A Cuckold Husband and a Dominant Wife

Husband in Name Only - Rebecca Sharp - Femdom CaveRebecca Sharp’s first foray into the world of the cuckold husband and the dominant wife gives us a tale of a young wife’s empowerment. Unfortunately, what this means for her handsome and recently made redundant older husband has no similarity with individual freedom and he is about to discover he is not the “man’s man” he once considered himself to be. How can he believe anything else when he finds himself gradually enslaved and put under the heel of an increasingly dominant wife who has set her heart on owning her very own, domesticated and obedient, cuckold husband. FCEDITOR. 

Retro Femdom From Jo Paso

Celebrity - Jo Paso - Femdom CaveJo Paso gives us the complete version of her two-part work of retro femdom. Once again, she re-visits the past to mine yet another entertaining read from the Jo Paso again visits the swinging sixties to provide us with some retro femdom  from her favourite period. This time it's gives us a group of guys set to become the music world’s next big thing who take her eye. Unfortunately for them, however, their time in the sun lasts only for as long as it takes the female singer fronting them to decides the guy’s girlfriends – as well as the mother of one of them – would be an even bigger thing. Both their management, the owner of a record label, and the public, agree and, before long the girls are becoming successful.  Very successful. And guess who it is who become their roadies and general flunkies? FCEDITOR.  

“Eve’s Apples” – Stories of Female Supremacy – Complete

The first collection of the estimable and prolific Miss Irene Clearmont's short-stories is now complete and available for download at the Cave.

eves-apple-212x300The dominant woman in all her sadistic and controlling glory is the theme of these stories from the versatile - not to mention prolific and diabolical - Miss Irene Clearmont. With each set of tales prefaced by the correspondence of the notorious Ms Maxine and the would-be dominant women who need guidance in controlling the men in their lives you can be assured it is an event not to be missed.

With this first volume of Miss Irene Clearmont's collected short-stories we are taken into the world of  the super-rich and the not so rich alike to experience the domination of woman over man that respects boundaries of neither a class nor an economic nature.

Witness, the man whose ageing body finds it difficult to keep up with the demands of the demanding young wife who has him besotted...

The dour North-East of England is an unusual setting for a tale in a femdom ebook, but, with "Northern Lasses", the eclectic Miss Irene shows us it's not just the decadent South that has cornered the market in assertive women who refuse to be denied by the men who take their fancy...

What with the masterful title story and a host of others, this is a collection not to be missed.


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Erotic Domination From Chris Bellows

The Blacksmith's Daughter - Chris Bellows - Femdom Cave   Pink Flamingo gives us another tale of erotic domination from the versatile and popular Chris bellows as he re-introduces us to one of his most memorable and fictional characters. Dr Winthrop Samuels is back! The none-too-good doctor plies his craft of psychological and physical domination with zeal and is determined to both oblige and assuage the needs of the Blacksmith’s Daughter as she seeks his help in her deep inner quest for the gothic bondage of iron… Black iron. Crude, unrelenting and most certainly unending. With the advent of the doctor onto the scene, erotic domination of both the female and the male variety are guaranteed to follow. FCEDITOR.    

New Femdom Literature From Shayla Marks

My Husband is My Servant - Shayla Marks - FemdomcaveShayla Marks, yet another of the growing legion of female writers who know whereof of which they speak when it comes to the domination of the male by women, makes her femdom literature debut with a novella in three parts that tells the tale of a marriage in the suburbs that is about to become anything but everyday. For this smug husband fallen on harder times, servitude is going to mean exactly that. And will be no less draconian for the fact his once malleable young wife likes to keep his submission to her private. Well… as private as possible, at least. This is the complete novella and contains all three parts. FCEDITOR.

“Whatever Lola Wants” by Wes Royal – Final Installment

Wes Royal's femdom ebook, and his collection of tales involving women in all their complex, Machiavellian and dominant ways, draws to a conclusion this week with part-five.Whatever-Lola-Wants1-212x300

For the many readers enthralled with Wes's tales of women who can be incredibly tender whilst remaining unremittingly dominant and implacable, this final installment is sure not to disappoint.

Spend some more time with ultra-dominant Tory...

Catch up on the antics of her Most Divine, Lillian Chastain...

The glorious and devious Gladys...

And, most importantly...

The epitome of feminine cunning, wantonness, and sheer, unrelenting dominance...

The eponymous "Lola" herself.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

“The Decision” by Chris Bellows

Another Pink Flamingo title hits the lists this week as Chris Bellows provides two more memorable examples of dominant women at different ends of the age chain.The-Decision-Cover-300x225

With "The Decision" Mr Bellows poses a question.

What more can the spoiled daughter of an incredibly wealthy mother who has given her everything possibly want?

That which society proscribes, is the answer.

The fabulously wealthy Genevieve Templeton Von Kraft acquires a strapping male, Nicholas Strothers, to be presented to her  as the ultimate eighteenth birthday gift.

But there is a decision to be made.

Should the  serve neutered or intact?

Thus, the  must suffer the utmost in female caprice: stripped naked at the disposal of a young girl as his teenaged owner judges whether to snip or not to snip.

While awaiting the decision, Nicholas Strothers is subjected to the ultimate in psychological duress...

Not to mention physical.


Femdom Fiction Collections from the Cave

The Femdom Collection From Femdom Cave comes Volume-One of the "Femdom Collection", a volume containing three stories of femdom fiction ranging from the exotic, to the classical, to that of fantasy with a realistic edge. The first of these great works of collected femdom fiction is Gudrun Lindstrom's tale of an Englishman’s Middle-East nightmare in“Hanifah’s White Body-Servant” -  an Englishman who finds himself a modern-day white-slave to the young Arab girl for whose father he was once a bodyguard. The second in our collection continues with Sandrine Bessancort's erotic and sexually demonic reworking of Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale of possession and submission in a sleepy French village in “Ancient Sorceries”. The trio is completed with Vera Carlisle's believable and gruesome tale of one middle-aged gigolo’s inhuman and inescapable fate at the hands of his young German wife and her Senegalese housekeeper in “Man-Beast to Male-Pet”. Great femdom fiction at a great price. FCEDITOR.

Cuckold Fiction From Shayla Marks

My Husband is My Servant Part Three - Shayla Marks - Femdomcave   Shayla Marks' debut of cuckold fiction and female supremacy continues as the smug husband who has fallen on harder times finds life about to become even more difficult. Did we mention humiliating? Do take it as read. Life in the suburbs? Dull? Think again! This is part-three of three of a work of cuckold fiction. FCEDITOR.  

The Cuckold Fiction of Paula Andante

Stephanies Story - Part Two - Paula Andante - Femdom Cave The second and final part of “Stephanie’s Story”, Paula Andante’s third exploration into the world of spanking fiction and femdom for Femdom Cave, sees the youngest daughter come of age and profess herself more than willing to continue the out-of-the ordinary and, some might say, warped family tradition set by her dominant mother. A tradition that demands both her brothers and, wonder of wonders, her own father must accept discipline for their mistakes and wrongdoings from the female members of the family. This in a world where wives and daughters reign supreme and husbands and sons simply toe the line set for them. If they're sensible. Fortunately for the the young woman who finds she has a taste for correcting aberrant male behaviour, certain men very seldom are. Something that definitely applies to her new boyfriend. FCEDITOR.  

Femdom Cave - Femdom Erotica and Erotic Fiction


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