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Femdom Erotica From Jo Paso

Cox Folly - Jo Paso - Femdomcave


The complete four-parts of Jo Paso's return to femdom erotica is now in one volume and complete.

In this latest of her sexy and humorous looks into the lives of the middle and upper classes - with a large smattering of those below in the English class-system - Jo turns a retro eye on those dominant women who never seem to be out of either fashion or manservants.

The women of “Cox Folly” come in all shapes and sizes but, no matter height or weight, they always have too much strength of both body and mind for those poor males who are either unfortunate enough or too stupid to do otherwise and cross the path upon which their femdom erotica happens to be travelling.

No matter how fleetingly.


Lesbian Sexuality

Female lovers Cassidy and Peach quit the city for the summer, traveling north to The Edge, a B&B playground for sexually open-minded women, run by an experienced Female Dominant, Tasia. Wanting Peach for herself, Tasia lures her from Cassidy. While the angry Cassidy waits for Peach to return to her, she finds her own dominant tendencies are brought from hiding as she’s seduced by the mysterious waif, Analise. Cruelly taking this innocent initiate through bondage, whipping, anal probing and other S&M tortures. Yet only the Midsummer Madness and a stunning confrontation with Tasia gives Cassidy the fulfillment she desires. A fantasy of love and surrender, of twisted motives and crude sexual practices for readers who enjoy the sensuous extremes of lesbian sexuality.



A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden, leaping from cell to cell

in a tantalizing dance,

of what’s to follow.

A thought… returning with friends… demanding… impatient,

twisting in a spiral

of unrecognized lack,

seeking attention’s wandering gaze.

A thought… swelling with desire… festering with passion, as it’s slowly brought to a boil

over lust’s licking flames,

stoked by insatiable hunger.

A thought… leading the body in hell born pursuit… of appetite’s need,

nerves pulsing in pleasure filled desire, seeking to worship

at gratification’s altar.

A thought… exploding in completion…

dying of spent release, on the altar’s cold stone, as orgasm

becomes one with obsession…

A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden,

leaping from cell to cell, in a tantalizing dance

of what’s to follow…

Chapter One

I see her standing by the stacks in the old library. I’m surprised to see that she actually showed up. I usually don’t arrange dates this way. But I was obsessed. I watched her every day for two weeks. She was doing research, and so was I; though after two weeks I confess I was doing more research on her than on my American Poets thesis.

My obsessions drive me to such things. In a mad impulse I finally peeked in the front of her opened notebook when she was off to the bathroom. I was looking for a name, maybe a phone number. That was three days ago. That night, I called her.

“Yeah sure, I remember you,” she said, when I described myself. “You’re the one with the

gigantic blue eyes and the soft blonde hair. You were sitting at my table.”

I’m excited that she remembered me at all. I feel so stupid, flustered like some school kid. I’ve never felt quite this way about a woman. I knew I liked women, but never like this, never with an obsession that made me follow her around, steal her name from her notebook, and find out where she lives and with whom (no one, I was glad to discover). Would she still be meeting me if she knew to what lengths I’d gone to feel close to her? My God, I was certain that if I didn’t have some consummation to this heated insanity, I’d soon be stalking her nightly, peeking in her window, stealing flowers from her flower bedecked porch.

Seeing her now in front of the stacks, perusing some enormous art book that looks too big for her, I’m tingling all over, especially between my legs. That place gives me away, it leads me running around after phantom lovers like a child with a first crush. But Peach is no phantom.

I call her Peach when I see her dressed in this peach colored tee-shirt dress. It’s nearly ankle length, but she might as well be wearing nothing the way her body seems to climb out on top of it. Her ass, which is turned to me, is one of the pert round kinds. I see the hint of her cleft as an indentation in the material. I know when she turns around, that her pendulous breasts will be pressed against the fabric erotically, her tiny nipples poking through the cloth. I know this because other tee shirts I’ve seen on her do the same.

“Good evening,” I say, trying not to scare her. Approaching people from behind can be risky, so I take it slowly.

She doesn’t miss a beat, turning around as if she knows I’m there all along. Exactly what I want, a smile is beaming on her face, her bright cheeks glowing. And yes, there are her breasts with the conforming fabric of her dress showing off the subtle curves and her nipples.

“Cassidy,” she says, in a voice that floats to my ears like Mozart. She gives off warmth like perfume. I can smell her scent, a fresh scrubbed soapy scent, kissed with the trace of some sweet hand cream. It’s been hot, so there’s a musky sweaty fragrance too, on her skin and mine.

“Hey, Peach, I’m glad you came,” I reply.

She doesn’t balk, not even when I call her Peach. Her name is Samantha Clarisse Sykes. It’s much too much a name for her, she’s much more simple than that.

“I liked your invitation,” she says.

“Not too bold?” I ask.

“Honest,” she replies, “telling me you’ve been having erotic thoughts of me, I know that’s a

bold thing for you to say. You’re really very shy, aren’t you?”

I giggle a little.

She takes my hand and pulls me deeper into the stacks. We wind our way into the maze of tall metal shelves, into the bowels of this ancient place, searching for some privacy.

She touches my breasts first. Her hand is like a feather. I’m shivering. I can feel her touch in the top of my head underneath my hair, and at my shoulders, they’re trembling, and of course, between my legs. But it’s not enough that it’s there, it’s everywhere that shivers.

I lean forward, instinct leading me, and touch her offered lips with mine.

“Ooooo, I am in love,” she says.

I can’t believe that she’s saying this to me. How can she love me when we’ve just met? Then, how can I love her when I don’t even know her? Has she been feeling anything that I’ve felt, can I be that lucky?

She kisses back, and then there are a dozen more little kisses, while she leans into my body, pressing herself against me and fondling me more.

I think I’m going to swoon, until she laughs that lilting, approving laugh. She seems to know my trepidation and my joy, and tries to put me at ease with her hands. They are all over me. One hand breaches the bottom of my shirt, lifting it so she can fondle skin to skin.

“I don’t understand this, Peach, why I love you like this,” I tell her. I figure I need some kind of explanation.

“Shush,” she puts a finger to my mouth and smiles. We kiss again. And I take liberties with her body. My hands were poised for minutes, then finally after she shushes me I have the courage to touch her, really touch her.

We’re leaning against the stacks of books: the tall, fat, musty medical library where no one ever goes. I’m glad we have this privacy, because she feels free to raise my shirt enough to view my breasts with her eyes, not just her hands.

“You have such creamy white skin,” she says.

I want to tell her, I find her dark tanned skin perfection, my blonde skin always seems uneven and flawed.

She presses her mouth into my breasts and kisses them all over. She sucks the soft flesh.

Sucks hard, so I know that there will be a hickey there when she’s done. I couldn’t ask for more.

My hands reach around her so I can find her ass, that perky round one, with the melon globes of tight flesh that lightly bounce against the dress.

When I squeeze the cheeks, I can feel her thighs tense, her breath becoming short and excited. Pulling up on the dress, I want to feel the soft skin underneath.

We’re wrapped together, pressed tightly. Her hands rove at will. Mine do the same. We’re both wet like rivers between our legs. We’re feeling each other in the center, where undiscovered clits become discovered, and once virgin holes become places to violate again.

“Cassidy, right there,” she instructs me, as my hands find her special spot. I drop to my knees, I want to see it, tongue it, watch it burst. Her cunt is dark, a silky bush of hair covers plump brown labia. I spread the hair and the lips to find her clitoris. It’s become a hard throbbing finger.

It only takes a few gentle sweeps of my tongue to discover what she likes best, what makes her throw her head back in a passionate stupor. She grabs my hair to keep her balance. So easily she could tumble to the floor, but I keep her stable. I want her to remember only that this was the most exquisite orgasm she’s ever had.

Her cries are nearly inaudible, but to me they are like an ocean roaring with waves of fervent bliss that crash at my ears.

She claws my hair. She tenses.

I work faster with my tongue against her clitoris, my fingers passing through her hole to bring her twin pleasures. Her channel around my fingers squeezes them tightly, a spasm of orgasm and then another. They seem to be rippling through her, one after another in an unending stream. My hands and face are covered with her juices. They taste salty and sweet, that fragrant musk of sweat, makes my own cunt ready.

When it’s over, she slips down against the shelf of books, till she’s on the floor beside me. Her legs are open, her cunt exposed. She almost looks as  if she’s airing out. The sweet contentment written on her face is lustful, peace filled pure. If this is all she ever gives me, it is enough. I couldn’t want anything more than to see the love obsession of my life this happily satisfied.

She opens her eyes. There’s a cute smile on her face.

“You don’t think you’re getting away from me, you slut,” she says. No one has ever called me ‘slut’. I like the name.

She reaches in and begins to paw my thighs, though they’re covered in denim; I admit I wasn’t as well prepared as she.

“Here? A little risky, isn’t it?” I say.

“Hey, you little tramp, I took the risk and so shall you, even if you do get caught with your pants down.” She’s adamant, unbuttoning the waist and unzipping the zipper, and then pulling firmly on my jeans until they are at my ankles. She leans over, lays me down and begins to plant her mouth on my needy clit. She goes straight for the center where the best feelings reside.

She licks with a gentle, but experienced tongue.

It won’t take long, and it doesn’t.

With her hands climbing all over my thighs and reaching inside my shirt to my tits, she brings me off, raises me up, tears me in two. My entire body is gasping, letting go, struggling to let free all three weeks’ worth of piled up lust.

I’m afraid I’m too loud, but for at least twenty seconds, I couldn’t give a damn who hears.

We both collapse in an abbreviated hug, her head to my belly, until I become too scared of being so exposed in a public building.

“You don’t mind my calling you Peach?” I ask.

“I like it. Almost as much as I like you,” she says. “This was a good idea you had,” she continues.

This is where I’m most afraid. What if it’s only been a lark for her and nothing more? God,

please, I promise to be good, if you don’t make that so, I pray silently. “I want to see you again,” I tell her.

“God, I hope so,” she replies, “but can we do it someplace besides this library, my God this floor is too hard!”

We pick each other up laughing, and walk out arm in arm.

That is, after I’m zipped and buttoned again.

A Husband Enslaved by His Wife From Maria Wain Vincent

A Husband Shamed - Maria Wain-VincentMaria Wain-Vincent’s debut novel describes the journey of a hapless older husband whose vanished career and job prospects ensure he is not only enslaved by his wife but becomes her unwilling cuckold also.

A tale of cuckoldry and the enforced domestic service of one handsome and older husband at the hands and feet of his newly empowered and perverted young spouse.

Seldom has a man been so completely enslaved by his wife.


“A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sandrine Bessancort

A Scandal in Bohemia

The latest classic to be given the Ms Bessancort treatment involves the world's most famous detective and his doctor sidekick in a re-telling of an equally famous tale.

Sandrine Bessancort gives us  as we have never seen him.

The re-telling of classics from antiquity continues with 's tale of 'the woman' and 's posthumously discovered account of her involvement with a king  and the lasting - and dangerous - effect she had upon his life.

Not to mention her true effect upon the great detective himself.

An effect likely to lead to the very worst kind of .

In describing the great man's one recorded fall from grace, the man himself somehow comes to seem more human and the writing used to describe that fall is sure not to offend even the most demanding aficionado's of Sir Arthur's tales of the duo's adventures.


Femdom Fiction From Lance Edwards

Reyna, a stunningly beautiful woman, takes Gerald by surprise as he attempts to relieve himself into a garage sink at a party they’re both attending. Stunned her devastating looks, he allows her to tie him down after she promises to give him his first-ever blow job.

But there will be a price.

In return she will get to feed on him – on his fear, and on his excitement and pain, as well as, and more importantly, his pent-up and long hoarded seed.

When this stunning woman insists she is a true, living witch and that he is to be her servant, Gerald finds himself unable to fight her domination and feels control of his own life slipping from his own hands into hers.

A control she will never relinquish.

Yet another paranormal masterpiece of femdom fiction from Pink Flamingo finds Lance Edwards at the top of his game and "Reign of the Demon Queen" includes everything you’d expect from one of Mr Edwards' tales.

From gags to bondage and strap-on to anal sex, the Demon Queen piles on the humiliation.


Female Domination From A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown’s latest foray into female domination gives us the story of a young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore.

When the third of three students drops out of the leasing of a high-end apartment the only person the two remaining guys can find to take up the slack is the younger sister of one of them.

A younger sister who likes guys to do what she wants.

And has no problem training them if they don’t.

All three parts of A.J.'s tale of female domination complete in one volume.


Femdom eBooks from Pink Flamingo

With "Samantha's Assemblage", two femdom eBooks between one cover are brought to you from Pink Flamingo and the pen of Patrick Richards.

First up is "Samantha’s Slave" – Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he’s immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess.

But Jack is not prepared for her cruel tests in male submission to the female and after her treatment takes him to the edge of sanity and he’s left on the street miles from his apartment with his hands cuffed and wearing only a woman’s thong to make a long and potentially embarrassing journey home he is, understandably, hesitant about continuing their relationship and realises his fantasy may just prove to be more than he can handle in reality.

Hesitation that is far too late.

The second of these absorbing femdom eBooks  is "Addicted to Samantha" – Jack’s addiction to the beautiful Samantha is becoming more and more marked – as is he – when she ups the ante in the tests of submission he must pass if he is to prove himself worthy of remaining in her life.

And remaining in it as no more than her abject slave.

For real!


Desperate Housewives and Dominated Husbands

Enslaved Husband : Empowered Housewife - Melanie Sanders, Rebecca Sharp - FemdomcaveDesperate housewives and thoroughly dominated husbands are the subjects of the new, two-books-in-one-volume collection, "Enslaved Husband - Empowered Housewife".

Cuckold husbands and wifely domination are the theme, and much else the male of the species finds discomfiting, of a collection guaranteed to both horrify and thrill.

This volume contains “Into My Web” by Melanie Sanders, and the first novel from Rebecca Sharp, “Husband in Name Only”.



Interracial Femdom From Gudrun Lindstrom


Gudrun Lindstrom returns with yet another riveting and debauched tale of interracial femdom. 

Staying with her theme of younger Middle-Eastern women who enslave older Europeans, this time it is a self-assured and somewhat complacent English architect-cum-designer-cum-businessman who finds himself in the preposterous position of finding himself "owned" by a young Arab woman.

Ownership taking place in a strange world with even stranger values.

At least to him.

A strange world of interracial femdom into which he has been sold by his scheming and sexually manipulative Norwegian wife.


“Ms Hasekura” – Parts-One-&-Two-Complete

Ms Hasekura a novel of erotic fiction

Spencer Haskell's debut novel of erotic fiction for Femdom Cave is now available as a complete novel.

A middle-aged English gigolo meets his match at the hands and feet of his younger Japanese neighbour.

A match that proves to be extremely unequal after the aging gigolo has been divorced from his previously downtrodden wife and made a strange offer by the previously dismissed neighbour and friend of his former partner.

A “dismissed” and very wealthy neighbour.

From London's "Blackheath" to Kyoto and the land of the rising sun, one man's unwilling journey to a new and much despised land in the company of the equally despised "Ms Hasekura" is about to challenge everything he thought he knew about himself as a man and see him return to the country of his birth as something less than he imagined himself to be upon his departure.

lot less.



Spanking Fiction From Paula Andante

The Club - Part Two of Two - Paula Andante - Femdomcave

The concluding part of Paula Andante’s second novel of female-led  Spanking fiction for Femdom Cave sees "The Club" taking on an even greater importance in the marriage of a newly dominant wife and her just as freshly dominated husband.

A husband as miserable - not to mention "pained" - with the change in his marital status as the wife who insists on blistering his disobedient backside is delighted and has no intention of relinquishing her new-found power.



Femdom Erotica From Pink Flamingo

Joan's Calculated Surrender - J.A. Schenley - Pink FlamingoIn another work of femdom erotica from Pink Flamingo a wife is given a gift.

An old “swingers” magazine that her husband had bought just before they vanished off the market.

The submissive desires she has long held for both herself and her husband come racing to the fore as, inside, she finds the young and demanding woman of her dreams. A young woman who will do to Joan and her husband exactly what she yearns to have done and it would be easy to arrange. In fact, her husband would relish his lovely wife being dominated and controlled and seeing her perform lesbian sex acts.

So what if he might have to suffer a bit to do so?

Well… more than a bit, actually.


The Dominant Mistress Par Excellence From Clare Penne

The ever fertile and erotic mind of Clare Penne brings us the tale of a successful man with a harmless penchant for dressing-up for his dominant mistress.

A “penchant” that turns out to be not so harmless after all when his wife discovers him en-femme with his mistress and decides to use the incriminating and career threatening pictures in her possession to divorce him.

A “divorce” that will not be the end of the price she goes on to extract from him as the new dominant mistress in his life while the husband she has since married takes on the role of…

Another stunning tale of male transformation and a truly demanding dominant mistress from the ever erotic and imaginative Ms Penne.


Women of Wealth And Power

Criminally minded degenerates had better beware!

Especially if they are well-endowed.

In this fast paced, globetrotting story, women of wealth and power abduct and collect male toys; luckless reprobates who will not only provide viewing entertainment but will be subjected to a gruelling transformation at 'the facility', which provides various unique levels of psychological and physical training.


“I have what you want. The hands thing really isn’t necessary.”

Evenly intoned words of reason as the woman nods towards a duffle bag, keeping her arms well over her head. The AK-47 dips as the miscreant of the seas turns his head to briefly glance in the indicated direction. Near the stern of the ketch lies a package of interest. Greenbacks peek through the partially opened zipper.

“Do I need to count it?” he grins, the inflection of his question suggesting a playful familiarity.

The woman puts her hands down. “Enough of this game. You need to celebrate and I have a full day’s sail back to the Seychelles. While you take the cash and enjoy, avoiding your pirate brethren will be a task for me.”

“I’ve arranged for passage. ‘Tall woman of color in a blue and white ketch’. Once I relay the message that you’ve paid, you’ll have no trouble. Yes, we are notorious but our word of ‘no harm’ is our stock in trade.”

The woman nods, noting that the pirate’s young companion stares at her breasts. With lowered hands the massive glands press firmly and seem to strain the tight white halter top. The boy gawks. Then his eyes lower to view muscular but well-shaped thighs, the brief cotton shorts unveiling puissant femininity.

“Does he speak English, Rafael?”

“Some. He’s just not accustomed to women. Many weeks at sea.”

“He’s handsome. Better than his picture. Tell him to lower the gun.”

There follows a command barked in the Somali tongue and the confused lad lowers his weapon. Then Rafael gestures for him to approach.

“It’s not loaded. But he has not needed to know that,” Rafael comments as the lad steps toward him in response, his confusion growing as the woman captive becomes authoritative. There follows a quick, well aimed swing of Rafael’s AK-47. The stock glances off the side of the lad’s skull. The woman instantly steps forth as the recipient’s knees buckle, her reaction assuring no further harm as powerful arms effortlessly guide the lithe form to the deck.

“Not much to him. I’ll need to inspect and photograph... as agreed.”

Rafael laughs, seeming more relaxed as the subterfuge ends.

“Our forced camaraderie makes for intimacy... a male bonding thing. We’ve too often bathed in proximity. He meets your criteria, I assure you.”

Mocha hands work to loosen the simple tie at the waist of the pantaloons. Rafael notes the degree of proficiency and smiles. The large, powerful woman has stripped men naked many times before. Within seconds a long flaccid penis greets the bright sun of the Indian Ocean.

“Uncircumcised... a nice bonus,” the woman casually notes as a knowing hand gently pinches the tip and unfurls the impressive length. A ruler appears from nowhere, standing at the ready ostensibly for the day’s catch. The woman pulls firmly to assure that the male organ is unravelled to be fully stretched for measurement.

“Click a couple of shots while I hold him at full length.” As one hand pulls, the other wields the ruler to demarcate just as one would ascertain the size of a captured fish. A digital camera clicks to record the finding. The woman knows that despite the organ’s flaccidity, her attention assures that the semi-conscious lad unwillingly reveals what she needs to offer as evidence.

Ironically, even when stiff and fully engorged, the male appendage will not grow past the length fostered by the tension of her experienced grip.

“Ten inches. You’ve done well for us, Rafael,” she compliments as she releases it in order to stand. Rafael chuckles and picks up the duffle bag as the woman bends again. An exposed thigh endures the quick prick of a hypodermic needle. The dazed form spasmodically flinches.

“Remember Rafael, it may not be as lucrative as hijacking a commercial vessel, but it’s quicker and much less dangerous,” the woman notes with a laugh. “What will you tell his family?”

“He fell overboard,” comes the succinct reply. “A tragic drowning.”

Rafael lugubriously shrugs then steps over the gunnel to return to his motor launch. Stowing his prize of cash, he again utilizes the Somali tongue to radio the completion of his mission. Meanwhile the lad senses the warming forced relaxation of the injection of atropine and settles back, his chemically enfeebled muscles ensuring that he helplessly watches as the woman deprives him of all clothing.

Yes, she has stripped many.

“You’ve been deceived, my boy. Sold into slavery. The tables have turned.”

The motor launch roars to life. The drugged captive can only look up in awe as the smiling woman rights herself to proudly tower over him. There comes a look of Schadenfreude as she turns her head to watch Rafael’s high speed launch accelerate.

“But Rafael’s deception is comparatively modest.”

The woman reaches to retrieve a black electrical box. She tugs to de-telescope a small antenna then points it toward the departing skiff. A thumb presses and, despite the dose of atropine, the lad lurches to the sound of a thundering explosion.

“My deceit, in turn, is rather drastic... wouldn’t you say? The bag contained more dynamite than dollars.” A hand lowers and taps the lad’s nose as one would offer affection to a puppy. “Yes... you fell overboard... and poor Rafael has had a problem with a fuel leak. Tsk. Tsk. Bad day for the Somali pirates.”

A bare foot lifts, moves to the groin and deftly flips up the long strip of uncircumcised male flesh, better revealing the virile scrotal sac to the smirking feminine gaze.

As Rafael’s burning launch slowly sinks, the woman finds casual joy in using her bare toes to toy with the exposed and helpless symbol of male ‘superiority’.

She finds elation when the organ begins to firm, despite the lad’s wounded head and her injection.

“But don’t feel sorry for Rafael. I suspect you will soon envy his fate.”

“Putting Him Under” by Eleanor Walsh-Vanderbilt

The second of the new female writers we're delighted to welcome to Femdom Cave is Eleanor Walsh-Vanderbilt and it's safe to say she hits the ground running with her tale of a self-absorbed physical trainer and sex-god who marries a legal secretary studying for the Bar in her spare time.

A legal secretary with yearnings to be a dominant wife.

No contest.

When a legal secretary and wannabee lawyer meets up with one of her husband's former lovers when she turns up at the Taekwondo class the young wife runs, it's only a matter of time before the self-described sex-god and red-neck chauvinist finds his days numbered.

Between the wife accomplished in martial arts and the former lover who is now a pharmacist with her own drugstore, the two would-be domestic dominatrixes decide to put him down.

Down under, so to speak.


“Original Sins” – Short-Stories from the Pen of Miss Irene Clearmont

Original Sins - Book One

This week, Femdom Cave is delighted to present the latest collection of  from the wonderful Miss Irene Clearmont.

Containing the agony-aunt letters of the divine Ms Maxine by way of an introduction, we are treated to stories describing women from everyday backgrounds whose fantasies and the way they fulfill them are anything but 'everyday'.

This is book-one of two and is bound to delight Miss Irene's growing legion of fans from both sides of the gender divide.

This femdom eBookcontains   and .

Book-Two to follow shortly.






The Cuckold Fiction of Clare Penne

Clare Penne’s latest volume of cuckold fiction reaches a conclusion and finds the once-powerful executive in a position and situation not even his wildest fantasies had pictured.

The adventures of an affluent married couple, as what started out as harmless play becomes a lot more serious and binding, get darker and for the male half of the equation become more humiliating by the second.

The dominant and ultra-wealthy married couple who decide to enslave both the former CEO and his wife, have already set their would-be slaves on a course of usage and degradation.

And worse is to follow.

This is part-four of Volume-One in a work of cuckold fiction and should serve - though it probably won't - as both warning and cautionary tale for all those of you out there who harbour similar fantasies and wish to make them a reality.


“Secret Mascot” by Lance Edwards

Once he caught sight of the vivacious Dani Reilly, he molded his life around her.

Even applying and being accepted to the same college and, finally, taking classes with her and finding she has problems in subjects he excels in.

So besotted with her was he.

It's a short journey from helping the stunningly erotic black girl with her studies to finding himself enslaved by her.

And not just her.

Another great read from Lance Edwards and Pink Flamingo.


A.J. Brown’s Femdom Erotica

The third and final part of A.J. Brown's tale of domination that mixes femdom erotica with femdom tyranny sees our hero's situation become more and more hopeless.

Now, not even the consolation to be found for him outside the apartment in the shape of his girlfriend is to be available as his younger, gorgeous, and utterly dominant, housemate decides this too should be something over which she has control.

Can our hero find a spine before it truly is too late for him?

Or is he doomed already to be no more than a chattel to any woman who comes his way in life from now on?


“Sarah’s Girlfriend” – A Pink Flamingo Novel

Buxom blonde Sarah naturally attracts every male eye on campus. Yet despite her countless desperate fantasies that might shock even her swaggering potential suitors, the shy, deeply erotic girl is comparatively inexperienced.

But not for much longer.

When Sarah's slyly playful yet somewhat enigmatic older roommate Nikki accepts an invitation to meet a pair of acquaintances at a , with the uneasy but powerfully curious Sarah accompanying the slinky brunette, a chain of events is set in motion. Sarah does like boys, but privately - very privately - she has entertained many naughty thoughts about girls, too.

Before she finally can commit herself to the forbidden embrace of others of her own sex, however, her  roommate insists she be stripped bare and utterly subjugated.

The headstrong and imperious Nikki, being just the woman to transform the once-teasing Sarah into the utterly debauched plaything she truly longs to be.


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The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance.
Price: £3.75
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Two for less than the price of one! Enslaved in Kolkata and Ms Shafiqa make up this bargain bundle.
Price: £3.00
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Criminally minded degenerates had better beware! Especially if they are well-endowed.
Price: £3.95
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Two novels of sadistic women turning unwilling males into beasts of burden and domestic pets from the gifted Mr Bellows.
Price: £5.50
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