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Cuckold Fiction From Clarice Darling

Another tale of cuckold fiction from one of the undisputed queens of the genre, Clarice Darling.

The complete two-parts of "Everything He Had... and More" brings us the story of a husband, a servant and a child.

All wrapped in one beaten and demoralised parcel.

This wife wants it all.

And in this work of cuckold fiction, and with the help of her husband's much detested junior business partner, Marjorie, sets about getting it.

For Marjory, it seems, dislikes her friend's husband as much he detests her and would like nothing more than to play an instrumental part in his complete and utter downfall.

And then some!


“Brandy” – An Anonymously Written Story Donated By Eternal Quest

This week the ever generous "Eternal Quest" once again lives up to a name harking back to days of chivalry and courtesy with the donation of yet another story for the Cave's expanding free-library. An anonymous and eponymous tale going by the name of ...


For those men out there who have yet to realise - or be made to realise - it truly doesn't pay to get on the wrong side of a friend's partner.

Especially when that partner has a low bull***t threshold and is as physically capable as the  Brandy.


Miss Clearmont Writes…

Training a man!

Around a year ago I met up with an old friend of mine in London. Over a glass or two of red, Jessica disclosed that she begun to write a book based on personal experience and would I or could I edit it for her and prepare it for publication? Like a diary of her experiences moving towards a 24/7 female led lifestyle; the book was a combination of her ideas and theories as well as her experiences and setbacks at creating the husband that she thought that she had married in the first place!

That was a year ago, and much of what she had written were jotted notes and references to psychological books and Internet sites. I was supposed to set it into order and offer the female reader the chance to learn from Jessica’s hard-won experience.

As is so often the case, the book became something else! In discussion and argument it became a book that distilled all that experience of training and molding the character of a husband or male partner. It became a guidebook for women on a method of moving a man in the right direction. The path of obedience.

This is not a book that details whips, the best canes and imaginary lifestyle contracts! It does not instruct on knots, chains and devices or have anything to say about the height of heels and what type of chastity device best fits or can be worn permanently. There are so many resources that cover these matters that are not really at the heart of dominating a man.

This book covers the psychological aspects of moving a man in the direction of subservience. It details how to assess goals and aspirations and how to systemize and approach the ambition to create a man who is subservient, willing to serve and obey. It takes the reader through the basic principles of Operand Conditioning, the use of simple reward systems to begin the process. The process of sexualisation that leads a man by an unseen and unrecognized leash to a position under female control. Aspects of body language, psychology and conditioning are laid on the table in a simple and easy-to- understand manner. The book stresses that all that is needed is a little self control and acute observation on the part of the woman and that the targets can be minor, major or totally open ended as long as the method is applied appropriately.

There is no fiction in this book! 

This is a book that sets out a framework for a woman to move to a more secure and dominant role in her relationships with male partners. Compact, easy to read and to the point, a realistic, real world and tested (you should meet Jessica’s husband!) approach to create the perfect man-servant in any long term relationship.

Soon to be published 'Asserting Female Authority'.

Irene & Jessica

Mrs Jessica McKovanaugh and Miss Irene Clearmont can be reached at:


Irene's Website is at:


Jessica does not have a website at the moment, but what she does have is a husband who feeds from the flat of her hand and does as he is asked without demur...



“The Interruption Revisited” by Sandrine Bessancort

W.W. Jacobs famous tale of a Victorian gentleman blackmailed by his late wife's housekeeper undergoes a female dominant revision via the gifted pen of Sandrine Bessancort in the latest of her female-led visits to the great tales of antiquity.

For the film buffs amongst you, the story will be familiar through the cinematic re-telling with Stewart Granger as the psychotic husband and his off-screen wife, Jean Simmons, as the scheming housekeeper.

It's hard to imagine W.W. Jacobs envisaging the kind of fate for the psychotic husband Ms Bessancort has devised for the self-deluding and superior version taking centre-stage in her version - not to mention the sadistic woman inflicting it upon him.

Though it's not difficult to imagine his horror.


Cuckold Fiction From Shayla Marks


Shayla Marks' debut of cuckold fiction and female supremacy continues as the smug husband who has fallen on harder times finds life about to become even more difficult.

Did we mention humiliating?

Do take it as read.

Life in the suburbs?


Think again!

This is part-three of three of a work of cuckold fiction.



“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” – Part-Two-of-Two

Femdom in the Middle-East from a Scandinavian angle.

The traditional "Niqab" and the "Burka" can often look drab and unflattering on the women whose religion compels their wearing.

But not always.

Sometimes, the thoughts, fantasies and desires beneath these garments of maidenly modesty run at levels unsuspected by the men who gaze upon their exterior and for whose more bestial intentions such drabness and lack of flattery are intended to keep at bay.

What is found behind the veil in Gudrun Lindstrom's first novel of femdom fiction can certainly be said to be more effective in deflecting these intentions and, as one unfortunate European male is about to discover, runs deeper and more abidingly than the passion of any mere man.

Ms Lindstrom’s tale of erotic fiction concerning a British Secret Service man being brought to his knees, literally and metaphorically, by the young Arab girl whose father’s official bodyguard he once was, continues with part-two.

The continuing tale of a British Secret Service man whose situation, he will soon be made to realise, is utterly hopeless.

And even more humiliating.

The adventure comes to a conclusion...

Of sorts.





“Secrets of the Women’s Self-Bondage Club” by Jurgen von Stuka

A somewhat left-field entry to the Cave lists this week from Pink Flamingo that, we think, will prove a surprisingly erotic read.

Though perhaps not so much of a surprise for those familiar with this author's writing.

In thirty-four chapters, Jurgen von Stuka, who brought you SUMMER SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, DESPERATE, BONDAGE BROKERS and other twisted tales from the BDSM scene, explores the secret and private world of women who find erotic release in tying, gagging, strapping and chaining themselves.

Enter the private worlds of luxury living to learn from first hand narratives, how they bind, chain and lock themselves in strenuous, sexually gratifying positions and why they do it.

If you have ever wondered about self bondageSecrets-of-the-Womens-Self-Bondage-Cult, who does it, how they do it and why, this book provides detailed stories about women who practice it.

Detailed and graphic stories.

These thirty-four chapters reveal what no one is going to tell you at some cocktail party. The techniques, materials, secret hiding places for paraphernalia and the safe rooms where these women lock themselves in for sometimes days at a time while they indulge in their erotic pastime, are all revealed here.


Sexually Dominant Women

In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and handsome twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia. His girlfriend, all too aware of what could befall him at the hands of the sexually dominant women of her family, pleads with him to leave.

Bewildered, Evandro heeds her advice, but not before getting a taste of the danger his girlfriend fears and, after a hasty departure, appears to be safe from his girlfriend’s dominant and sadistic family.

Until fate steps in to ensure escape from the family web of female domination would not be so easy.



Chapter One


Abigail and Becky toiled in the kitchen, washing the last of the dishes after breakfast when they heard a loud pounding on the front door. Always full of energy and looking for an adventure wherever she could find it, Becky practically sprinted to the door.

“Wow...hello,” Becky said when she laid her eyes on an attractive and slender stud standing on her doorstep.

His drenched T-shirt, tight to his torso, had become nearly transparent, hinting at the sculpted body, which lie beneath. His nipples tented the front of his shirt nicely. Evandro braced himself against the wind-driven rain, trying to at least keep the harsh pellets of water out of his beautiful smooth face. His dark curly locks hung in front of his bright blue eyes with water dripping down from the tips. He brushed his hair to the side.

The awning above did little to shield him from being battered by the torrential downpour, which was now on its third day. Evandro was too miserable to bask in the attention.

“Hi. Is Alex here?” “Alex?” Becky repeated dumbfounded. “Ain’t no Alex living here. Hate to say it, but I think you got the wrong house, pretty boy.”

“No, I mean Alexis. I know her from college. I’m sure this is the address she gave me.”

Abigail had been trying to listen from the kitchen, but the noise of the rain was making it difficult. Yet she picked up on the name ‘Alexis’ and nearly dropped the plate she had been drying when she heard it. Nobody in West Virginia called her by that name. And it wasn’t just the name, but it was the accent associated with the voice that caused her panic.

No, it couldn’t be!

He’s in Florida or Brazil. It can’t be him!

Her mind was racing. She crept closer to the hallway where she peered around the corner to get a glimpse of the miserably wet figure in the doorway.

For a moment, Becky was still at a loss. Then a light went on in her mind. “Oh, you mean my sister, Abigail Alexis?”

“Yeah, that’s gotta be her. Can you tell her Evandro is here to see her?”

“Evandro?” Abigail exclaimed from the other end of the hallway. “What are you doing here?”

Becky still wasn’t computing the scene nearly as quickly as she should have. She turned, still processing at a slow speed.

“Wait…Evandro?” Becky said, beginning to catch on. “Is this Evan? This is Evan?” Becky stated more than asked.

It all became clear, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh my gawd!” Abbe completely tuned her sister out. She was torn between running and throwing her slender frame into her boyfriend’s arms, or pushing him back to his car and screaming at him to leave. She did a little of both. Abbe handed the plate to her sister without thinking, and stepped towards Evan’s open arms, but stopped herself, glancing sideways towards her sister. She wanted to embrace him, hold him, and kiss him, but she would never do that with her sister there.

Evandro was confused. He was sure that she would have been ecstatic to see him. A surprise visit like this, after not having seen or talked to each other in over a month, warranted at least a warm embrace.

“Evandro, you can’t be here. No, you…you have to leave,” Alexis said frantically.

Evan’s smile faded quickly from his face. “What’s the matter?”

“No, I can’t explain. There’s no time,” Alex countered in a panicked tone. “It’s just best if you leave. My gawd, when’s Momma going to be back?”

Becky replied, “Well I think she said they’d be back by noon. But with this rain, it’ll probably be a while longer.”

“Okay, you gotta go, Evan. I mean, I love seeing you, but it’s just that you can’t be here. I thought you were going to be working in Miami, or going back to Brazil for the photo shoot.”

“I am. I mean, it got delayed for another month so I decided I’d rather take you up on your offer to come work on the farm for a while. I’ve never worked on a farm before.”

“Oh gawd. No, I…I didn’t really…I mean, I was totally drunk when I said that. This is not the place you want to be. Oh shit…”

“He can work on the farm. I don’t see no problem with that,” Becky chimed in with a smirk.

“You stay out of this!” Abbe barked back. “And you CAN’T tell anyone that Evandro was here. You understand me?”

She looked back at Evandro.

“And you can’t tell anyone you were here.”

Becky thought for a moment. This situation was as dire a situation as she would ever find Abbe involved in. Abbe was right. She had to get her boyfriend off the farm before their mother found out. If she found him there, it would be all over for Evandro. But Becky learned a few things while Abbe had been away at college for two years. She wasn’t the same little sister who caved whenever she was ordered to do so. Becky had been only too happy to follow her sister’s direction in her younger years. A few years ago, she never would have considered talking back to her sister. But working on the farm under the tutelage of her mother and not having anyone else to boss her around for two years gave her the confidence she hadn’t had before. She was growing up physically as well as mentally. In many respects, she was considered a boss around the farm. She had gotten used to having others follow her orders without question.

During the time that Abigail had been away at college, Becky had developed the Franklin attitude, perhaps a little too soon for her age. This tomboy had to make the developing crisis work to her advantage. She had to play the game.

“It’ll cost ya.”

Abbe was stunned.

“Are you kidding me? You just keep your mouth shut, little sis.”

“Hey! I ain’t so little no more, in case you ain’t noticed,” Becky replied, standing up for herself.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me!”

“You watch your language in this house, Abigail. A beautiful hunk shows up on the doorstep asking for you, and you expect me to just forget about it? No way. I’ll keep quiet, but I get something in exchange.”

Oh my gawd. What the F do you want?”

A smirk crept across her face as she looked towards Evandro.

“Him. I want him for ten minutes. Alone.”

“Are you out of your mind? Hell no, I’m not letting you have him. I know what you’ll do to him. No. No way, Becky!”

“Well, you don’t know everything I’d do to him, but I only have about ten minutes, so, yeah, you probably have a pretty good idea. AND I want that picture of him you have hidden under your pillow. The bikini shot.”

“What happened to you? You turned into a conniving little bitch! My gawd, I was away for two years, and you’ve turned into one of them.”

“You weren’t here, Alexis. Things changed. This is what ya get. Listen, you got no choice. Hell, he’ll enjoy it. You know that.”

Abbe could only stare at her. She knew she was beat. She had no choice. “Mother would have a fit if she heard you right now! There’s no way she’d let you do anything like this, little girl.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. Like I said, things have changed.”

“I will never forgive you for this.”

Evandro had been standing just inside the doorway, watching the argument ensue, hardly believing what was being said. A simple surprise visit and offer of help was being turned into some nasty battle of extortion.

“Evandro, I know you have no idea what’s going on, but you have to believe me when I tell you that this is for your own good. You have to leave, but first you have to do what my sister tells you to do.”

“Wait, I-”

“No, just listen. You have to do whatever she wants. I know you’ll never talk to me again, but you’re better off this way. And I’m better off this way.”

Alexis held her boyfriend by the arm and escorted him to her bedroom, which was in the back of the house.

Evandro tried to protest, but each time he was quieted by his girlfriend and pulled forward.

“Make it quick,” Alex said to her sister. Abigail was an attractive girl with a slender frame. It wasn’t her younger sister’s more stalky build that had her too intimidated to try to force her sister into submission. Abbe’s problem was that she didn’t have the devilish Franklin attitude that her sister and her mother had. It was the primary reason she wanted to get an education and leave the farm behind. She was simply too kind and caring to lower herself to her sister’s level to successfully fight for her boyfriend.

As a result of her kindness, Abigail stood silently by as Becky smiled at her and closed the bedroom door behind Evandro.

“Take off your shirt,” Becky could be heard saying on the other side of the door.

“What do…?”

“Just keep your mouth shut, stud, and do what I tell ya.”

Alex, her ear to the door, heard Evandro pull his T-shirt up over his head.

“Now your shorts, handsome.”

Abbe heard the zipper, then the drenched cargo shorts falling to his feet.

“Mmmmm…yeah, very nice. You’re a little excited, aren’t ya? I didn’t believe her when she said she was banging an underwear model, but I guess I was wrong. Let me help you with these.”

Abbe heard the unmistakable sound of his tight underwear slide down his legs. She found herself wondering which pair he was wearing.

“Step out for me. That’s it. Oh my gawd, you’re hung like a horse! Wow, it rises fast.” “Ohhh…mmmm…”

Evan moaned. Alex imagined her sister was stroking his cock now.

“Oh yeah, give me some precum. That’s it. Yeah, you want to give it to me, don’t ya, stud? Okay, get up here on the bed. I’d make this last longer for ya, but we gotta get you outta here fast. That’s it. Now get on all fours. I’m gonna show ya how I milk the stallions each week.

“Damn, you’re hard. How do ya like that? Do you like having your balls pulled back like that?”

Evandro wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer, but all he could do was grunt anyway.

“That’s it. Now your cock’s pointed in the right direction.”

From his moans, Alexis pictured her sister with Evan’s balls in her hand, pulled tight to his ass, and milking his cock with her other hand.

He wouldn’t last long.

“Okay, I’m gonna squeeze a little harder, and you’re gonna cum for me right into this glass I got underneath ya.”

Evan looked down to see Becky position the small glass on the bed beneath him, just inches below his purple cockhead.

“Come on...come on...give it to me now, stallion. Give me all ya got. Come on…”

Evan’s moans became more high pitched and more frantic. He was close. Finally, Alex heard a loud groan emanate from deep within Evan’s throat. She knew exactly what that meant. She had heard it many times before.

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Damn, your balls are full. Keep it coming. Oh, that’s good, real good.”

It seemed like an eternity to Alex, but finally his sounds of ecstasy were over. He was still breathing heavily, but he was spent.

“Don’t you move, til I say so.” Evandro let his head hang while he caught his breath and tried to wrap his head around the events that culminated with a forced orgasm. The euphoric wave of his orgasm disappeared from his body as the final strand of cum seeped from his twitching cock.

Femdom Erotica From James Pendergrass

Femdom Cave presents a work of femdom erotica from James Pendergrass.

A freshman cross-country runner loves nothing more than sexually dominating men.  Hardly surprising then that when the young woman hears the female members of her running team complain about a senior runner belonging to the boy’s squad she decides to do something about it.

Dana though gets more than simple sexual kicks from tormenting men and, while she intends to break her unwitting victim, her aim is to break him down that she might build him back up again.

And in ways of her choosing.




“Venus Descends” by Sandrine Bessancort

We welcome a talented new addition to the list of Femdom Cave writers this week as Sandrine Bessancort gives us her female-dominant take on some of the great stories from the past.

The first two tales in Ms Bessancort's female-dominant revisiting of classic tales from antiquity are now together in volume-one of a femdom ebook we hope will be the first of many

Adapted through the lens of a female dominant perspective, "The Horla" is the first tale to be given a femdom makeover.

Horror, mind control and female depravity, is the order of the day as Ms Bessancort lends her talented pen to the re-telling of Monsieur de Maupassant's famous and oft dramatized story of a handsome and well-to-do man who finds himself under the control of an invasive presence capable of overriding his will.


"The Parasite Revisited" is the second tale to be given the Ms Bessancort treatment as Conan Doyle's classic story of possession and domination undergoes a makeover from a female-led viewpoint via the gifted pen of the Cave's new author and goes further in its depiction of human perversion than the creator of Holmes & Watson and the master of the macabre himself could ever have imagined.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

Femdom Erotica From Pink Flamingo

Joan's New Obsession - J A Schenley - Pink Flamingo - Femdom CaveFollowing on from J.A. Schenley's telling of her “Calculated Surrender”, comes more femdom erotica with "Joan's New Obsession" by the same writer.

We pick up the story once more in the aftermath of a middle-aged couples paid domination by a young and beautiful Dominatrix.

A young and beautiful dominatrix who is wiser than her years and so much more than she seems.

This, after the wife had seen her ad in a magazine of her husband’s she had discovered.

But the couple’s night with the young and  gorgeous Victoria Thompson is about to take both imagination and reality much further than the couple could possibly have envisaged.

Another work of femdom erotica from Pink Flamingo.


The Spanking Fiction of Paula Andante

More spanking fiction from Paula Andante as her second novel of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave takes us into the world of disciplinary wives and their trained and obedient husbands.

Even if “trained and obedient” is the last thing they wish to be for their wives.

In an affluent and, seemingly, unremarkable neighbourhood, one driven and commanding woman has set up an exclusive society of dominant or wannabe dominant wives.

An exclusive society she calls “The Club”.

And one rules with an iron hand.


Female Domination From Miss Irene Clearmont

Miss Irene Clearmont Presents Volume Two - Irene Clearmont - Femdomcave


The glorious agony-aunt, femme fatale and uber-dominant lady, gives us volume two in her “Miss Irene Clearmont Presents” series and two novels of female domination dealing with subjugation of the male at the hands of dominant wives.

First up is “Valedictions” and the fate of a husband at the hands of his cunning and irresistible mother-in-law as he is changed into both a cuckold and the most humiliating kind of household servant.

Second comes “A Reversal of Fortune” and Miss Irene’s tale of a mercenary and philandering husband whose life becomes a nightmare of service and emasculation at the hands of the wealthy wife he had used and cheated upon and her equally as vengeful friends.


“Useless Beauty” by Sandrine Bessancort

Useless BeautyAter the three volumes published up to now, yet another story from classical antiquity goes under the female dominant lens of Femdom Cave's scribe from Honfleur this week to become a part of what is proving a highly popular and beautifully written and re-imagined series of adaptations.

This week it's a story from the master of the everyday tale with undertones of the darkly erotic, Guy de Maupassant, that receives Ms Bessancort's attentions.

A self-assured aristocrat is about to have his orderly world with its admirers of both the male and female sexes disrupted in the most demeaning of ways as he becomes yet another testimony to woman's triumph over man in the marital arena.

Read on as another husband finds that what is good for the goose is sometimes far better and more satisfying for the gander as he becomes an obedient cuckold to a dominant wife.

And worse!


eBook Management

Femdom Cave publishes all novels and short stories in PDF format. With over 15 different types of eReaders available using a variety of different formats it is not practical to publish each novel in other formats.

Most eReaders can read PDF files but in some cases it is a slow and not entirely satisfactory. If you are experiencing difficulty in reading our novels on eReaders then you can quickly and easily convert the files to match your eReaders preferred format.

Calibre eBook Management is an excellent FREE tool for not only converting PDF files but also managing your eBook library. A short demo on how to use this program is available on their website at http://calibre-ebook.com/

To download the program go to Calibre Download page and make sure you click on the correct operating system. Don't click on the right hand column which takes you somewhere else.




“The Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade” by Sandrine Bessancort

The Thousand and Second Tale of ScheherazadeThe Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade

Yet another diabolical twist is given to a tale from antiquity as Sandrine Bessancort continues with her mission to endow the male-led tales of bygone times with her own brand of female supremacy.

The latest of Sandrine Bessancort's femdom ebooks takes Edgar Allen Poe's tale of Scheherazade and the king who would execute her should her stories fail to please, and gives it a female dominant slant Edgar Allen himself would no doubt have found horrifying to his sensibilities.

Extremely horrifying!

Spinning out her tale of a dominant wife, who with great patience and cunning, brings her philandering husband to her heel in the most abject of ways, over the thousand-and-one-nights required for her to avoid the king's - and her husband's - executioners, Scheherazade, the grand viziers daughter, not only avoids the fate of those preceding her but has a powerful effect upon the king.

Extremely powerful!


Femdom Erotica from the Indian Subcontinent

Femdom erotica from the revered purveyor of all things Indian, female and dominant, Kurt Steiner, is always welcome and never more so than when it's written in so authentically and erotic a Victorian voice as his three-part novel of possession and domination, "A Journey to Disgrace". 

This week sees the third - and concluding - part of one English gentleman's journey from  wealth and independence to penury and subservience to an Indian mother and daughter who not only take over his life but do so in humiliating ways that kill his male pride.

Taken from the journals of the man himself as he lay dying in the Madras mission to which his two subcontinent mistresses consigned him after he had fallen ill, and passed to the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle upon his death, the story of Denton Burnside is a salutary warning to those smug Western Europeans who delude themselves that both their race and their culture is superior to the inferior variety found in Eastern climes.

Eastern climes that are neither European nor inferior and femdom erotica as potent as anything to be found anywhere or at anytime.



Femdom Fiction From Kurt Steiner

He's been keeping a low profile for some time.

Now we know why.

The latest and long awaited work of femdom fiction from one of the genre's most respected authors finally makes its appearance with part-one and, as we would expect, the writing is as fluent, imaginative and sexy, as we've come to expect from a Kurt Steiner tome.

And this one comes complete with an introduction from the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself!

As well as containing two subcontinent females, one older and beautiful, the other younger and... not.

Both of them ready to take their place in the decadent firmament as yet two more femdom fiction icons. 

From a journal placed in the hands of Sir Arthur shortly before his death in 1930, comes the first part of three detailing one divorced Englishman’s cruise into the mouth of a female hell at the turn of the nineteenth-century.

The Indian mother and daughter whose eye our cossetted and superior Englishman takes are not the unworldly and inferior examples of womanhood he sees them as and, soon, he will have a great deal of time in their company to reflect upon his misconception.

Time he will spend as their English manservant.

Femdom fiction with a retro feel that has the additional attraction of being beautifully written.  


Miss Irene Clearmont’s Femdom Erotica

The familiar characters (including herself) we know from her massively popular novel of femdom erotica and wicked perversity, “Dark Widow”, continue on their perverse and, sometimes, downright evil way as Miss Irene Clearmont gives us the third and final part of this fascinating insight into the lives of those for whom morality plays no part.

The young wife married to the repressive and judgmental prig is growing in confidence and self-esteem.

The same, however, cannot be said of the "Prig".

Though it must be said, he is changing.

The problem for him being that he is not growing.

Except, that is, in the new and utterly demoralising way his new female owners wish him to grow.

And as for Miss Irene...?


Desperate Housewives and Dominated Husbands

Enslaved Husband : Empowered Housewife - Melanie Sanders, Rebecca Sharp - FemdomcaveDesperate housewives and thoroughly dominated husbands are the subjects of the new, two-books-in-one-volume collection, "Enslaved Husband - Empowered Housewife".

Cuckold husbands and wifely domination are the theme, and much else the male of the species finds discomfiting, of a collection guaranteed to both horrify and thrill.

This volume contains “Into My Web” by Melanie Sanders, and the first novel from Rebecca Sharp, “Husband in Name Only”.



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Two for less than the price of one! Enslaved in Kolkata and Ms Shafiqa make up this bargain bundle.
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Criminally minded degenerates had better beware! Especially if they are well-endowed.
Price: £3.95
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Two novels of sadistic women turning unwilling males into beasts of burden and domestic pets from the gifted Mr Bellows.
Price: £5.50
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What do a philandering husband, a male chauvinist redneck and a Latin American dictator all have in common?
Price: £5.25
fancy5 details Home
In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and handsome twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia. His girlfriend, all too aware of what could befall him at the hands of the sexually dominant women of her family, pleads with him to leave.
Price: £4.25
fancy5 details Home
When a Wall Street hot-shot invests the money of a dominant Asian woman without her knowledge – and loses it! – It won’t be just his job alone that bites the dust.
Price: £4.00
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Thanks to a comment from a recent subscriber to Femdom Cave we have included a new post on how to convert PDF files for use on an eReader. Read the full article here.


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Femdom Cave is famous for femdom erotic fiction eBooks and femdom erotica. At Femdom Cave we understand the need for stories of female domination that keep at least one foot in the real world. Our growing list of authors aim to satisfy that very requirement.

We have also recreated the Forum for the many readers who enjoyed finding out about each and of course discussing our eBooks and authors. Feel free to visit if you are a subscriber.

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We have a wonderful collection of femdom ebooks and femdom erotica.These erotic fiction ebooks are written by many of the top femdom writers of today and yesteryear. Our extensive library of free downloads includes many of the classic writers.

Weekly updates ensure that you will never be without a good read. Just click on any of the libraries to review and purchase the femdom ebook of your choice. Our lifetime membership is an attractive and cost effective way to keep up to date with our titles.

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