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A Tale of Female Authority from Paula Andante

The march of female authority continues!

The ever popular Paula Andante returns to the Cave with a novella of female supremacy and humiliation of the male that tells the story of a conceited user of women who is about to meet his match in one older and highly determined business-woman.

A woman who will make use of his out-of-control male chauvinism and exercise her female authority... Until he is the one naked and barefoot in the kitchen.

Brad Jensen is about to be broken!


A Free Femdom Story From Ms Indira

A 13K word free femdom story, from one of the subcontinent's leading practitioners of the female-led lifestyle, is brought to you from the gifted and devious pen of the writer who gave us the highly popular tale of  Indian femdom and the slavery of an unwary and supercilious European,"A Passage to Britannia". 

Ms Indira gives us the story of one would-be English writer whose enjoyment of a drink as he scans his favourite femdom sites - this while his American businesswoman wife is upstairs asleep in their Bangalore home - leads to disaster.

At least for him.

After one particularly drunken night, when he inadvertently leaves his computer running and provides their young Indian housekeeper with access to what he sees as no more than harmless fantasies, his whole life is about to be altered.

It's not long before that same young housekeeper uses her knowledge to ensure there will soon be a very different and female-led household hierarchy in place.

And, while his wife will assume a role at the head of it, there will be absolutely no doubt about who is now at its bottom.

And for good!


PS: your editor has already express his gratitude to the good lady but for those of you wishing to either comment on the story or thank Ms Indira for publishing her tale Indian femdom free of charge, she has provided the following email address: bombayvenus@gmail.com


“Bellringers” by Jo Paso

Jo Paso is back with another rollicking femdom fiction romp set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village.

Read of the hilarious, cruel and sexy exploits of four young women who take advantage of both common interests and uncommon assets to manipulate and control the many and varied men unfortunate enough to cross their individual and collective paths.

Four young women whose individual motives in regard of the hapless male range from revenge to personal gain to sexual gratification and lead them, ultimately, to realise that only complete and utter control over the men in their lives will provide the deep satisfaction and security they seek.

Part-Two of Jo Paso’s work of female erotica will follow shortly.



The Femdom Fiction of A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown’s latest foray into femdom fiction continues as his young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore strengthens her hold on the friend of her older brother and current flatmate.

A hold that spells disaster for the relationship he is forging with a new girlfriend.

Or does it?



Chris Bellows & Pink Flamingo in the Femdom Cave

Another great femdom eBook from Chris Bellows, courtesy of  Pink Flamingo,  joins the Femdom Cave lists.

The inmates at Hempstead Penitentiary find themselves under the intimidating control of resident psychologist Dr. Mary Dawson, an imposing black Dominatrix with a personal agenda as shocking as the methods she uses to modify the behavior of the state’s most violent and incorrigible convicts.

Chris Bellows gives us a tale of fantasy and reality that begins to unfold with the arrival of the latest inmate at Dr Mary’s new and unrelenting kingdom.

An inmate who has no idea when his incarceration begins that he’ll become Dr. Dawson’s newest trophy. This as the shrewd and deeply disturbed female systematically turns the maladjusted malcontent into ‘Sammy’,  her pretty and emasculated servitor.

And not just hers!




Femdom Fiction From Jeff DeLuna

Femdom Fiction

Jeff DeLuna’s second work of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave comes in two parts and gives us a strange middle-aged stalker and an even stranger coed.

A coed who takes her stalker’s devotion and uses it to fashion for herself the most obedient and faithful of servants while she remains free to indulge her new found taste for domination with a variety of men.

And when she’s finished with these men?

Well, there’s always her friends, Rose and Judy, to pick up the pieces and re-fashion them into…

Even smaller pieces.


Drycombe End – Female Authority Figure

The Mistress of the rollicking and retro femdom yarn is back with another tale of the female authority figure of days yon.

This time it’s the fifties that takes Ms Paso’s ever humorous yet severe eye as she takes us back to a period when parents were very serious when it came to keeping their teenaged sons on the straight and narrow.

And had no shortage of places of education to choose from.

Strict and controlling female educators goes without saying.

And it’s not just lads in their late-teens who find themselves over a stocking-clad knee!



The cool, clear, fresh moorland waters chase and chatter as they course their way over rocky granite, sand and pebbles, bad tempered currents argue with eddies, contesting territorial channels, unfolding their knots of aquatic energy and depositing them in the mirror like pools that laze beside the soft, inviting grassy banks, where residing daisies dance with daffodils and dock leaves dote on dandelions; nature’s children, alive with innocence, their perfect posy reflections more picturesque than poetry.

With an urgency of purpose the stream’s unrelenting meander, though, appearing meaningless, is driven by its principle of projection; its mindless industry providing one of mother nature’s enduring enigmas, that, why a busy, bustling, babbling brook with its headstrong soliloquy, its random candour that can procure a peaceful providence and restful recreation from within the state of a troubled mind.

As if in contemplation of this unlikely equation, a solitary Wordsworth daffodil stands proudly surveying the scene, a rural referee overseeing Mother Nature at play.

The warm summer breeze, its gentle convection the essence of peace and tranquillity itself, with energy as tender as the warmest love, kisses the skin as only nature can.

Such is life on a Sunday morning, somewhere in a North Devonshire meadow.

Standing on the steadfast Dartmoor granite bridge that straddles the stream, the rear aspect of Drycombe End can be clearly seen, once past the single railway track that, twice a day, conveys a conscientious Great Western pannier tank locomotive and its single carriage to and from its sleepy village stations.

Past the rusty, rustic barbed wire fence that clings perilously to the dry rotted posts that stand at incongruous intervals along the winding river bank, the lush green grass, typically moorland short, tidy and trim, stretches ahead to the very edge of Drycombe End and its vast expanse of gardens.

A church bell is ringing in the distance, accompanied by a barking dog from a nearby farm; after a while the dog gives up, the persistent church bell continues its calling.

Following the cultivated line of pines that stand like Roman Centurions along the east and west boundaries of the garden, the eye is lead to the imposing back terrace. Ahead of this terrace, tending the vegetable plot is the black negro giant Bruno, a mountain of a man, a product of the West Indian immigration programme, his white shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbow, exposing his powerful forearms, meaty and muscular with huge hands and fingers like trees of bananas.

The wide, paved, terrace is raised above the garden level by some three feet and accessed by a central tier of steps, the garden rises at each end to meet the terrace level and access to the front of the house is from both the east and west sides of the building.




The French doors from the drawing room are opened to the terrace; although it is early morning, it is from this room that a drama is already unfolding.




Around the side of the house is a greenhouse populated with tomato plants and tropical fruits, beside the door that leads to the front of the house is a tap, Stanley skilfully fills his watering can, he is very careful not to make a mess.

The front aspect of the house supports a large turning area for vehicle access, although in the year 1956, when motor cars are a rare and expensive luxury the surface area therefore, is an easy upkeep.

The front gateway is opened at eight every morning and closed by Bruno at six o’clock every night.

The lane that serves Drycombe End is quiet and generally only used by visitors to the establishment, there is little or no passing traffic.

The first thing visitors see when approaching the house from the lane is the name, which is proudly displayed on the large boarded sign:





Femdom Fiction From Jeff DeLuna

Jill in Bloom - Part Two of TwoThe second and final part of Jeff DeLuna’s second work of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave continues as his young heroine finds her dominant feet and her middle-aged admirer becomes even more servile and slavish in his devotion.

And it's not just the older man on whom she practices her budding authority.

Now, it's the boyfriend who boasted of his conquest of her to his friends who finds himself at her mercy.

A boyfriend with no idea that he is being groomed for a life of submission to one of our heroine's less glamorous friends.



“Serving Her” by Gregory Allen

Serving Her

After courting her, Alex feels happy and content belonging to a woman he adores, but Kimberly is not about to let her new get complacent and she soon introduces him to punishments that take him outside his comfort zone.

When his girlfriend, Kimberly, insists on flaunting her  over him in front of his friends, Alex soon discovers that Kimberly's openly dominant nature will make it impossible to keep his place in their  relationshipa secret.

It's not long before Alex realizes he will have to fully integrate his desires of  into his new life with Kimberly if he is to reach the level of dedication she requires.

For both serving her and consenting to remain in his life - even if her remaining means he will do so himself at an even more abject level.

Unfortunately - for him - he has no idea of the abject level she has in mind for him.


The Dominant Mistress Par Excellence From Clare Penne

The ever fertile and erotic mind of Clare Penne brings us the tale of a successful man with a harmless penchant for dressing-up for his dominant mistress.

A “penchant” that turns out to be not so harmless after all when his wife discovers him en-femme with his mistress and decides to use the incriminating and career threatening pictures in her possession to divorce him.

A “divorce” that will not be the end of the price she goes on to extract from him as the new dominant mistress in his life while the husband she has since married takes on the role of…

Another stunning tale of male transformation and a truly demanding dominant mistress from the ever erotic and imaginative Ms Penne.


Miss Irene Clearmont writes…


An occult female domination thriller in three acts

Lamia, Succubus & Incubus


Miss Irene Clearmont.

Two years ago I published a short story ('The Lamia') in which I tried to create an atmosphere of fear and horror as a man lost in the mountains of Scotland finds safety in a small cottage during a storm. By the time that the storm has blown out he has been consumed by the demoness who inhabits that cottage in a series of sexual encounters that render him ever more helpless. Elspeth, the demoness Lamia who feeds on the energy of men's spirits as they climax is probably the most ruthless character that I have written about so far... and that's saying something if you have read some of my other novels where the occasional funeral is required! I probably got more reaction from that short story than any other except possibly 'The Queen Of Spades'.

So... I brooded on the idea of a woman who has the power of eternal youth as she drinks the vigour and strength of her male victims ever since I first published 'The Lamia'. Having done a small amount of the imaginative spade work in 'The Lamia' and laid out some of the occult theme, I decided to write a new novel which follows the course of Elspeth, the Lamia, from her inception to a finale. The new novel is titled 'Succubus'. It begins on familiar territory, because I rewrote 'The Lamia' to fit my new conception of the feeder on men's egos. It then reveals among other things:

O    How the succubus Elspeth got her occult powers generations ago and how she uses them through the ages.

O    How the demoness Elspeth poses as a human dominatrix to lure her male prey into her grip to be destroyed.

O     How Jason, a male incubus demon, comes into conflict with an Elspeth and hunts her and captures her to feed on.

O     How she is hunted by an obsessed policewoman who witnesses her stalking and killing her prey.

The story is wide-ranging and complex. It is a thriller, a horror and erotic female domination tale and sexual odyssey all rolled into a single narrative and took longer to write than any other previous novel that I have written due to its complexity and the sheer amount of research needed. In fact it has become an all encompassing passion in the last few months, to such an extent that my website and other projects suffered a little.

If you fancy a slightly more involved and cerebral tale, Succubus could be just your thing. You will die in her arms!


The manuscript is now with the editor and I hope it will be released around the first week of December.

Love... and don't dream too deep...

More Erotic Femdom From Pink Flamingo


More  erotic femdom from Pink Flaming.

This time out it's a female Police officer who gets herself into heavy debt  and finds the prospect of doing some enforcing for a local drug-dealer too tempting to pass up.

It will also lead her into a life of domination and submission from which she will find no return.


Women Who take Control – Orlando and Pink Flamingo

From the decadent and perverse pen of Orlando comes an omnibus of his stories dealing with women who take control.

With "Overpowered Men" from Pink Flamingo, Orlando describes women who take control. From dominant wives to controlling girlfriends, and strict nannies to cruel housekeepers, Orlando takes us on a whirlwind tour of female perversity and male submission that is certain to titillate.

Even as it horrifies.


A.J. Brown’s Femdom Erotica

The third and final part of A.J. Brown's tale of domination that mixes femdom erotica with femdom tyranny sees our hero's situation become more and more hopeless.

Now, not even the consolation to be found for him outside the apartment in the shape of his girlfriend is to be available as his younger, gorgeous, and utterly dominant, housemate decides this too should be something over which she has control.

Can our hero find a spine before it truly is too late for him?

Or is he doomed already to be no more than a chattel to any woman who comes his way in life from now on?


Female dominance From Pink Flamingo

With "The Supremacy of Samantha", Pink Flamingo and Olivia M. Ravensworth bring us a tale of female dominance of the marital variety.

Running low on cash during poker night with the boys, Tom ends up putting his wife up for collateral to stay in on a hand and win an enormous pot he knows he cannot lose…and yet lose he does.  None of his friends would ever try to collect on the bet, of course, and instead, looking faintly wistful, they instead merely rib him good-naturedly.

His busty blonde wife Samantha, however, is not as forgiving.  First icily offended by the embarrassed man’s confession, then deeply stirred, the seemingly prim and proper schoolteacher soon asks, breathy and flushed, if Tom truly would like her to pay his supposed debt…because she indeed would, she tells him shyly.

A payment that will change their relationship forever as she discovers her female dominance!


A Very Dominant Indian Girl

Serving an Indian Goddess - Mike Watson - Femdom CaveMike Watson’s first novel for the Femdom Cave is the tale of a dominant Indian girl and one man’s obsession for her and the depths of need and degradation to which it takes him.

For his fellow student just happens to be a dominant Indian girl with the most exquisite feet and a controlling mindset.

It is not long before she observes the strength of his obsession and has no problem using the power it confers upon her to ensure he finds himself with no option but to be…

“Serving an Indian Goddess”.


Cuckold Fiction From Clarice Darling

Cuckold Fiction by Clarice Darling

Fast becoming the queen of cuckold fiction, Clarice Darling adds yet another title to her growing Femdom Cave catalogue.

With the complete two parts of another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction, titled: "Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold", Ms Darling gives us yet another older husband whose marriage is not the secure and male-dominant paradise he once believed it to be.

An older husband, in fact, about to be brought low by a young and previously biddable wife.

This time, however, the young wife in question has a sadistic and controlling stepmother at her back and the loving and devoted husband is about to discover he is not the proud and strong man he thought himself to be.

And when the female and African partner of the wife’s lover takes a shine to him…

Cuckold fiction for the discerning reader who prefers a healthy mix of the imagination and the more... visceral.





Femdom Fiction From The Subcontinent

Kurt Steiner's return to the Cave lists has proved massively popular and now all three parts of his tale of femdom fiction from the subcontinent can be found in one volume.

A single volume that contains two dominant subcontinent females.

One beautiful and one…


From a journal placed in the hands of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, shortly before his death in 1930, comes the first part of three detailing one divorced Englishman’s cruise into the mouth of a female hell at the turn of the nineteenth-century.

The Indian mother and daughter whose eye our cossetted and superior Englishman takes are not the unworldly and inferior examples of womanhood he sees them as and, soon, he will have a great deal of time in their company to reflect upon his misconception.

Time he will spend as their English manservant.

A usual, Kurt provides his readers with femdom fiction that is as interesting as it is believable and as sexy as it is perverse.


“Skewered on Spikes” – A Novelette from Miss Irene Clearmont

The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont gives us the story of an upmarket shoe-emporium, the demanding woman who owns it, and the unsuspecting man who is about to serve in it.

In Miss Irene's latest femdom ebook, a man is given the opportunity to work in a shoe shop with a salary beyond his wildest dreams.

What committed foot fetishist could resist?

Certainly not Frank Ernest Lye, the man with the unfortunate name who finds himself offered such a position after serving the owner and her husband in his capacity as a menswear salesman.

It will not be long, however, before that salary becomes less - a lot less - than it was and the position a sight more onerous than he had believed it would be.

In fact, it will not be long before poor Frank has no life of his own and is little more than an indentured slave to the shop's customers.

Not forgetting its manageress and owner.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

“Getting Uneven” – A Femdom Novella by Miss Irene Clearmont

In the latest femdom ebook from Miss Irene Clearmont,  a man assaults his fiance; the fiance becomes a Professional Mistress and meets another Dominatrix; and then...

The Countess of Femdom, Miss Irene Clearmont, gives us this week a page-turning femdom novella.

A young woman's life takes off in a completely different direction after her reputation is unjustly ruined during the process of a judicial proceeding and her new career, though leaving her emotionally unfulfilled, at least allows her to exercise dominance over the brute male.

There are, though, members of her own sex even more dominant and with a liking for both sexes.

The young woman named Hermione who walks into Hannah's life one fateful day, is about to take over her existence in a way she adores.

She is also about to ensure that the men who come their way - including the fiance who ravaged Hannah without her consent and got away with it, and her own cheating Scotland Yard Inspector of a husband - find their own lives changed beyond recognition too.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.


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