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New Releases

Two Books - Special Bundle 1
Two Books - Special Bundle 1
Great value with these two books under one cover and their tales of hapless men and the sexually dominant women who control them. Domestically as well as physically. A Female Led Marriage & A Devoted Domestic
The Omani
Clare Penne brings us yet another adventure into the erotic, perverse, and life-changing with this tale of a most unusual – and irrevocable – female-led relationship.
Lessons for A Dominant Woman
In this eagerly awaited prequel to "Lessons at the Edge", William Gaius takes us back to a crucial time in the evolution of a sexually dominant woman and domestic goddess, RoseAnn Perez.
The Power of Satin - Book One
Michelle Thomas’ first novel for Femdom Cave gives us the tale of a burgeoning female-led relationship. When a young woman discovers her boyfriend’s obsession with satin she uses his fixation with the fabric to lead him into ever greater dependence upon her, with the ultimate aim of making him her chastised and obedient manservant – both sexually and domestically.
Miss Monicas Pets
A dominant madam and the men she supplies to satisfy the lusts of wealthy women with a desire for control and vengeance over the opposite sex is the subject of Paula Andante’s tale of female authority for Femdom Cave.
The Apprentice Dominatrix
The beautiful, young and sexy, Alina is made an offer to become the wife, and full time Dominatrix, of English inventor and millionaire, Charles Waddington.
Sweetness and Blight
Lance Edwards describes the birth and development of a female led marriage, as a young, lovely, and deceptively kind Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over and gradually enslaves her handsome and despondent Romeo who just happens to be the son of her father’s late and ruined rival.
Selina: The Paramount Rule Compendium
Compiling, for the first time, The Paramount Rule and Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange, restructured in chronological order; Selina: The Paramount Rule Compendium, is a saga of femdom lust, cruelty, and hypocrisy, which illustrates the very essence of female sadism.

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