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Erotic Fiction From Pink Flamingo

Laertes is a leading writer of short erotic fiction who now brings his rich, arousing storytelling to bear in novel form with ‘Conspiracy’, a smorgasbord of sexual delights wrapped in political intrigue.

It is the mid-27th century, and the colony of Asalia on the outer edges of the universe has chosen a new Protector.


A Woman.

After three hundred years of increasingly restrictive legislation, she has been elected on a policy of returning society to the fundamental principles of the Founders .

Absolute sexual freedom where anything goes…


A.J. Brown’s Femdom Erotica

The third and final part of A.J. Brown's tale of domination that mixes femdom erotica with femdom tyranny sees our hero's situation become more and more hopeless.

Now, not even the consolation to be found for him outside the apartment in the shape of his girlfriend is to be available as his younger, gorgeous, and utterly dominant, housemate decides this too should be something over which she has control.

Can our hero find a spine before it truly is too late for him?

Or is he doomed already to be no more than a chattel to any woman who comes his way in life from now on?


Interracial Femdom From Gudrun Lindstrom

Ms Shafiqa - Gudrun Lindstrom - Femdom Cave


Another tale of interracial femdom is added to the Cave catalogue in this two-part exploration of the dominant Arab female from the devious and perverse pen of Gudrun Lindstrom.

A handsome Oxford Professor, much in demand with the females studying under him, is going to rue the day he behaved condescendingly to one of his students.

For “Ms Shafiqah” has the wealth and the contacts to ensure he will never behave in such a way again.

Though he will behave.

Even if it is not in his own country.


Illustrations and the Femdom eBook

Ms Indira here.

A warm hello to all on Femdom Cave after having been absent, in presence if not spirit, for many months now. My absence, I must make plain, has not been through any lack of interest on my part but a growing number of career and personal matters that have taken nearly all my attention. I have, though, continued to follow the site and its ever growing offerings by taking advantage of the yearly subscription offer that supplies so many femdom eBook reads as well as countless pictures, captioned images and access to the wise and knowing Miss Irene Clearmont through her new agony-aunt section.

If the above sounds to you as if I am trying to promote the Femdom Cave site itself then you would be entirely right. In my opinion - and I am that rarity in a woman: someone who enjoys surfing the net for subject matter of such a nature - it is the best site of its kind there is and one has only to look at the quality of its catalogue and the contents of its low priced subscription offers to know that it is run by people with as much regard for the pockets of its customers as they have for their own. I have no personal ax to grind or financial inducement for saying this save that excellence, in my view, should be supported and rewarded by all means. Though, as the Cave already hosts one of my own books and I intend to write more specifically for it, I suppose I do have a personal stake in its well-being.

I would also like to thank Kurt (Steiner) for his kind words in respect of my help and support and congratulate Virmatra Scala for the illustrations that have breathed a new life into one of Kurt's stories - not that "The Inferior" was in need of any help to be enjoyed simply as a text read. Virmatra has struck exactly the right note with her depictions of Kurt's characters and they certainly enhance rather than intrude upon the storyline. I myself purchased a copy, despite having had the original femdom eBook version from almost its first appearance on the cave, and felt as if I were rediscovering the intelligent and insightful story and writing.

When life decides to settle into a more sedate rhythm, I fully intend to start writing my second femdom eBook and hope Virmatra gets around to improving both it and the first, "A Passage to Britannia".

Below, to refresh your memories as I have not visited for so long, is an image of the wonderful "Sharimara" who (to the contentment of my ego) I have been described as resembling - and especially in the picture i have supplied.


Ms Indira 


Women of Evil From Pink Flamingo

Satans Sisters Series - Paul Moore - Pink FlamingoA bumper compendium featuring women of evil, not to mention unrelenting dominance, for your reading pleasure.

Read three thrilling femdom novels under one cover from Pink Flamingo as Paul Moore’s two books of femdom submission, “Satan’s Sisters” are joined by his highly popular “Biker Gurls”.

If you enjoy women as well as men finding themselves on their knees before a demanding Mistress these three books on the subject of women of evil, are sure to hit the spot.


COMING SOON: An illustrated Version of Kurt Steiner’s “The Inferior”

Kurt Steiner's classic tale of interracial femdom that is fast becoming a cult novel amongst aficionado's of female led fiction is currently being illustrated via the gifted hand of an illustrator new to the Cave by the name of Virmatra Scala.

This will be the first in a selection of Femdom Cave novels & novellas to be illustrated with an eye to maximising reader enjoyment.


To see more of Virmatra's work, go to:  www.virmatra.deviantart.com 

Drycombe End – Female Authority Figure

The Mistress of the rollicking and retro femdom yarn is back with another tale of the female authority figure of days yon.

This time it’s the fifties that takes Ms Paso’s ever humorous yet severe eye as she takes us back to a period when parents were very serious when it came to keeping their teenaged sons on the straight and narrow.

And had no shortage of places of education to choose from.

Strict and controlling female educators goes without saying.

And it’s not just lads in their late-teens who find themselves over a stocking-clad knee!



The cool, clear, fresh moorland waters chase and chatter as they course their way over rocky granite, sand and pebbles, bad tempered currents argue with eddies, contesting territorial channels, unfolding their knots of aquatic energy and depositing them in the mirror like pools that laze beside the soft, inviting grassy banks, where residing daisies dance with daffodils and dock leaves dote on dandelions; nature’s children, alive with innocence, their perfect posy reflections more picturesque than poetry.

With an urgency of purpose the stream’s unrelenting meander, though, appearing meaningless, is driven by its principle of projection; its mindless industry providing one of mother nature’s enduring enigmas, that, why a busy, bustling, babbling brook with its headstrong soliloquy, its random candour that can procure a peaceful providence and restful recreation from within the state of a troubled mind.

As if in contemplation of this unlikely equation, a solitary Wordsworth daffodil stands proudly surveying the scene, a rural referee overseeing Mother Nature at play.

The warm summer breeze, its gentle convection the essence of peace and tranquillity itself, with energy as tender as the warmest love, kisses the skin as only nature can.

Such is life on a Sunday morning, somewhere in a North Devonshire meadow.

Standing on the steadfast Dartmoor granite bridge that straddles the stream, the rear aspect of Drycombe End can be clearly seen, once past the single railway track that, twice a day, conveys a conscientious Great Western pannier tank locomotive and its single carriage to and from its sleepy village stations.

Past the rusty, rustic barbed wire fence that clings perilously to the dry rotted posts that stand at incongruous intervals along the winding river bank, the lush green grass, typically moorland short, tidy and trim, stretches ahead to the very edge of Drycombe End and its vast expanse of gardens.

A church bell is ringing in the distance, accompanied by a barking dog from a nearby farm; after a while the dog gives up, the persistent church bell continues its calling.

Following the cultivated line of pines that stand like Roman Centurions along the east and west boundaries of the garden, the eye is lead to the imposing back terrace. Ahead of this terrace, tending the vegetable plot is the black negro giant Bruno, a mountain of a man, a product of the West Indian immigration programme, his white shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbow, exposing his powerful forearms, meaty and muscular with huge hands and fingers like trees of bananas.

The wide, paved, terrace is raised above the garden level by some three feet and accessed by a central tier of steps, the garden rises at each end to meet the terrace level and access to the front of the house is from both the east and west sides of the building.




The French doors from the drawing room are opened to the terrace; although it is early morning, it is from this room that a drama is already unfolding.




Around the side of the house is a greenhouse populated with tomato plants and tropical fruits, beside the door that leads to the front of the house is a tap, Stanley skilfully fills his watering can, he is very careful not to make a mess.

The front aspect of the house supports a large turning area for vehicle access, although in the year 1956, when motor cars are a rare and expensive luxury the surface area therefore, is an easy upkeep.

The front gateway is opened at eight every morning and closed by Bruno at six o’clock every night.

The lane that serves Drycombe End is quiet and generally only used by visitors to the establishment, there is little or no passing traffic.

The first thing visitors see when approaching the house from the lane is the name, which is proudly displayed on the large boarded sign:





“Ms Hasekura” – Parts-One-&-Two-Complete

Ms Hasekura a novel of erotic fiction

Spencer Haskell's debut novel of erotic fiction for Femdom Cave is now available as a complete novel.

A middle-aged English gigolo meets his match at the hands and feet of his younger Japanese neighbour.

A match that proves to be extremely unequal after the aging gigolo has been divorced from his previously downtrodden wife and made a strange offer by the previously dismissed neighbour and friend of his former partner.

A “dismissed” and very wealthy neighbour.

From London's "Blackheath" to Kyoto and the land of the rising sun, one man's unwilling journey to a new and much despised land in the company of the equally despised "Ms Hasekura" is about to challenge everything he thought he knew about himself as a man and see him return to the country of his birth as something less than he imagined himself to be upon his departure.

lot less.



Femdom Fiction Collections from the Cave

The Femdom Collection

From Femdom Cave comes Volume-One of the "Femdom Collection", a volume containing three stories of femdom fiction ranging from the exotic, to the classical, to that of fantasy with a realistic edge.

The first of these great works of collected femdom fiction is Gudrun Lindstrom's tale of an Englishman’s Middle-East nightmare in“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” -  an Englishman who finds himself a modern-day white-slave to the young Arab girl for whose father he was once a bodyguard.

The second in our collection continues with Sandrine Bessancort's erotic and sexually demonic reworking of Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale of possession and submission in a sleepy French village in “Ancient Sorceries”.

The trio is completed with Vera Carlisle's believable and gruesome tale of one middle-aged gigolo’s inhuman and inescapable fate at the hands of his young German wife and her Senegalese housekeeper in “Man-Beast to Male-Pet”.

Great femdom fiction at a great price.


“Appreciation for “The Dressed Investor”

Many thanks to all of you who have written to me expressing your enjoyment of the first part of volume-one of Clare Penne's work of forced feminism and femdom fiction, "The Dressed Investor". Please be assured all your comments have been forwarded to Ms Penne and she, along with your Webmaster and Editor here at the Cave, is delighted with your positive responses.

In answer to your questions concerning when you might expect more of the same to be forthcoming, please know that the second part of Clare's tale of a man who finds himself involved with and employed by a powerful corporate woman - a woman with highly fixed ideas concerning the role of men in her workplace - is undergoing the final editing and formatting touches before publishing and will be added to our new arrivals the moment it's ready.

The next piece of good news is that Clare is already deep into the first-draft of volume-two and will soon have part-one of the companion work available for publication with part-two to follow shortly after.

Again, a big thank you for all your support for both our site and our authors.



The Femdom Fiction of Jeff DeLuna

Jeff DeLuna’s second work of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave comes in two parts and gives us a strange middle-aged stalker and an even stranger coed.

A coed who takes her stalker’s devotion and uses it to fashion for herself the most obedient and faithful of servants while she remains free to indulge her new found taste for domination with a variety of men.

And when she’s finished with these men?

Well, there’s always her friends, Rose and Judy, to pick up the pieces and re-fashion them into…

Even smaller pieces.


Lesbian Femdom and Males in Slavery

Lesbian femdom and males in slavery are the themes of these three re-published novels from Pink Flamingo.

First up is ‘Compliance’ with its intertwining stories of two commanding women – one a fully-fledged tamer of men, the other a very enthusiastic neophyte when it comes to the placing of males in slavery.

The above a happy combination for young beautician Frankie when, not knowing the profession of her new acquaintances, she describes her boyfriend troubles and gets a lesson on how to take control of a man.

A lesson that neither she nor her boyfriend – especially her boyfriend – will ever forget.

How could he, when his particular “lesson” includes the use upon him of branding, orgasm denial and various chastity devices?


elenas travails - Nigel McParr - Pink Flamingo

Eighteen-year-old Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia’s husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into their home to train and conquer and he asks the dominant Nadia to educate their new house-guest into obedience and make the innocent young woman his/her plaything.

It is a favour his wife is only too pleased to perform as it enables her to indulge her passion for lesbian femdom and also include her husband in the enslavement process as she sets about transforming the innocent young woman into the most loyal and obedient of household chattels.



A Womans Servant - Chris Bellows - Pink FlamingoAccording to Chris Bellows, a woman of authority and quality should be served and tended to in order to satisfy her every wish and command, and the following tale does NOT contradict these beliefs

In the very near future, a dominant nurse at a correction facility for males decides she should acquire a manservant to meet her somewhat demanding domestic needs and,  in so doing, finds her need to govern extends well beyond the Institute walls.

As with all Chris Bellows novels, this book is not for the timid, first-timer to Female Domination and his tales of males in slavery will have you feeling every snip, every slit and every, single ounce of pain the poor servant is put through in order to make him the utterly compliant and obedient factotum his new employer wishes him to be.




“Helfour Leather” by Jo Paso – Complete

Published in full this week is another rollicking femdom tale from Jo Paso.

With a cast ranging from vengeful wives to dominant female employees and a gorgeous and , all come together to ensure the lives of the men who cross them are altered forever.

And not in ways of their own choosing.

With the death of the patriarch who was its founder and owner, the family shoe business known as 'Helfour Leather' is on the verge of closing its doors forever when Penelope, the daughter to whom the father's will entrusted, it comes across an old school friend who works in the sex industry and specialises in  and .

When Olivia hears of her friend's problem she spots a business opportunity that will provide both with a glorious livelihood while keeping the family shoe emporium going at one and the same time.

From husbands to sons and bank managers to solicitors, the transition of the business into 'Hell For Leather" and the sale of fetish wear for  fans and men of the  variety will have far reaching and, for some, humiliating consequences.


Retro femdom From Jo Paso

Jo Paso again visits the swinging sixties to provide us with some retro femdom.

This time around it's a group of guys who find themselves placed under the retro microscope.

A group of guys set to become the music world’s next big thing.

But only until the female singer fronting them decides the guy’s girlfriends – as well as one of their mothers – would be an even bigger thing.

And guess who will be their roadies and general flunkies.

Not to mention providing other, more... sexual... services.

No matter how humiliating they prove to be.


“Office Manager” by Mark Remond – A Free Story

Another story for the growing Femdom Cave free library, kindly donated by Mark Remond.

Mark is currently in the process of writing a full-length novel for the Cave and its readers.

Becoming obsessed with the office-manager can be a bad idea.

No matter how long a man 's been with a company and no matter how impressive his work record.

Especially when that manager is a  by the name of Elsa Knudson and she has firm ideas on respect of a  kind in the workplace.

Not to mention elsewhere.





Femdom Erotica and the Dominant Wife

Together in one sensibly priced volume, Femdom Cave presents two works of femdom erotica, both of which make the dominant wife and the enslaving of an unsuspecting husband the focus of their tales.

In “A Wife Takes Control”, Rebecca Tarling uses her first novel to chart the descent of a man from successful businessman and husband in control, to unemployed bankrupt and chattel and sex-slave to not just his wife but her gorgeous and black shemale lover.

Next up is Clarice Darling’s “Wifely Control” and a husband who finds himself increasingly marginalised and emasculated after his wife’s young boss and lesbian lover is invited to stay with them.

Tales of femdom erotica dealing with the dominant wife that are believable and sexy at one and the same time.


New From Pink Flamingo


A new title from Tanya Simmonds is always a reason to feel excited if you're a fan of intelligent and believable femdom erotica with a fantasy and futuristic slant, so it's with mixed feelings that we are able to host her very last novel on behalf of Pink Flamingo.

“Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange” is Tanya Simmonds’ final work of femdom fiction – a compendium of eight classic, femdom novelettes that explore the very essence of power and sexual sadism and contain all the hallmarks of classic Tanya Simmonds' tales with their insistence on real characters and inventive story-lines and situations..

With these tales of women in all their dominant glory Ms Simmonds gives us a fitting close to a short but stellar career.

The femdom novel will not be the same without her.




Another new title from Pink Flamingo, written by an author whose erotic fiction, I'm sure, is familiar to many of you.

The control hungry Jan draws a naive, young man into her world with his first ever blow job and groin tingling stories of the punishment and sexual torment she received in her final years at finishing school.

What he doesn't realize, however, is that Jan is seducing him into a world only she controls and if he thought he might get to exact similar punishment upon her he is in for a rude awakening.

A rude and very painful awakening.

From the author of Chloe & Me and Madam in Attendance, S.M. Ackerman has produced another titillating work of femdom fiction.



Desperate Housewives and Dominated Husbands

Enslaved Husband : Empowered Housewife - Melanie Sanders, Rebecca Sharp - FemdomcaveDesperate housewives and thoroughly dominated husbands are the subjects of the new, two-books-in-one-volume collection, "Enslaved Husband - Empowered Housewife".

Cuckold husbands and wifely domination are the theme, and much else the male of the species finds discomfiting, of a collection guaranteed to both horrify and thrill.

This volume contains “Into My Web” by Melanie Sanders, and the first novel from Rebecca Sharp, “Husband in Name Only”.



Miss Clearmont Writes…

Training a man!

Around a year ago I met up with an old friend of mine in London. Over a glass or two of red, Jessica disclosed that she begun to write a book based on personal experience and would I or could I edit it for her and prepare it for publication? Like a diary of her experiences moving towards a 24/7 female led lifestyle; the book was a combination of her ideas and theories as well as her experiences and setbacks at creating the husband that she thought that she had married in the first place!

That was a year ago, and much of what she had written were jotted notes and references to psychological books and Internet sites. I was supposed to set it into order and offer the female reader the chance to learn from Jessica’s hard-won experience.

As is so often the case, the book became something else! In discussion and argument it became a book that distilled all that experience of training and molding the character of a husband or male partner. It became a guidebook for women on a method of moving a man in the right direction. The path of obedience.

This is not a book that details whips, the best canes and imaginary lifestyle contracts! It does not instruct on knots, chains and devices or have anything to say about the height of heels and what type of chastity device best fits or can be worn permanently. There are so many resources that cover these matters that are not really at the heart of dominating a man.

This book covers the psychological aspects of moving a man in the direction of subservience. It details how to assess goals and aspirations and how to systemize and approach the ambition to create a man who is subservient, willing to serve and obey. It takes the reader through the basic principles of Operand Conditioning, the use of simple reward systems to begin the process. The process of sexualisation that leads a man by an unseen and unrecognized leash to a position under female control. Aspects of body language, psychology and conditioning are laid on the table in a simple and easy-to- understand manner. The book stresses that all that is needed is a little self control and acute observation on the part of the woman and that the targets can be minor, major or totally open ended as long as the method is applied appropriately.

There is no fiction in this book! 

This is a book that sets out a framework for a woman to move to a more secure and dominant role in her relationships with male partners. Compact, easy to read and to the point, a realistic, real world and tested (you should meet Jessica’s husband!) approach to create the perfect man-servant in any long term relationship.

Soon to be published 'Asserting Female Authority'.

Irene & Jessica

Mrs Jessica McKovanaugh and Miss Irene Clearmont can be reached at:


Irene's Website is at:


Jessica does not have a website at the moment, but what she does have is a husband who feeds from the flat of her hand and does as he is asked without demur...



“The Interruption Revisited” by Sandrine Bessancort

W.W. Jacobs famous tale of a Victorian gentleman blackmailed by his late wife's housekeeper undergoes a female dominant revision via the gifted pen of Sandrine Bessancort in the latest of her female-led visits to the great tales of antiquity.

For the film buffs amongst you, the story will be familiar through the cinematic re-telling with Stewart Granger as the psychotic husband and his off-screen wife, Jean Simmons, as the scheming housekeeper.

It's hard to imagine W.W. Jacobs envisaging the kind of fate for the psychotic husband Ms Bessancort has devised for the self-deluding and superior version taking centre-stage in her version - not to mention the sadistic woman inflicting it upon him.

Though it's not difficult to imagine his horror.


Free Download

It Was Just His Way Of Relaxing
The words reaching his ears are unbelievable. Incredible. Soul-destroying and mortifying.
Price: £0.00
USD $0.00

New Releases

Book-One of Wes Royal's "The Golden Screw" collection sees the return of the irresistible Gilda Cane and her cohorts of deeply perverted and sexually dominant female friends and acquaintances as Hugh Bristol ("Hubris"), her new husband finds he might be wedded but any bliss he might take from the union is likely to be extremely painful. And ALWAYS humiliating.
Price: £4.50
fancy5 details Home
Janet and Edward’s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches’ Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous.
Price: £5.50
fancy5 details Home
Most people think that slavery doesn’t exist in the world today. Ha… little do they know. Others are convinced that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is to most people but not to an evil, sadistic woman who gets herself off by making her slaves suffer and scream from the pain.
Price: £4.75
fancy5 details Home
obsession A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden, leaping from cell to cell in a tantalizing dance, of what’s to follow.
Price: £4.00
fancy5 details Home
Catherine Rules was originally written for a publisher who believed in the superiority of women. Books by this company advocated a society ruled by women – Matriarchy.
Price: £8.00
fancy5 details Home
The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance.
Price: £3.75
fancy5 details Home

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