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Femdom Erotica From Miss Irene Clearmont



The 2nd installment of the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont's latest piece of femdom erotica,"The Second Circle of Hell", continues its evil, nasty, and downright perverted journey.

And, for once, our eponymous and sadistic heroine is not having things her own way.

Far from it, in fact.

Not all Miss Irene's friends and associates are as loyal - or out-and-out terrified - of her capacity for cruelty and vengeance as the lady herself thought and this over-confidence on her part is about to reap the usual pay back reserved for those too convinced of their own invincibility.

Which begs a crucial question:

After years of being on the giving end, how will the glorious lady react at being forced into a position where she must receive?



“Husband to Cuckold… and Worse” by Clarice Darling

The writer of the popular "Wifely Control" returns with another tale of a wife with control issues that refuse to remain unsatisfied and a husband without any at all.

The first of a two-part story of , relating the story of a marriage of fifteen years the wife intends to become  and open to others.

At least for her.

One unfortunate husband is about have his life unravelled around him as the wife into whose name he placed all their joint assets before his bankruptcy and the starting of a more successful company in her name decides to enjoy the power this has given her in the relationship.

Removing him from his position as head of the company and having an affair with the young and female Indian assistant she has promoted in his place are just two of the indignities he has to bear and are no more than the start of a series of events that will see him reduced from the status of a husband to an .

And far, far worse.


“The Teacher” by Jeff DeLuna

After twenty years as a teacher a man has not succumbed once to the attractions of the  he teaches.

He is about to do so now.

A precocious, knowing and erotic, pupil is about to spot a teacher's mounting obsession with her perfect legs, breasts and hourglass figure and will not be slow to use it in ways that will bind the older man to her as surely as if she owned a deed on him.

Ways his fantasies concerning the  will ensure he is unable to fight and ensure his growing dependence and, more importantly for the girl, .

More stories from this author forthcoming.


Femdom Fiction From Jo Paso

All four parts of Jo Paso’s rollicking femdom fiction romp set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village in one volume as the girls – and women – of the area put the men under their sexual spell.

Life for the men in this particularly peaceful area of the English countryside is about to become far more interesting.

Painful goes without saying.


Femdom Fiction From Jeff DeLuna

Jill in Bloom - Part Two of TwoThe second and final part of Jeff DeLuna’s second work of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave continues as his young heroine finds her dominant feet and her middle-aged admirer becomes even more servile and slavish in his devotion.

And it's not just the older man on whom she practices her budding authority.

Now, it's the boyfriend who boasted of his conquest of her to his friends who finds himself at her mercy.

A boyfriend with no idea that he is being groomed for a life of submission to one of our heroine's less glamorous friends.



Femdom Erotica From Jo Paso

Cox Folly - Jo Paso - Femdomcave


The complete four-parts of Jo Paso's return to femdom erotica is now in one volume and complete.

In this latest of her sexy and humorous looks into the lives of the middle and upper classes - with a large smattering of those below in the English class-system - Jo turns a retro eye on those dominant women who never seem to be out of either fashion or manservants.

The women of “Cox Folly” come in all shapes and sizes but, no matter height or weight, they always have too much strength of both body and mind for those poor males who are either unfortunate enough or too stupid to do otherwise and cross the path upon which their femdom erotica happens to be travelling.

No matter how fleetingly.


“Office Manager” by Mark Remond – A Free Story

Another story for the growing Femdom Cave free library, kindly donated by Mark Remond.

Mark is currently in the process of writing a full-length novel for the Cave and its readers.

Becoming obsessed with the office-manager can be a bad idea.

No matter how long a man 's been with a company and no matter how impressive his work record.

Especially when that manager is a  by the name of Elsa Knudson and she has firm ideas on respect of a  kind in the workplace.

Not to mention elsewhere.





Interracial Femdom From Gudrun Lindstrom

Ms Shafiqa - Gudrun Lindstrom - Femdom CaveAnother tale of interracial femdom in this two-part exploration of the dominant Arab female from Gudrun Lindstrom.

Continuing with her favourite theme of superior white European and young and dominant, if vastly underestimated, Middle-Eastern woman, Ms Lindstrom takes us into an unnamed country that operates far differently under the cosmetic and surface appearance of Western sophistication it has found prudent to adopt.

An Oxford Professor is going to rue the day he behaved condescendingly to one of his students.

For “Ms Shafiqah” has the wealth and the contacts to ensure he will never behave in such a way again.

Though he will behave... Even if it is not in his own country.

This is interracial femdom that should be impossible but seems strangely plausible.


Femdom Fiction based Upon Cuckolding

Clarice Darling, the new queen of cuckold and femdom fiction, presents three works in one accessibly priced volume.

For all husband's who consider themselves the unassailable King's of their castle, Clarice's work is nothing if not cautionary.

First up is “Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” and a handsome older husband brought low by his sexually unsatisfied young wife, the deviant stepmother who mentors her descent into perversity, and the partner of the wife’s wealthy and powerful black lover who has uses of her own for the subdued white husband.

“Wifely Control” is the next tale of femdom fiction to receive the cuckolding and male-chastity treatment as a once smug and self-satisfied husband and king-of-his-castle discovers delivery of the horns is not solely the province of black – and male – bulls.

Finally, we have Ms Darling’s most popular  femdom fiction tale, the erotic and highly believable: “Husband to Cuckold… and Worse”, and proof positive that when certain women put their minds to taking over the reins of domestic and sexual power no man is safe.


Cuckold Fiction From Clare Penne

The third part of four of the first volume of Clare Penne’s latest work of cuckold fiction continues its adventure in domination and servitude.

But don't be deceived: just because its erotic and exciting doesn't mean you should find it either less disturbing or less cautionary.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Our formerly powerful CEO with less than macho desires, is finding his life unimaginably different as his growingly powerful wife takes on his most perverse desires and uses them to fashion both a cuckold and a servant.

But, dominant as she is, that wife has desires of her own.

Volume-One is in four parts.


“Top Producer” by A.J, Brown – A Free Story

In the latest free-story from AJ Brown, a one-time college high-flyer and now married drudge and lowly admin-support-worker finds a means of self-expression at the expense of her company's most highly thought of salesman as she brings him to heel in a way that does wonders for her self-confidence but very little for her enslaved boss.

**Note to A.J.'s  fans:  he writes Quick-Start Stories as well as detailed Custom Stories per his fans' requests sent directly to your email.  Please email ajbrown2005@yahoo.com if you are interested in getting more information on Quick-Start Stories**



Submission, Feminine Domination, Transgender and Transformation

Submission, Feminine Domination, Transgender and transformation of our hero/one as she is taken through to a future life of academic 'slavery'.

Well, I'm hoping that with this warm weather in the UK that all my readers and potential ones are still finding time to download their femdom needs from Femdomcave or, dare I say the words, Kindle-Amazon.

The news here is that, despite being busy with other ventures and my art commissions, I have found some time to finish my latest offering, as titled above. It's now in the hands of our beloved Editor for him to do his 'Edding' thing and bring it up on-line for you.

Plenty of action for you in this one, a chronicle that explores the rites of submission and transformation of a young man after he, having become a vulnerable feminine-bodied orphan, is brutally raped at the hands of the monks at the school he attends. He finds himself transferred into a sister-convent and placed under the charge of a caring but dominant Sister, who reports to the Abbess, a warm but again dominant character.

From school, the novel winds onto his acceptance and time at University, tracking his development as a submissive and in being transformed by his Tutor. I won't say much more but there then comes some pretty powerful scenes when he/she now becomes part of an arranged affair, perhaps his/her destiny all along, the gorgeous Anaïs coming into her life.

I hope that the book is more than just sex but one that offers a good yarn and descriptive of life at large, something that I strive to do when I sit down to write, also bringing to the fore the emotional side of the characters involved.

It's been fun writing it and I hope this reflects itself when you read it. As ever, I love having feedback from you.




The Gates of Benign Immurement

The car was waiting, an impressive black Mercedes limousine, one of those cars that you see ferrying governmental dignitaries and the rich and famous around in. This one, however, was accompanied by a liveried woman, tall, upright and dressed in brown and cream. Brown boots, cream jodhpur-style pants, and a cream blouse covered by a rich, brown leather jacket. Pearls hung from her neck and she was austere but beautiful, long blond hair cascading down her back as she got out of the car after we emerged from the airport exit.

Luxembourg Findel Airport wasn’t the largest terminal that I had ever been in, about the size of Exeter or Southampton, I guessed. That was good, as we had arrived a little behind scheduled time from London, the chance to pick it up as our baggage had come through quickly and then the rapid expediency over our passports at the immigration desk.

Flight BA418 from London, Club Class, all rather perfunctory, the offering of a couple of glasses of champagne to each of us and a small tray of sandwiches as a snack, not much difference from sitting back in ‘Cattle Class’ bar the wine, the trip not long enough for the cabin crew to excel.

It was the end of a long trip, the transatlantic flight back to the UK with British Airways from Toronto, a much more comfortable flight than this one, a break in London for nearly seventy-two hours at The Connaught Hotel to snap out of the jet-lag, shop, and see friends from University days for dinner, notably Francine and Tim, and Victoria and Fi.

Then we had taken this flight, bringing us to our new career and furthering out life together.

The Connaught Hotel had been ideal for Anaïs and me, facilities such as the Aman Spa available for exquisite pampering by the girls in there and then the noted cuisine of Hélène Darozze, the location proving to be a wonderful base for our shopping and always a favourite.

I could have spent a few more days staying there, gathering my thoughts on what was to come. However, this was not to be, the decision long taken out of my hands. We were returning to Anaïs’s home, a place that I had never visited and, also, I had never met her mother.

Dining as a guest with Hélène was perfect, the emphasis in my life now on being a woman – with women – avoiding men as much as possible except for one special man, my life oriented in this direction now, the long training in being a submissive woman to strong Dommes, to meet their needs in whatever way they so dictated.

It was a life that I had never dreamt of, not even in my wildest sexual thoughts when I was but a male teenager, a teenager lost in his ways as to his sexuality and personality.

«Bonsoir, Madamoiselles, bienvenue à Luxembourg, Mlle Catherine et il est bon de vous revoir, Mlle Anaïs.»

«Merci Joëlle, en effet, il est bon d'être de retour au Grand-Duché.»

Anaïs, my travelling partner and mentor, absolutely fluent in French; well, it was her native language albeit changed slightly after all her time in Paris and Canada, speaking five other languages as well. She was returning home to an impressive house that I had only seen pictures of, bringing me to work with her and for her mother, the Comtesse de Miratey van Nyvelt van Schoenberg, apparently  ‘une dame formidable’ as they say.

Anaïs was also my lover and now my Domme – and also the Freiin of Miratey, her hereditary title as her mother’s daughter and reflecting her German familial linkage, Deutsch just one of her languages.

We got into the back seat of the car, Joelle taking care of our not inconsiderable pile of luggage, packing it into the trunk of the car as well as the passenger seat.

“Catherine, it’s a family tradition that all submissives, be they girls or gurls, who visit the family château are chained or cuffed for the first time they enter the gates.”

She rustled around in her voluminous over-the-shoulder travelling bag,

Here we are. Got them.”

What airport security must have thought when Anaïs had gone through the screening process, who knew?

But then, Anaïs was pretty immune to such embarrassment, as I had learned in the time that I had been with her, some of the humiliation that I had to undergo, notably being led around the streets of London from bar to bar in a state of considerable nudity, crocodile clamps and a long silver chain serving as my leash attached to my nipples, pussy clamps visibly holding lead weights to distend my relatively new labia, anonymous men and women being invited by her to feel or even tongue me.

The shame of all this, the feeling that I was a cheap prostitute in the making.

She enjoyed my discomfiture though.

Anaïs helped me into a pair of heavy-duty wrist cuffs, a pair that I was familiar with as she had used them on me before when we had been out, rather than the sleeker Talena ones that she often liked to keep me in.

Each cuff weighed in at close to a pound, a short chain between the two rings and padlocked off at each end, giving me little room to manoeuvre other than moving both wrists at the same time.

I didn’t object – the time for that had long past and how my rear and thighs had suffered when I had objected. Abject servility was the name of the game with her; loving and caring, yes, but any dissension was swiftly and ruthlessly handled. To do it in public and shame her, then I really suffered.

One learns quickly.



Cuckold Fiction From Clarice Darling

Another tale of cuckold fiction in two-parts from a queen of the genre, Clarice Darling.

In part-one of this two-part novella, Ms Darling asks what kind of a man makes the perfect partner for a woman with previously repressed dominant tendencies who wishes to not only rule her man and the household in which they live but fully intends for him to remain chaste while she pursues sexual fulfillment with a variety of partners.

Or perhaps just one.

That perfect partner being a husband, a servant and a child.

All wrapped in one beaten and demoralised parcel.

In Ms Darling's latest tale of cuckold fiction, this wife and her Anglo/German friend, Marjory, wants it all.

And then some!


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Most eReaders can read PDF files but in some cases it is a slow and not entirely satisfactory. If you are experiencing difficulty in reading our novels on eReaders then you can quickly and easily convert the files to match your eReaders preferred format.

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White Slavery From Kurt Steiner

The great Kurt Steiner returns with a novella of white slavery that deals with his favourite subject: dominant Indian women and enslaved Englishmen.

“Enslaved in Kolkata” brings us a tale of white slavery involving another subjugated example of white Anglo Saxon superiority and the stepmother and stepdaughter bequeathed to him - along with his late-aunt’s Indian residence - as housekeeper and maid.

Roles that are about to be reversed with a vengeance.

And lastingly.


“My Passage to Womanhood” by Clare Penne

And so we come to the final instalment of the penultimate volume in Clare Penne's incredible history of her namesake.

There will, of course - and I'm sure Clare's readers would expect nothing less, be no let up in the sexual heat applied to Ms Penne's eponymous heroine and now former (very  former) hero.

Clare's new career as an extremely high-end call-girl proceeds apace.

But there are compensations.

And, of course, the usual cast of loving and depraved, considerate and sadistic, friends, lovers and family members are on hand to ensure the action is never less than interesting, off-the-wall and downright perverse for those times when things become too...



Not to mention the dominant lesbian, the dominant shemale, and the harem's male slave.

It's been a riveting adventure so far and nothing we've read in Volume-Nine seems to point to the tenth and final volume relaxing its relentless grip on both our interest and, if I may be indelicate, our vitals.

Bring it on.


Spanking Fiction From Paula Andante

The Club - Part Two of Two - Paula Andante - Femdomcave

The concluding part of Paula Andante’s second novel of female-led  Spanking fiction for Femdom Cave sees "The Club" taking on an even greater importance in the marriage of a newly dominant wife and her just as freshly dominated husband.

A husband as miserable - not to mention "pained" - with the change in his marital status as the wife who insists on blistering his disobedient backside is delighted and has no intention of relinquishing her new-found power.



“Venus Descends” by Sandrine Bessancort

We welcome a talented new addition to the list of Femdom Cave writers this week as Sandrine Bessancort gives us her female-dominant take on some of the great stories from the past.

The first two tales in Ms Bessancort's female-dominant revisiting of classic tales from antiquity are now together in volume-one of a femdom ebook we hope will be the first of many

Adapted through the lens of a female dominant perspective, "The Horla" is the first tale to be given a femdom makeover.

Horror, mind control and female depravity, is the order of the day as Ms Bessancort lends her talented pen to the re-telling of Monsieur de Maupassant's famous and oft dramatized story of a handsome and well-to-do man who finds himself under the control of an invasive presence capable of overriding his will.


"The Parasite Revisited" is the second tale to be given the Ms Bessancort treatment as Conan Doyle's classic story of possession and domination undergoes a makeover from a female-led viewpoint via the gifted pen of the Cave's new author and goes further in its depiction of human perversion than the creator of Holmes & Watson and the master of the macabre himself could ever have imagined.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

“Secrets of the Women’s Self-Bondage Club” by Jurgen von Stuka

A somewhat left-field entry to the Cave lists this week from Pink Flamingo that, we think, will prove a surprisingly erotic read.

Though perhaps not so much of a surprise for those familiar with this author's writing.

In thirty-four chapters, Jurgen von Stuka, who brought you SUMMER SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, DESPERATE, BONDAGE BROKERS and other twisted tales from the BDSM scene, explores the secret and private world of women who find erotic release in tying, gagging, strapping and chaining themselves.

Enter the private worlds of luxury living to learn from first hand narratives, how they bind, chain and lock themselves in strenuous, sexually gratifying positions and why they do it.

If you have ever wondered about self bondageSecrets-of-the-Womens-Self-Bondage-Cult, who does it, how they do it and why, this book provides detailed stories about women who practice it.

Detailed and graphic stories.

These thirty-four chapters reveal what no one is going to tell you at some cocktail party. The techniques, materials, secret hiding places for paraphernalia and the safe rooms where these women lock themselves in for sometimes days at a time while they indulge in their erotic pastime, are all revealed here.


“Whatever Lola Wants” by Wes Royal – Final Installment

Wes Royal's femdom ebook, and his collection of tales involving women in all their complex, Machiavellian and dominant ways, draws to a conclusion this week with part-five.Whatever-Lola-Wants1-212x300

For the many readers enthralled with Wes's tales of women who can be incredibly tender whilst remaining unremittingly dominant and implacable, this final installment is sure not to disappoint.

Spend some more time with ultra-dominant Tory...

Catch up on the antics of her Most Divine, Lillian Chastain...

The glorious and devious Gladys...

And, most importantly...

The epitome of feminine cunning, wantonness, and sheer, unrelenting dominance...

The eponymous "Lola" herself.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

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