Cuckold Fiction From Rebecca Tarling

A Wife Takes Control - Rebecca Tarling - Femdomcave The two-parts of a work of cuckold fiction by a writer new to Femdom Cave is now complete under one cover. Rebecca Tarling uses her first novel of dominant wives and controlled and cuckolded husbands to relate the story of the hapless Trevor Drayton and the mess that is made of his world. A mess made by his deviant and manipulative wife, and the black shemale who delivers the unsuspecting husband in metaphorical chains and fetters to that deviant wife’s feet. But only after taking her from the husband and winning her permission to use him also. Usage made in the way of most classic cuckold fiction as the wife herself uses her new-found freedom and control to see other men outside the marital home. As well as in it. FCEDITOR.

Cuckold Fiction From Shayla Marks

My Husband is My Servant Part Three - Shayla Marks - Femdomcave   Shayla Marks' debut of cuckold fiction and female supremacy continues as the smug husband who has fallen on harder times finds life about to become even more difficult. Did we mention humiliating? Do take it as read. Life in the suburbs? Dull? Think again! This is part-three of three of a work of cuckold fiction. FCEDITOR.  

The Femdom Cave Forum


Femdom Forum

A new year and a new start, so what better time to be the first to get the ball rolling in the new Femdom Cave Forum of 2013? Whatever gets your femdom juices flowing, real or fantasy or adult and believable, physical or mental, controversial or otherwise, put it out there and get the feedback of your fellow aficionados and connoisseurs. Review a book, praise, criticise or suggest an improvement, that's the purpose for which the femdom forum is intended. And the more we hear from that half of the male-female equation, such as the siren above to whom this site is devoted, the better we will all be for it. FCEDITOR. 

Female Domination From A.J. Brown

Apartment Life - A J Brown - FemdomcaveA.J. Brown’s latest foray into female domination gives us the story of a young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore. When the third of three students drops out of the leasing of a high-end apartment the only person the two remaining guys can find to take up the slack is the younger sister of one of them. A younger sister who likes guys to do what she wants. And has no problem training them if they don’t. All three parts of A.J.'s tale of female domination complete in one volume. FCEDITOR

The Cuckold Fiction of Paula Andante

Stephanies Story - Part Two - Paula Andante - Femdom Cave The second and final part of “Stephanie’s Story”, Paula Andante’s third exploration into the world of spanking fiction and femdom for Femdom Cave, sees the youngest daughter come of age and profess herself more than willing to continue the out-of-the ordinary and, some might say, warped family tradition set by her dominant mother. A tradition that demands both her brothers and, wonder of wonders, her own father must accept discipline for their mistakes and wrongdoings from the female members of the family. This in a world where wives and daughters reign supreme and husbands and sons simply toe the line set for them. If they're sensible. Fortunately for the the young woman who finds she has a taste for correcting aberrant male behaviour, certain men very seldom are. Something that definitely applies to her new boyfriend. FCEDITOR.  

White Slavery From Kurt Steiner

Enslaved in Kolkata - Kurt Steiner - Femdom CaveThe great Kurt Steiner returns with a novella of white slavery that deals with his favourite subject: dominant Indian women and enslaved Englishmen. “Enslaved in Kolkata” brings us a tale of white slavery involving another subjugated example of white Anglo Saxon superiority and the stepmother and stepdaughter bequeathed to him - along with his late-aunt’s Indian residence - as housekeeper and maid. Roles that are about to be reversed with a vengeance. And lastingly. FCEDITOR.

Collected Cuckold Fiction

The Cuckold Collection - Femdomcave PublicationsThree different authors, each linked by the common-denominator of a gift for the erotic female dominant story, can now be found together in the first volume of Femdom Cave’s collection of cuckold fiction. Xavier Couperin, author of the massively popular “One-Way-Marriage” kick-starts proceedings with his tale of a respected wife, librarian and mother in a middle-England village whose sex-drive suddenly kicks into gear… With dire results for the husband she now regards as beta and incapable of satisfying her needs. Anise Pemberton, is up next with yet another popular work of cuckold fiction to be found on the Cave titled: “The Spiral She Led Me Down”; but there are no respectable wives to be found here, at least below the surface, as three formerly downtrodden wives turn their lives and relationships around with the help of a powerful black business man and his even more powerful wife and daughters. Your collected stories of cuckold fiction take a more classical, if no less erotic, turn with one of Sandrine Bessancort’s wonderful re-imaginings of classical literature and a tale adapted from the master of the decadent and erotic himself, Guy de Maupassant, to show how an arrogant and self-absorbed French Comte is both cuckolded and utterly mastered by the wife he has neglected. FCEDITOR.

“Brandy” – An Anonymously Written Story Donated By Eternal Quest

This week the ever generous "Eternal Quest" once again lives up to a name harking back to days of chivalry and courtesy with the donation of yet another story for the Cave's expanding free-library. An anonymous and eponymous tale going by the name of ...


For those men out there who have yet to realise - or be made to realise - it truly doesn't pay to get on the wrong side of a friend's partner. Especially when that partner has a low bull***t threshold and is as physically capable as the  Brandy. FCEDITOR.

Clare Penne’s Femdom and Transgender Fiction

A Property Baroness - Clare Penne - Femdom CaveThe author of the massively popular "My Passage to Womanhood" saga is back with another amazing piece of femdom and transgender fiction In "A Property Baroness" the life of a man, wealthy in his own right, is changed beyond his wildest dreams when he meets an even wealthier and dominant woman with very specific requirements when it comes to her sexual partners. Specific and utterly unrelenting. Despite his instincts, he will soon be on his knees for the woman in possession of these requirements. As well as others. Clare Penne returns with yet another tale of transgender fiction that is also one man’s journey into the world of female domination over the male. FCEDITOR    

Femdom Fiction From Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Presents - Irene Clearmont - Femdom Fiction at its bestThe glorious Miss Irene presents three of her most popular shorter novels of femdom fiction in one Volume.

Getting Uneven

“Getting Uneven” charts the journey of one woman and her new, younger, and very dominant, lesbian lover as they take revenge on the male sex and one rapist in particular.

Skewered on Spikes

“Skewered on Spikes” gives us the tale of a hapless loner who finds his dream job when a well-to-do woman spots his “potential” and hires him to manage her upmarket shoe store. But this is a Miss Irene Clearmont tale and dream is sure to turn to nightmare… And sooner rather than later.

Road Trip

“Road Trip” tells us of the fate of one man who sought the wide open spaces and freedom of the American highway and found hell itself… Hell’s Angels, to be specific… A female Chapter… And a Chapter enjoying nothing more than reducing a man to the status of an animal before selling him on at a profit.

Femdom Fiction

A volume of femdom fiction  for all tastes. FCEDITOR.

Femdom Cave - Femdom Erotica and Erotic Fiction


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