Editor’s Choice Blog – September 2022

EDITOR’S CHOICE FOR SEPTEMBER 2022 Three books of steely, irresistible and warped female supremacy over the male constitute this month’s Editor’s Choice selection… And at a fraction of their original retail price! AND THE THEME FOR SEPTEMBER…?    Those men who find themselves betrayed by their wives into domestic and sexual service. And not only […]

Editor’s Choice Blog – June 22

Editor's Choice - June 2022

Editor’s Choice for June 2022 Once again a large number of you enjoyed the Cave’s great value Editor’s Choice selection for May and it appears to be growing in popularity, so here are another three books we hope will provide enjoyment as they also trigger your imagination. And the Theme for June…? Those women who […]

Editor’s Choice – May 2022

Editor's Choice - May 2022

It seems a large number of you enjoyed the Cave’s great value Editor’s Choice selection for April and we hope the three books comprising the theme for May hit the spot with you also. And the theme for May…? Those women of the East with a passion for the American and European male. A passion, […]

Editor’s Choice – April 2022

Editor's Choice - April 2022 - Cover

Greetings readers… This month I will begin selecting titles from the Cave’s extensive catalogue of female-led fiction to bring you a themed compilation containing storylines describing the dominant woman in each of her irresistible and imperious guises. For less than half of the usual retail price you can now enjoy three books under one cover […]

Femdom Books

Femdom Books

KURT STEINER CALLING… A big hello to everyone connected with my favourite femdom book site. Yes. Of course. I would say that. Given that as well as being an avid reader of the content provided by its catalogue, I’m also one of its writers, with titles – I’m not so proud (shameless, if you prefer) […]