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Femdom Fiction From Pink Flamingo

American Holiday - Peter MoonMore quality femdom fiction from Pink Flamingo this week as Paula S. Erikson gives us her slant on the the story of innocents abroad.

It’s the near future and a twenty four year old accounts clerk, whose hobby is air travel, books a holiday on the new supersonic airliner to America and the bars and lights of Las Vegas.

On his way back to his hotel our sexually naive hero takes a wrong turn and trips over a woman who has been staked to the ground and raped. He tries to help her but, after removing her gag, she screams and he is arrested and found guilty of raping her.

By accident he is sent to a female correctional facility, and meets a strict, bombastic governor with revenge in her heart.

Femdom fiction with a female governor who uses the prisoners entrusted to her care as prostitutes and actresses in blue films.

A female governor with severe ways of ensuring they do as they are told.


“Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” – Part-One-of-Two

Yet another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction from the author of the immensely popular, "Wifely Control" and "Husband to Cuckold... and Worse", Clarice Darling.

Published in two-parts, part-one begins with yet another unsuspecting older husband being brought low by a young wife.

A young and previously biddable wife.

This time, however, the young wife in question has a sadistic and controlling stepmother at her back and the loving and devoted husband is about to discover he is not the proud and strong man he thought himself to be.

Not by a long-shot.




The Dominant Mistress Par Excellence From Clare Penne

The ever fertile and erotic mind of Clare Penne brings us the tale of a successful man with a harmless penchant for dressing-up for his dominant mistress.

A “penchant” that turns out to be not so harmless after all when his wife discovers him en-femme with his mistress and decides to use the incriminating and career threatening pictures in her possession to divorce him.

A “divorce” that will not be the end of the price she goes on to extract from him as the new dominant mistress in his life while the husband she has since married takes on the role of…

Another stunning tale of male transformation and a truly demanding dominant mistress from the ever erotic and imaginative Ms Penne.


“The Dance of the Veils Revisited” by Sandrine Bessancort

The Dance of the Veils Revisited

"The Dance of the Veils" is the second stand-alone story from Volume-Three of "Venus Descends" and joins Algernon Blackwood's "Ancient Sorceries" as yet another tale from antiquity to receive the Ms Bessancort treatment.

This time around it's a story from Sax Rohmer that has commanded Sandrine's interest.

It's a macabre tale of oriental decadence and a down-on-his-luck n'eer-do-well on the receiving end of it. Set in London, it undergoes the female dominant Bessancort treatment to become even more macabre and certainly more decadent.

It's hard to believe the creator of Fu Manchu and the master of all things oriental and decadent, would have left a hero of his own devising to quite such a degrading and inescapable fate as that which Ms Bessancort's poisonous pen devises for hers.

This is a part of the "Venus Descends" series of short-story volumes.


The Cuckold Fiction of Clare Penne

Clare Penne’s latest volume of cuckold fiction reaches a conclusion and finds the once-powerful executive in a position and situation not even his wildest fantasies had pictured.

The adventures of an affluent married couple, as what started out as harmless play becomes a lot more serious and binding, get darker and for the male half of the equation become more humiliating by the second.

The dominant and ultra-wealthy married couple who decide to enslave both the former CEO and his wife, have already set their would-be slaves on a course of usage and degradation.

And worse is to follow.

This is part-four of Volume-One in a work of cuckold fiction and should serve - though it probably won't - as both warning and cautionary tale for all those of you out there who harbour similar fantasies and wish to make them a reality.


Cuckold Fiction From Rebecca Tarling


The two-parts of a work of cuckold fiction by a writer new to Femdom Cave is now complete under one cover.

Rebecca Tarling uses her first novel of dominant wives and controlled and cuckolded husbands to relate the story of the hapless Trevor Drayton and the mess that is made of his world.

A mess made by his deviant and manipulative wife, and the black shemale who delivers the unsuspecting husband in metaphorical chains and fetters to that deviant wife’s feet.

But only after taking her from the husband and winning her permission to use him also.

Usage made in the way of most classic cuckold fiction as the wife herself uses her new-found freedom and control to see other men outside the marital home.

As well as in it.


Erotic Femdom From Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo brings you yet more erotic femdom.

We all have secret fantasies.

And, most of the time, that’s what they remain.

Or at least they should,.

In his latest work of femdom fiction, JG-Leathers presents us with another tale of a man’s darker dreams brought to reality.

When Alexander’s internal pressures finally become too much to bear he reveals his secret fantasy to his wife but has no idea of how dramatically his life is going to change as she gives his femdom fantasies a try and finds the experience an enjoyable one and wants more.

Much, much, more…


“The Discipline of the Governess” by Olivia M. Ravensworth

Olivia M. Ravensworth returns to Femdom Cave via Pink Flamingo with another femdom ebook and another scorching tale of what can happen when a female gains a foothold in the heart, mind and loins of a man.

Whether that man be an adult or a teenager.

Dismissed from school for the crime of self-abuse, Master Edward returns to Victorian London in disgrace to the home of the aloof and ancient father, from whom he so looks forward to inheriting, to discover his former governess has been replaced.

Disturbingly so.

In yet another riveting  from Olivia M. Ravensworth, the new governess hired by a disgraced son's father turns out to be a lovely black-haired young lady scarcely older than himself and yet infinitely more self-assured.

A young lady, moreover, who already knows precisely why he has returned and is determined, she explains haughtily, to apply the discipline that was obviously woefully inadequate at his previous school.

Discipline she will deliver both diligently and painstakingly.

Young Edward soon realizes that before being taken in hand by the merciless Miss Violetta, he had not really even suspected the true meaning of discipline...

Nor that of utter and abject submission.


To download free femdom stories please visit the main-site at www.femdomcave.com

The Femdom Fiction of A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown’s latest foray into femdom fiction continues as his young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore strengthens her hold on the friend of her older brother and current flatmate.

A hold that spells disaster for the relationship he is forging with a new girlfriend.

Or does it?



Cuckold Fiction From Rebecca Tarling

Cuckold fiction is the subject of the second and final part of Rebecca Tarling's first novel.

The hapless Trevor Drayton has been brought to a low ebb by his deviant and manipulative wife and the black shemale blackmailing him, not knowing that the two are working in tandem to enslave him.

And working together beautifully.




Collected Cuckold Fiction

The Cuckold Collection - Femdomcave PublicationsThree different authors, each linked by the common-denominator of a gift for the erotic female dominant story, can now be found together in the first volume of Femdom Cave’s collection of cuckold fiction.

Xavier Couperin, author of the massively popular “One-Way-Marriage” kick-starts proceedings with his tale of a respected wife, librarian and mother in a middle-England village whose sex-drive suddenly kicks into gear… With dire results for the husband she now regards as beta and incapable of satisfying her needs.

Anise Pemberton, is up next with yet another popular work of cuckold fiction to be found on the Cave titled: “The Spiral She Led Me Down”; but there are no respectable wives to be found here, at least below the surface, as three formerly downtrodden wives turn their lives and relationships around with the help of a powerful black business man and his even more powerful wife and daughters.

Your collected stories of cuckold fiction take a more classical, if no less erotic, turn with one of Sandrine Bessancort’s wonderful re-imaginings of classical literature and a tale adapted from the master of the decadent and erotic himself, Guy de Maupassant, to show how an arrogant and self-absorbed French Comte is both cuckolded and utterly mastered by the wife he has neglected.


“Original Sins” – Short-Stories from the Pen of Miss Irene Clearmont

Original Sins - Book One

This week, Femdom Cave is delighted to present the latest collection of  from the wonderful Miss Irene Clearmont.

Containing the agony-aunt letters of the divine Ms Maxine by way of an introduction, we are treated to stories describing women from everyday backgrounds whose fantasies and the way they fulfill them are anything but 'everyday'.

This is book-one of two and is bound to delight Miss Irene's growing legion of fans from both sides of the gender divide.

This femdom eBookcontains   and .

Book-Two to follow shortly.






“Top Producer” by A.J, Brown – A Free Story

In the latest free-story from AJ Brown, a one-time college high-flyer and now married drudge and lowly admin-support-worker finds a means of self-expression at the expense of her company's most highly thought of salesman as she brings him to heel in a way that does wonders for her self-confidence but very little for her enslaved boss.

**Note to A.J.'s  fans:  he writes Quick-Start Stories as well as detailed Custom Stories per his fans' requests sent directly to your email.  Please email ajbrown2005@yahoo.com if you are interested in getting more information on Quick-Start Stories**



Miss Clearmont Writes…

Training a man!

Around a year ago I met up with an old friend of mine in London. Over a glass or two of red, Jessica disclosed that she begun to write a book based on personal experience and would I or could I edit it for her and prepare it for publication? Like a diary of her experiences moving towards a 24/7 female led lifestyle; the book was a combination of her ideas and theories as well as her experiences and setbacks at creating the husband that she thought that she had married in the first place!

That was a year ago, and much of what she had written were jotted notes and references to psychological books and Internet sites. I was supposed to set it into order and offer the female reader the chance to learn from Jessica’s hard-won experience.

As is so often the case, the book became something else! In discussion and argument it became a book that distilled all that experience of training and molding the character of a husband or male partner. It became a guidebook for women on a method of moving a man in the right direction. The path of obedience.

This is not a book that details whips, the best canes and imaginary lifestyle contracts! It does not instruct on knots, chains and devices or have anything to say about the height of heels and what type of chastity device best fits or can be worn permanently. There are so many resources that cover these matters that are not really at the heart of dominating a man.

This book covers the psychological aspects of moving a man in the direction of subservience. It details how to assess goals and aspirations and how to systemize and approach the ambition to create a man who is subservient, willing to serve and obey. It takes the reader through the basic principles of Operand Conditioning, the use of simple reward systems to begin the process. The process of sexualisation that leads a man by an unseen and unrecognized leash to a position under female control. Aspects of body language, psychology and conditioning are laid on the table in a simple and easy-to- understand manner. The book stresses that all that is needed is a little self control and acute observation on the part of the woman and that the targets can be minor, major or totally open ended as long as the method is applied appropriately.

There is no fiction in this book! 

This is a book that sets out a framework for a woman to move to a more secure and dominant role in her relationships with male partners. Compact, easy to read and to the point, a realistic, real world and tested (you should meet Jessica’s husband!) approach to create the perfect man-servant in any long term relationship.

Soon to be published 'Asserting Female Authority'.

Irene & Jessica

Mrs Jessica McKovanaugh and Miss Irene Clearmont can be reached at:


Irene's Website is at:


Jessica does not have a website at the moment, but what she does have is a husband who feeds from the flat of her hand and does as he is asked without demur...



“Liliana’s” – A Free Story from A.J. Brown

The writer of the popular femdom ebook"Separation", A.J. Brown, has gifted the Cave a story to join our growing library of short tales and complete femdom novels to be downloaded for free.

With a new job, in a new town where he doesn't know a soul, 38-year-old Chuck could do with some friends.

He would also like to meet a woman.

And does.

Unfortunately - for him - the woman he meets is...


Life will never be the same again.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

Desperate Housewives and Dominated Husbands

Enslaved Husband : Empowered Housewife - Melanie Sanders, Rebecca Sharp - FemdomcaveDesperate housewives and thoroughly dominated husbands are the subjects of the new, two-books-in-one-volume collection, "Enslaved Husband - Empowered Housewife".

Cuckold husbands and wifely domination are the theme, and much else the male of the species finds discomfiting, of a collection guaranteed to both horrify and thrill.

This volume contains “Into My Web” by Melanie Sanders, and the first novel from Rebecca Sharp, “Husband in Name Only”.



Female Domination via the “Perverse Venus”

Perverse Venus - Volume One - Sandrine Bessancort - Spencer Haskell - Femdom Cave

The first volume of the “Perverse Venus” collection gives us two tales of female domination; one from the past and the other contemporary.

In Sandrine Bessancort’s “The Servant Revisited”, the former golden boy of a small Russian village has fallen on hard times in the big city and finds himself forced to accept a most demeaning post in the household of a young widow from his birthplace.

very demeaning post.

In the second tale of this volume of female domination, Spencer Haskell gives us the tale of a philandering and soon to be divorced Englishman who is about to be offered a position in the household of a much detested neighbour he will soon be addressing as: “Ms Hasekura”.

An extremely humiliating position.


Domestic Discipline… and More

Merrick Scanlon’s first foray into the world of cuckolding, domestic discipline and the dominant woman, brings us the unhappy tale of a formerly happy and contented – if a little overbearing – husband. Struck down by a tropical disease whilst on business in the Philippines, William Grant is about to discover another side to the young wife he thought loved and respected him. A "side" that has plans to use his misfortune to her own advantage.

The results will alter his life in ways he finds as unimaginable as they are revolting and will not only see him lose the adult status he naturally considered his by right but will see him being supervised and corrected by other people far younger than himself. True and humiliating domestic discipline, in fact. This book is in two parts. FCEDITOR.

“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” – Part-Two-of-Two

Femdom in the Middle-East from a Scandinavian angle.

The traditional "Niqab" and the "Burka" can often look drab and unflattering on the women whose religion compels their wearing.

But not always.

Sometimes, the thoughts, fantasies and desires beneath these garments of maidenly modesty run at levels unsuspected by the men who gaze upon their exterior and for whose more bestial intentions such drabness and lack of flattery are intended to keep at bay.

What is found behind the veil in Gudrun Lindstrom's first novel of femdom fiction can certainly be said to be more effective in deflecting these intentions and, as one unfortunate European male is about to discover, runs deeper and more abidingly than the passion of any mere man.

Ms Lindstrom’s tale of erotic fiction concerning a British Secret Service man being brought to his knees, literally and metaphorically, by the young Arab girl whose father’s official bodyguard he once was, continues with part-two.

The continuing tale of a British Secret Service man whose situation, he will soon be made to realise, is utterly hopeless.

And even more humiliating.

The adventure comes to a conclusion...

Of sorts.





A Free Femdom Story From Ms Indira

A 13K word free femdom story, from one of the subcontinent's leading practitioners of the female-led lifestyle, is brought to you from the gifted and devious pen of the writer who gave us the highly popular tale of  Indian femdom and the slavery of an unwary and supercilious European,"A Passage to Britannia". 

Ms Indira gives us the story of one would-be English writer whose enjoyment of a drink as he scans his favourite femdom sites - this while his American businesswoman wife is upstairs asleep in their Bangalore home - leads to disaster.

At least for him.

After one particularly drunken night, when he inadvertently leaves his computer running and provides their young Indian housekeeper with access to what he sees as no more than harmless fantasies, his whole life is about to be altered.

It's not long before that same young housekeeper uses her knowledge to ensure there will soon be a very different and female-led household hierarchy in place.

And, while his wife will assume a role at the head of it, there will be absolutely no doubt about who is now at its bottom.

And for good!


PS: your editor has already express his gratitude to the good lady but for those of you wishing to either comment on the story or thank Ms Indira for publishing her tale Indian femdom free of charge, she has provided the following email address: bombayvenus@gmail.com


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The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance.
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Two for less than the price of one! Enslaved in Kolkata and Ms Shafiqa make up this bargain bundle.
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Criminally minded degenerates had better beware! Especially if they are well-endowed.
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Two novels of sadistic women turning unwilling males into beasts of burden and domestic pets from the gifted Mr Bellows.
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