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Femdom Fiction From Miss Irene Clearmont

The glorious Miss Irene presents three of her most popular shorter novels of femdom fiction in one Volume.

Getting Uneven

“Getting Uneven” charts the journey of one woman and her new, younger, and very dominant, lesbian lover as they take revenge on the male sex and one rapist in particular.

Skewered on Spikes

“Skewered on Spikes” gives us the tale of a hapless loner who finds his dream job when a well-to-do woman spots his “potential” and hires him to manage her upmarket shoe store. But this is a Miss Irene Clearmont tale and dream is sure to turn to nightmare… And sooner rather than later.

Road Trip

“Road Trip” tells us of the fate of one man who sought the wide open spaces and freedom of the American highway and found hell itself… Hell’s Angels, to be specific… A female Chapter… And a Chapter enjoying nothing more than reducing a man to the status of an animal before selling him on at a profit.

Femdom Fiction

A volume of femdom fiction  for all tastes.


Femdom Erotica From Pink Flamingo

Joan's New Obsession - J A Schenley - Pink Flamingo - Femdom CaveFollowing on from J.A. Schenley's telling of her “Calculated Surrender”, comes more femdom erotica with "Joan's New Obsession" by the same writer.

We pick up the story once more in the aftermath of a middle-aged couples paid domination by a young and beautiful Dominatrix.

A young and beautiful dominatrix who is wiser than her years and so much more than she seems.

This, after the wife had seen her ad in a magazine of her husband’s she had discovered.

But the couple’s night with the young and  gorgeous Victoria Thompson is about to take both imagination and reality much further than the couple could possibly have envisaged.

Another work of femdom erotica from Pink Flamingo.


“My Passage to Womanhood” – The Tenth and Final Volume

The  amazing journey of Clare reaches its conclusion and, like so many odysseys, comes around full circle to find itself at a point not too far removed from where it all began.

If, that is, the gorgeous and now utterly submissive female that is the pierced and be-ringed Clare herself could be said to share any physical resemblance apart from the facial to the young man she was before the advent of the various dominant girls and women into her life.

Both the physical and the mental having been shaped and focused under the most extreme of feminine regimes.

In ten volumes describing a talented young man's journey into compliant young woman, harem slave, obedient wife and, finally, performing human canine, no sexual deviation or experience is left unexplored and the text also serves as an insight into the mores of the well-heeled and the more rarefied altitudes of haute couture, sophisticated haute cuisine and even finer wines.



“Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold” – Part-One-of-Two

Yet another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction from the author of the immensely popular, "Wifely Control" and "Husband to Cuckold... and Worse", Clarice Darling.

Published in two-parts, part-one begins with yet another unsuspecting older husband being brought low by a young wife.

A young and previously biddable wife.

This time, however, the young wife in question has a sadistic and controlling stepmother at her back and the loving and devoted husband is about to discover he is not the proud and strong man he thought himself to be.

Not by a long-shot.




Miss Clearmont writes…


 A Female Domination Novel that will make men shiver in sympathy and women shiver in anticipation...

I had a fairly straightforward idea of a tale that I wanted to tell and wrote opening chapters to flesh out the idea that seemed so suitable for a novel. The plot goes like this... a man registers in a foreign brothel using a web log in. He visit the place, but his wife finds out what is going on and changes the settings on the website to give him a rather more exiting time than he was expecting. In fact she ticks every box in a cold moment of terrible revenge and subjects him to a trip to sexual hell. She condemns him to  wander down a path of helplessness, a road to slavery and degradation that has no end.

I so liked the premise for this novel that I tried four times to write the story before I could actually finish it. It is a little strange for me to persist like that, normally I just lay an 'attempt' to one side and move on to the next idea. If the plot will not flow then I drop it. May be it is because I just had to find out what happened to Leonard, the errant husband. In the end he ended in a place that is worse than even I expected! But then he's only a man after all!

This is a fairly strong novel (even) by my standards, the denouément is inevitable as it is brutal...


So, it was completed and I passed it to the editor on Femdomcave.com to publish. A tale of female domination that is straight forward and straight to the point.

It really is a wicked and unfair world for Leonard, to end in the place that he ends in only because he cheated. I allow his wife to cheat without fear of retribution!  So, I have to admit that the poor little hubby gets considerably more than he deserves and that his forceful wife, Chantal, who is a rather ferocious and unforgiving woman gets away with it all. However, he's only a man after all,  and men... well they sit all night and wank over that porn and think that they can make it real! They think that women are there for their entertainment, for their amusement, for their use. I subscribe to another paradigm. A world, a place where men serve and amuse, where men scurry in the shadows while women rule. A place where an intelligent and ruthless woman can do what she wants with life and men. She bend twist and force her way on the world. My world is a devilish place where a man rarely sees higher than the elegant manicured nails of the feet that he kisses!

Men do not deserve more than that...

It can turn out as I like, as you will see if you read 'Wish Fulfillment' when it arrives here on FemdomCave!


The next little project is moving along nicely.

The ultimate trophy wife gains the trophy...





Visit me at...




Next up... probably!

cover 001 tri

Another little sideline that I sometimes use as a stimulation to my imagination is the captioned photo. I am slowly adding to the collection day by day and will soon be sending them to FemDomCave for the privileged members of their little club...

A woamn who will get what she wants... and needs.

“Appreciation for “The Dressed Investor”

Many thanks to all of you who have written to me expressing your enjoyment of the first part of volume-one of Clare Penne's work of forced feminism and femdom fiction, "The Dressed Investor". Please be assured all your comments have been forwarded to Ms Penne and she, along with your Webmaster and Editor here at the Cave, is delighted with your positive responses.

In answer to your questions concerning when you might expect more of the same to be forthcoming, please know that the second part of Clare's tale of a man who finds himself involved with and employed by a powerful corporate woman - a woman with highly fixed ideas concerning the role of men in her workplace - is undergoing the final editing and formatting touches before publishing and will be added to our new arrivals the moment it's ready.

The next piece of good news is that Clare is already deep into the first-draft of volume-two and will soon have part-one of the companion work available for publication with part-two to follow shortly after.

Again, a big thank you for all your support for both our site and our authors.



“The Dance of the Veils Revisited” by Sandrine Bessancort

The Dance of the Veils Revisited

"The Dance of the Veils" is the second stand-alone story from Volume-Three of "Venus Descends" and joins Algernon Blackwood's "Ancient Sorceries" as yet another tale from antiquity to receive the Ms Bessancort treatment.

This time around it's a story from Sax Rohmer that has commanded Sandrine's interest.

It's a macabre tale of oriental decadence and a down-on-his-luck n'eer-do-well on the receiving end of it. Set in London, it undergoes the female dominant Bessancort treatment to become even more macabre and certainly more decadent.

It's hard to believe the creator of Fu Manchu and the master of all things oriental and decadent, would have left a hero of his own devising to quite such a degrading and inescapable fate as that which Ms Bessancort's poisonous pen devises for hers.

This is a part of the "Venus Descends" series of short-story volumes.


Male Slavery in India from Mike Watson

With "Garima Madam - The prequel", Mike Watson returns to the story of “Garima Madam’s Bitch” and the hapless expat in India who has allowed himself to fall into marital male slavery at the hands and, especially, feet of the erotic and cruelly demanding “Garima Madam”.

Only now, deep into his subcontinent servitude, is the expat allowed to tell the tale of how his once downtrodden and small-town wife became the formidable and sexy woman of today responsible for the life of married male slavery he now endures.

A simple small-town woman who came to be known as “Garima Madam Ji”.


“Serving Her” by Gregory Allen

Serving Her

After courting her, Alex feels happy and content belonging to a woman he adores, but Kimberly is not about to let her new get complacent and she soon introduces him to punishments that take him outside his comfort zone.

When his girlfriend, Kimberly, insists on flaunting her  over him in front of his friends, Alex soon discovers that Kimberly's openly dominant nature will make it impossible to keep his place in their  relationshipa secret.

It's not long before Alex realizes he will have to fully integrate his desires of  into his new life with Kimberly if he is to reach the level of dedication she requires.

For both serving her and consenting to remain in his life - even if her remaining means he will do so himself at an even more abject level.

Unfortunately - for him - he has no idea of the abject level she has in mind for him.


More Female Erotica From Pink Flamingo

An award-winning journalist in her other life, K.B. Plum takes a wild and erotic detour into the territory of steamy satire in Penelope Pan. In her first attempt at female erotica, she ventures into heretofore forbidden territory, applying her long experience as a reporter to topics sure to titillate, amuse and horrify with her take on the “Peter Pan” fairy tale.

Where “Peter” was intended to appeal to youngsters, “Penelope” is serves to escort adults into a world of lurid sex, fantastical adventure, and outrageous erotic comedy. The book is also a testament to how a young woman of breathtaking beauty and limitless optimism can lure to the surface the “little boy living inside the grown man.”

“Penelope Pan” is nothing less than a smorgasbord of female erotica in all its weird and perversely wonderful manifestations.


“Husband to Cuckold… and Worse” by Clarice Darling

The writer of the popular "Wifely Control" returns with another tale of a wife with control issues that refuse to remain unsatisfied and a husband without any at all.

The first of a two-part story of , relating the story of a marriage of fifteen years the wife intends to become  and open to others.

At least for her.

One unfortunate husband is about have his life unravelled around him as the wife into whose name he placed all their joint assets before his bankruptcy and the starting of a more successful company in her name decides to enjoy the power this has given her in the relationship.

Removing him from his position as head of the company and having an affair with the young and female Indian assistant she has promoted in his place are just two of the indignities he has to bear and are no more than the start of a series of events that will see him reduced from the status of a husband to an .

And far, far worse.


Lesbian Femdom and Males in Slavery

Lesbian femdom and males in slavery are the themes of these three re-published novels from Pink Flamingo.

First up is ‘Compliance’ with its intertwining stories of two commanding women – one a fully-fledged tamer of men, the other a very enthusiastic neophyte when it comes to the placing of males in slavery.

The above a happy combination for young beautician Frankie when, not knowing the profession of her new acquaintances, she describes her boyfriend troubles and gets a lesson on how to take control of a man.

A lesson that neither she nor her boyfriend – especially her boyfriend – will ever forget.

How could he, when his particular “lesson” includes the use upon him of branding, orgasm denial and various chastity devices?


elenas travails - Nigel McParr - Pink Flamingo

Eighteen-year-old Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia’s husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into their home to train and conquer and he asks the dominant Nadia to educate their new house-guest into obedience and make the innocent young woman his/her plaything.

It is a favour his wife is only too pleased to perform as it enables her to indulge her passion for lesbian femdom and also include her husband in the enslavement process as she sets about transforming the innocent young woman into the most loyal and obedient of household chattels.



A Womans Servant - Chris Bellows - Pink FlamingoAccording to Chris Bellows, a woman of authority and quality should be served and tended to in order to satisfy her every wish and command, and the following tale does NOT contradict these beliefs

In the very near future, a dominant nurse at a correction facility for males decides she should acquire a manservant to meet her somewhat demanding domestic needs and,  in so doing, finds her need to govern extends well beyond the Institute walls.

As with all Chris Bellows novels, this book is not for the timid, first-timer to Female Domination and his tales of males in slavery will have you feeling every snip, every slit and every, single ounce of pain the poor servant is put through in order to make him the utterly compliant and obedient factotum his new employer wishes him to be.




Indian Femdom From Kurt Steiner

Indian femdom from Kurt Steiner?

Is he still alive, I hear you say?

Fortunately - or sadly for those of you who have had more than enough of my preoccupation with the dominant and dusky beauties of the subcontinent - I am just about to complete my latest novella of male slavery concerning smug and superior white Europeans and the devious and assertive Indian mistress determined to show him his proper place in life.

At the feet of his female owner.

It's called "Enslaved in Kolkata" and it will be with you in the next week or two.

My kindest regards to you all and, as ever, a picture of just the kind of subcontinent mistress who compels me to put pen to paper... Well, fingers to keyboard anyway.



Interracial Femdom From Gudrun Lindstrom

Ms Shafiqa - Gudrun Lindstrom - Femdom CaveAnother tale of interracial femdom in this two-part exploration of the dominant Arab female from Gudrun Lindstrom.

Continuing with her favourite theme of superior white European and young and dominant, if vastly underestimated, Middle-Eastern woman, Ms Lindstrom takes us into an unnamed country that operates far differently under the cosmetic and surface appearance of Western sophistication it has found prudent to adopt.

An Oxford Professor is going to rue the day he behaved condescendingly to one of his students.

For “Ms Shafiqah” has the wealth and the contacts to ensure he will never behave in such a way again.

Though he will behave... Even if it is not in his own country.

This is interracial femdom that should be impossible but seems strangely plausible.


“The Jury” – Book-Two – “Fresh Hells and the Scars of Surrender”

The eagerly awaited second book in "The Jury" trilogy has arrived.

David Beats erotic tale of a BDSM enthusiast who meets his true destiny in the shape of a sadistic and blackmailing teenager reaches its second-volume and even the thoughts of his masochistic  and consensual past, and his trial before a “Jury”  of dominant women, pales into insignificance when compared to the hell on earth prepared for him by his cruel, remorseless, and utterly gorgeous blackmailer.

What once had been a dark and exciting game for the middle-aged man, sucked into a vortex of  perversion and events out of his control by the youthful Brandy, has become real and very frightening.

For Brandy is not playing.

But she is for keeps.

A work of femdom fiction that is not for the fainthearted.


Femdom Erotica From James Pendergrass

Femdom Cave presents a work of femdom erotica from James Pendergrass.

A freshman cross-country runner loves nothing more than sexually dominating men.  Hardly surprising then that when the young woman hears the female members of her running team complain about a senior runner belonging to the boy’s squad she decides to do something about it.

Dana though gets more than simple sexual kicks from tormenting men and, while she intends to break her unwitting victim, her aim is to break him down that she might build him back up again.

And in ways of her choosing.




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For a single - one-off - fee you can now download all Cave content, old and new. We try to release between 2 and 4 new novels per week.

As a Lifetime member you will also be entitled to generous discounts on our innovative new ideas. We have interactive novels and a new comic strip by Virmatra Scala in the pipeline.

And the one-off fee for this?


Be warned though: this price will obviously have to rise - albeit reasonably.

This incredibly low fee for life membership gives you free access to:

Cave Women Galleries; Cave Model Galleries; Captioned Images Galleries; Free Stories; Free Articles; Miss Irene is Listening; and our complete Fiction Catalogue.







The Cécedes Female School of Submission – The Teacher Training

Well, I'm hoping that with this warm weather in the UK that all my readers and potential ones are still finding time to download their femdom needs from Femdomcave or, dare I say the words, Kindle-Amazon.

The news here is that, despite being busy with other ventures and my art commissions, I have found some time to finish my latest offering, as titled above. It's now in the hands of our beloved Editor for him to do his 'Edding' thing and bring it up on-line for you.

Plenty of action for you in this one, a chronicle that explores the rites of submission and transformation of a young man after he, having become a vulnerable feminine-bodied orphan, is brutally raped at the hands of the monks at the school he attends. He finds himself transferred into a sister-convent and placed under the charge of a caring but dominant Sister, who reports to the Abbess, a warm but again dominant character.

From school, the novel winds onto his acceptance and time at University, tracking his development as a submissive and in being transformed by his Tutor. I won't say much more but there then comes some pretty powerful scenes when he/she now becomes part of an arranged affair, perhaps his/her destiny all along, the gorgeous Anaïs coming into her life.

I hope that the book is more than just sex but one that offers a good yarn and descriptive of life at large, something that I strive to do when I sit down to write, also bringing to the fore the emotional side of the characters involved.

It's been fun writing it and I hope this reflects itself when you read it. As ever, I love having feedback from you.




“A Forced Descent” by Marisette Hennessey – Complete Novel.

In the complete femdom ebook of this story from first-time author, Marisette Hennessey, an overbearing husband pays the price for his years of faithlessness at the hands of his wife and her friend and is rewired to become the slave of a woman.

Having behaved like a dog during their marriage his punishment will certainly fit the crime.

Visiting the isolated home of her young Polish friend, Katya, in Scotland, an innocent remark by Melanie, the downtrodden wife of accountant Tim Kennedy, leads to an outcome guaranteed to leave all except the husband himself satisfied.

After a promise of the oral sex his wife has always been loathe to provide him, Tim Kennedy wakes to find himself outside in the cold.

Unfortunately, the al fresco is the least of his problems, and so are the two snarling dogs either side of the cage in which he awakes naked.

What the young Polish dog-handler and trainer, Katya, whose home he has been transported to, has in mind for him is nothing less than his utter dehumanisation and reduction to that of both human-pet and household servant.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

Women Who take Control – Orlando and Pink Flamingo

From the decadent and perverse pen of Orlando comes an omnibus of his stories dealing with women who take control.

With "Overpowered Men" from Pink Flamingo, Orlando describes women who take control. From dominant wives to controlling girlfriends, and strict nannies to cruel housekeepers, Orlando takes us on a whirlwind tour of female perversity and male submission that is certain to titillate.

Even as it horrifies.


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