears.

She claws my hair. She tenses.

I work faster with my tongue against her clitoris, my fingers passing through her hole to bring her twin pleasures. Her channel around my fingers squeezes them tightly, a spasm of orgasm and then another. They seem to be rippling through her, one after another in an unending stream. My hands and face are covered with her juices. They taste salty and sweet, that fragrant musk of sweat, makes my own cunt ready.

When it’s over, she slips down against the shelf of books, till she’s on the floor beside me. Her legs are open, her cunt exposed. She almost looks as  if she’s airing out. The sweet contentment written on her face is lustful, peace filled pure. If this is all she ever gives me, it is enough. I couldn’t want anything more than to see the love obsession of my life this happily satisfied.

She opens her eyes. There’s a cute smile on her face.

“You don’t think you’re getting away from me, you slut,” she says. No one has ever called me ‘slut’. I like the name.

She reaches in and begins to paw my thighs, though they’re covered in denim; I admit I wasn’t as well prepared as she.

“Here? A little risky, isn’t it?” I say.

“Hey, you little tramp, I took the risk and so shall you, even if you do get caught with your pants down.” She’s adamant, unbuttoning the waist and unzipping the zipper, and then pulling firmly on my jeans until they are at my ankles. She leans over, lays me down and begins to plant her mouth on my needy clit. She goes straight for the center where the best feelings reside.

She licks with a gentle, but experienced tongue.

It won’t take long, and it doesn’t.

With her hands climbing all over my thighs and reaching inside my shirt to my tits, she brings me off, raises me up, tears me in two. My entire body is gasping, letting go, struggling to let free all three weeks’ worth of piled up lust.

I’m afraid I’m too loud, but for at least twenty seconds, I couldn’t give a damn who hears.

We both collapse in an abbreviated hug, her head to my belly, until I become too scared of being so exposed in a public building.

“You don’t mind my calling you Peach?” I ask.

“I like it. Almost as much as I like you,” she says. “This was a good idea you had,” she continues.

This is where I’m most afraid. What if it’s only been a lark for her and nothing more? God,

please, I promise to be good, if you don’t make that so, I pray silently. “I want to see you again,” I tell her.

“God, I hope so,” she replies, “but can we do it someplace besides this library, my God this floor is too hard!”

We pick each other up laughing, and walk out arm in arm.

That is, after I’m zipped and buttoned again.

Miss Clearmont Writes…

Training a man!

Around a year ago I met up with an old friend of mine in London. Over a glass or two of red, Jessica disclosed that she begun to write a book based on personal experience and would I or could I edit it for her and prepare it for publication? Like a diary of her experiences moving towards a 24/7 female led lifestyle; the book was a combination of her ideas and theories as well as her experiences and setbacks at creating the husband that she thought that she had married in the first place!

That was a year ago, and much of what she had written were jotted notes and references to psychological books and Internet sites. I was supposed to set it into order and offer the female reader the chance to learn from Jessica’s hard-won experience.

As is so often the case, the book became something else! In discussion and argument it became a book that distilled all that experience of training and molding the character of a husband or male partner. It became a guidebook for women on a method of moving a man in the right direction. The path of obedience.

This is not a book that details whips, the best canes and imaginary lifestyle contracts! It does not instruct on knots, chains and devices or have anything to say about the height of heels and what type of chastity device best fits or can be worn permanently. There are so many resources that cover these matters that are not really at the heart of dominating a man.

This book covers the psychological aspects of moving a man in the direction of subservience. It details how to assess goals and aspirations and how to systemize and approach the ambition to create a man who is subservient, willing to serve and obey. It takes the reader through the basic principles of Operand Conditioning, the use of simple reward systems to begin the process. The process of sexualisation that leads a man by an unseen and unrecognized leash to a position under female control. Aspects of body language, psychology and conditioning are laid on the table in a simple and easy-to- understand manner. The book stresses that all that is needed is a little self control and acute observation on the part of the woman and that the targets can be minor, major or totally open ended as long as the method is applied appropriately.

There is no fiction in this book! 

This is a book that sets out a framework for a woman to move to a more secure and dominant role in her relationships with male partners. Compact, easy to read and to the point, a realistic, real world and tested (you should meet Jessica’s husband!) approach to create the perfect man-servant in any long term relationship.

Soon to be published 'Asserting Female Authority'.

Irene & Jessica

Mrs Jessica McKovanaugh and Miss Irene Clearmont can be reached at:


Irene's Website is at:


Jessica does not have a website at the moment, but what she does have is a husband who feeds from the flat of her hand and does as he is asked without demur...



A Free Femdom Story From Ms Indira

A 13K word free femdom story, from one of the subcontinent's leading practitioners of the female-led lifestyle, is brought to you from the gifted and devious pen of the writer who gave us the highly popular tale of  Indian femdom and the slavery of an unwary and supercilious European,"A Passage to Britannia". 

Ms Indira gives us the story of one would-be English writer whose enjoyment of a drink as he scans his favourite femdom sites - this while his American businesswoman wife is upstairs asleep in their Bangalore home - leads to disaster.

At least for him.

After one particularly drunken night, when he inadvertently leaves his computer running and provides their young Indian housekeeper with access to what he sees as no more than harmless fantasies, his whole life is about to be altered.

It's not long before that same young housekeeper uses her knowledge to ensure there will soon be a very different and female-led household hierarchy in place.

And, while his wife will assume a role at the head of it, there will be absolutely no doubt about who is now at its bottom.

And for good!


PS: your editor has already express his gratitude to the good lady but for those of you wishing to either comment on the story or thank Ms Indira for publishing her tale Indian femdom free of charge, she has provided the following email address: bombayvenus@gmail.com


Cuckold Fiction From Femdom Cave

A Deserved Descent and Husband to Cuckold and Worse - Clare Penne and Clarice Darling - Femdomcave

Two complete novels of cuckold fiction in one bargain priced volume from FDC Publications.

In “A Deserved Descent”, Clare Penne gives us the story of a man who desires to dress up and receive some playfully light domination from his somewhat buttoned-up wife…

Only to receive an experience that changes his life, and that of his growingly dominant wife, in ways impossible to undo.

Clarice Darling’s “Husband to Cuckold… and Worse” explores the opposite side of the domination coin… The husband who doesn't want it, and the wife who does.

More cuckold fiction from the Cave that's sure to absorb.


“Venus Descends – Volumes 4-5″ by Sandrine Bessancort

Volumes 4-5 of Sandrine Bessancort's re-imagining of classic tales in a femdom led way continues with stories from the masters of four-continents.

From Russia: a tale of a once golden youth becoming the manservant of a younger girl born of humble stock from the impoverished village they had both escaped.

From France: a philandering and aristocratic husband has the horns put on him by the wife who has come to despise him - and worse.

From England: the true story of  and , the woman who insisted she was his master, is finally told.

And from the United States: a journalist on the lookout for a sensational story gets more than he bargained for with the tale of "Luella Miller".



A New Femdom eBook From Pink Flamingo

Lo, A Matron Blooming - Nigel McParr
"Lo, a Matron Blooming" is a departure from Nigel McParr’s usual femdom eBook.
In his latest portrayal of the dominant woman and her ways  for Pink Flamingo he gives us an engrossing collection of seven stories that vary in time and place.
But not theme.
As ever with the talented Mr McParr, it is the subject of total and complete female domination over sometimes willing - and most times not - males that takes the fore.

Stories with a common thread of feminine dominance involving female CEO’s to sweethearts and matriarch’s to ultra-dominant milfs.


Clare Penne’s Femdom and Transgender Fiction

A Property Baroness - Clare Penne - Femdom CaveThe author of the massively popular "My Passage to Womanhood" saga is back with another amazing piece of femdom and transgender fiction

In "A Property Baroness" the life of a man, wealthy in his own right, is changed beyond his wildest dreams when he meets an even wealthier and dominant woman with very specific requirements when it comes to her sexual partners.

Specific and utterly unrelenting.

Despite his instincts, he will soon be on his knees for the woman in possession of these requirements.

As well as others.

Clare Penne returns with yet another tale of transgender fiction that is also one man’s journey into the world of female domination over the male.




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It Was Just His Way Of Relaxing
The words reaching his ears are unbelievable. Incredible. Soul-destroying and mortifying.
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New Releases

Jo Paso returns with more adventures of swinging sixties domme, Poppy Peacock, and the likeminded friends who see men as no more than the naughty schoolboys in need of a firm female hand that they are.
Price: £4.25
fancy5 details Home
A normal and loving marriage becomes something else entirely when a wife decides to exert her power and take control of her husband. Control that will ensure he becomes a sight less manly and a whole lot more obedient and pleasing
Price: £4.50
fancy5 details Home
When an older man with issues helps a beautiful young woman with an agenda of her own in a campus bookshop his life begins to spiral out of control and as his infatuation for the exquisite but warped young woman grows the more she uses his need to make him an utterly dependent and completely obedient sexual slave and servant.
Price: £3.50
fancy5 details Home
Dara Dupree was a Caribbean street girl and prostitute who rose to wealth and power running the most popular fetish club in the islands. To treat herself upon reaching such success, she buys an adolescent male to conceal in an underground apartment below her estate.
Price: £5.50
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Book-One of Wes Royal's "The Golden Screw" collection sees the return of the irresistible Gilda Cane and her cohorts of deeply perverted and sexually dominant female friends and acquaintances as Hugh Bristol ("Hubris"), her new husband finds he might be wedded but any bliss he might take from the union is likely to be extremely painful. And ALWAYS humiliating.
Price: £4.50
fancy5 details Home
Janet and Edward’s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches’ Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous.
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