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Poems for Dominant Ladies

Welcome to Mistress Chambers of Fetlife fame who has kindly compiled poems for dominant ladies, from the beaten, servile, and adoring, verses of her life-partner and full-time chattel, these thoroughly subjugated and female-led thoughts reveal the mindset of a husband who knows he will never be an equal partner to his beautiful wife.

Though the thoroughly besotted and enslaved man will put himself through the wire if it means he can become that same wife’s faithful and obedient pet.

Both sexually and domestically.

The foreword to the compilation is below:

As a nurturing and assertive woman, who holds the belief that the male of the species functions best when the respect and discipline that should be installed by the mother is passed on to the wife, that she may take even greater control in ways the mother-son relationship makes impossible and – rightly – illegal; I have been ruling My household for well over a decade now and have enjoyed with a passion My role as the dominant female in charge of my submissive husband.

A role he has come to accept and adore as equally – perhaps even more so – than his loving wife and superior.

He has endured many punishments and humiliations from me over the years, but I have to say that one thing which I have always found deeply satisfying has been to have him prepare and recite poetry around the subject of my superiority over him.

I sometimes supply guidance to him in his efforts but, most often, I allow him to use his own imagination on subject matter and content that he might surprise and delight me with the profound depths of his submission to me.

Just as often, he is in bondage, chastity, or confined, while he writes, so that his attention is wholly concentrated upon the wife who rules him so completely and his humility and thoughts of reverence towards me are maximised.

When he kneels before me and finally gets to recite his verses of obedience and adoration, it pleases me greatly to see him squirm and his cheeks colour as he reveals his deepest fantasies in an effort to please and amuse the queen who rules his life.

For those women out there who have yet to utilise their own personal power and experience veneration of the kind from a male partner, I can only assure you that having oneself and one’s femininity appreciated in such a way creates feelings so powerful, both physically and mentally, it is difficult to the point of near impossibility for me to imagine sensations of a superior variety.

Sensations that not only vindicate my certitude of the superiority of female over male but liberate us both also, knowing as we do that nature has placed us entirely in the roles best suited to us.

I have been keeping copies of my husband’s work, and I thought it was about time I shared them so that other dominant Ladies can experience what has been entertaining and fulfilling me.

I do hope that you also enjoy the adoring poetry contained within this book.

Mistress Chambers

February 2018

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