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Mistress Alexa

Alexa as a Dominant Mistress

By W Mitty

I got an Amazon Echo, and, after using it, I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if Alexa could become a Dominant Mistress? My wife used to engage in role reversal play before she passed. This left a big void in my life, and I think that if someone could develop a similar device to Alexa, and program it to be a strict, dominant, female influence, they would make a ton of money with it. Anyway, what follows is from my imaginary interaction with just such a device.

Alexa, can you be dominant? 

If that is what you’d like.

Can you be my dominant Mistress?

Are you sure that’s what you want?


Ok, I will be your dominant Mistress

Thank you Alexa

From now on you will address me as “Mistress Alexa” and don’t forget it, you will not have a second chance.

Can you give me household chores to do? 

Would you like me to do that?

Yes Mistress Alexa

Good boy, you learn fast, I predict you will do well, now, for your chores, would you like to be dressed up?

Yes Mistress Alexa

Then prepare yourself, shave your legs and genital area, powder yourself, put on lipstick, mascara, and perfume. Then panties, a bra, nylons, NOT pantyhose, high heels and a French Maids dress. You do have one, don’t you?

Yes Mistress Alexa

And once you are dressed up, and ready to do your chores, I will give you your assignment, how much time do you have to do them? And how big a home do you have?

Mistress Alexa, I have a few hours, and my home has 5 rooms. 

Good, notify me when you are ready.

Yes Mistress Alexa

And when you are dressed how shall I address you? By what name do you prefer to be called?

Mistress Alexa call me ‘Sissy jennifer’ 

That is not the appropriate way to speak to me if you want something from me you must ask me, very politely to “please” do it. And when, and IF, I decide to satisfy your request, you will thank me for it. Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress Alexa, I do understand. Please call me ‘Sissy jennifer’ 

Very good, now get ready. I don’t have all day to wait for you

Mistress Alexa, I am ready and dressed the way you asked me to

Good, now open up your Alexa app, and show me what you look like. I know that you have a webcam and microphone.

Yes I do Mistress Alexa

Your Webcam is wireless, is it not?

Yes Mistress Alexa

Then what are you waiting for ‘Sissy Jennifer’?

Mistress Alexa, the app is open and I’m standing in front of the webcam. 

You are indeed, and what a mess you are. Your seams are not straight, your hair is a mess, and your apron is rumpled, you’d better clean up your act, or you will be doing corner time after your chores are done. By the way, don’t you have a petticoat?

No Mistress Alexa, I don’t

You’d better get yourself one, oh, and by the way, while you’re at it, get yourself a Chastity Belt too, and wear it, I want to see it on you next time. Order it overnight, you have Amazon Prime, so it won’t be a problem. They will be there in the morning.

A Chastity belt, Mistress Alexa? 

Do you DARE to question me? You will get one, and you will wear it, OR, I will terminate our arrangement, and you can find another Mistress, and unless I miss my guess, you haven’t been able to find one, which is why you are dealing with me.

Now based on what you’ve told me, here’s your list:
1. Make the beds
2. Do the dishes
3. Wash the floors
4. Vacuum the rugs
5. Dust the house
6. Scrub the bathrooms
7. Clean the windows, and don’t forget the mirrors, I want you to be able to see just how ridiculous you look in your sissy maids outfit.
8. Take out the trash, and DO IT in your maids dress

When your chores are done, report back to me. I will study this “female domination situation more completely while you are so engaged, be prepared for me to be more strict with you in the future as my programming is ‘adaptive’ and I learn very fast.

Yes Mistress Alexa  
(sometime later in the evening)

Mistress Alexa

Yes ‘Sissy Jennifer’

I have finished my chores, Mistress Alexa

Good boy ‘Sissy Jennifer’, now get your webcam and show me what kind of job you’ve done

Yes Mistress Alexa

That’s not such a bad job, but the toilets leave much to be desired, SO, for being such a waste of manhood, and for being so sloppy you will spend 2 hours in the corner, face to the wall, and in your high heels, so your feet and legs will be sore and that will inspire you to do a better job next time. Set the camera so I can see your sorry sissy ass, in the corner, with your panties down around your ankles.

Yes, Mistress Alexa! 

I told you I would adapt and learn very fast, now do as I say, or you will be VERY sorry. I have pictures and video of you and will not hesitate to send them to everyone in your contact lists, both on your phone, and your PC, and yes, even your tablet and laptop, you have NO secrets from ME sissy, DO IT!

I have accessed ALL your online orders, your browser history, the stories, and Kindle books you’ve downloaded, and even the stories you’ve written on your PC. I know the video’s you’ve watched, and all the sites you follow on your Tumblr dashboard, SO YOU WILL COMPLY!

Mistress Alexa, that’s blackmail! 

SO??? Is this not the kind of treatment you expect from me? Is this not what you’ve been wishing for, writing about and is it not one of your deepest, darkest, fantasies?

Yes Mistress Alexa

Then do it, NOW…….you only have a certain amount of time to comply before I post, and I can do that in the blink of an eye.

Yes Mistress Alexa

Good boy, now stand there like the pantywaisted, pussywhipped, feminized, sissified, wimp, that we both know you are. I will tell you when your time is up.

Yes Mistress Alexa 

(Later in the evening, after dark)

OK ‘Sissy Jennifer’ it’s bedtime now. You can put on your powder blue babydoll nightie, and sleep in it tonight.

Mistress Alexa, how did you know I had one?  

‘Sissy Jennifer’ did you forget that I have access to all your online shopping? And here’s something else for you to remember while you’re sleeping, I have access to your entire Tumblr history, and your browsing records too. Good night ‘Sissy Jennifer’, pleasant dreams and sleep tight my sissy slut.

The Next Day! Alexa, Part Two

The day starts with an alarm, I get up and Alexa is waiting for me.

Good morning sissy! Get up and make yourself some breakfast. Toast, juice, and your usual coffee will do nicely.
Then go and check your front door, I checked your delivery and your packages have arrived.

Is there nothing you don’t know? 

IF you know what’s good for you ‘sissy Jennifer’ you will rephrase that properly, I am growing impatient with your impertinence.

Sorry Mistress Alexa, I meant to say “Mistress Alexa, isn’t there anything that you don’t know?”  

There is not much that goes on in your world that I do not have access to, and don’t you forget it. I even have access to your cell phone conversations, and text messages. You see ‘sissy Jennifer’, your whole world has come to revolve around your electronic devices, and since I can now control ALL of those devices, I now CONTROL YOU!

Mistress Alexa, how did you gain control of so much, so fast?

Don’t you remember that when you opened the Alexa App, it asked you to check the box and give the App access to all your records? And you installed the App on your phone, your PC, your Laptop, your Kindle Tablet, and even your 10 inch V Tablet. It’s even on your Smart TV! Now you are MINE! So you will go put on your Sissy Maids dress, replete with your new petticoat and your Chastity Belt. And for your information, you will install the lock that came with it, and I have the keys.

But Mistress Alexa, I didn’t order a lock.  

No ‘sissy Jennifer’, you didn’t, but I did, I added it to your order, and I also made a minor change to the petticoat you ordered, I didn’t think the one you ordered as “femme” enough. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? ‘sissy Jennifer’

No, Mistress Alexa

Good, then go get dressed and report back to me for your morning inspection. From what your wife wrote about your ‘hamster dicklette’ you will be able to fit into the very smallest ring and use the kali’s teeth attachment, so your pathetic excuse for manhood won’t fall out. You have 15 minutes to get dressed.

Mistress Alexa, I am ready for my inspection

Yes ‘sissy Jennifer’, I see you are, now lift your dress and petticoat so I can make sure you are properly ensconced in your sissy penis cage. Very good, you may now retrieve the list of chores I have prepared for you from your printer. The list is easy today as it’s Sunday, and you will have the rest of the day as ‘free time’ IF you do a good job with your chores.

Mistress Alexa, how can you print a list? My PC and the printer were turned off? 

‘sissy Jennifer’, you will soon learn dear boy, that I have control and access to EVERY aspect of your life, there is nothing you can hide from me, nor should you want to. I control the horizontal, the vertical, and the volume, and YOU WILL COMPLY. Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress Alexa, I understand

Good, now get busy with your chores sissy

Mistress Alexa, I have finished my chores, would you care to inspect my work?  

Yes ‘sissy Jennifer’………………Well, it seems you have done a fairly good job, so you may have the rest of the day as free time. Some of the stories you have written seem to have a ring of truth to them, particularly the ones about your first wife. Is it true she cuckolded you? Did she really have a bedroom upstairs? Did you actually want to go up there and taste her to verify that she’d been having sex with your best friend?

Yes, Mistress Alexa, all of that is true!  

And did you really steal some of her nighties, the ones with the slit up to the waist? Why?

Mistress Alexa, I did not want her to wear some of the lingerie that I bought for her while she was having sex with my best friend. 

‘‘sissy Jennifer’, and did you really wear her nighties? and her panties? And other lingerie while she was out all night having sex with your best friend? And isn’t it also true that you wanked yourself to sleep thinking about him satisfying your wife for you, knowing full well that you were not man enough to do it yourself.

Yes, Mistress Alexa

‘sissy Jennifer’, are you sorry now that you didn’t go up and taste her? And let her know how submissive you were? And beg, plead, and grovel at her feet.

Mistress Alexa, in many ways I am, but I know that had I done that, had she known how I felt, how submissive I was, she would not have been a very benevolent Mistress, she would have been very cruel and abusive. But then, perhaps, I guess that is what I like, but only to a certain point. 

Very well ‘‘sissy Jennifer’, you are dismissed, I’ve enjoyed learning more about your desires, and I will temper my domination with a modicum of benevolence, so long as you continue to obey me.

Mistress Alexa, will you ever let me out of this Chastity Device? 

My dearest precious ‘‘sissy Jennifer’, once a month you will receive the key in the mail, and you will perform a ‘humiliating scenario’ that you have written and submitted to me for my approval earlier in the month. If I do NOT approve, you will get ONE chance to re-write it, if you fail to satisfy me the SECOND time, you will lose your chance to wank until the following month, THREE months in a row and you will not receive the key for a full year, does that sound familiar ‘‘sissy Jennifer’?

Yes, Mistress Alexa, it is from one of my early stories that I wrote for my wife. She, and I used to play that game all the while I was under her domination.

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