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A Deserved Descent - Book 1
The literary history of females dominating men is dotted with cautionary tales for the male half of the equation. With “A Deserved Descent” - and yet another husband finding much more than he initially sought at the hands of his wife - Clare Penne supplies us with one more.
A Deserved Descent - Book 2
The literary history of females dominating men is dotted with cautionary tales for the male half of the equation. With “A Deserved Descent” - and yet another husband finding much more than he initially sought at the hands of his wife - Clare Penne supplies us with one more.
A Lexicon of Female Dominance
The wondrous and prolific (not to mention wise, assertive and all-knowing) Miss Irene Clearmont brings us yet another work of femdom fiction.
A Scandal in Bohemia Revisited
Sandrine Bessancort gives us Sherlock Holmes as we have never seen him.
Ancient Sorceries Revisited
The latest tale from antiquity to be adapted in the femdom way by Sandrine Bessancort. Algernon Blackwood\'s sensuous and erotic tale of an English gentleman and the demonic women in the sinister French town he stumbles across that takes over his life is given a fresh and female-dominant life by the talented pen of Sandrine Bessancort in the latest tale from antiquity to be given an erotic and female-led make-over.
Aunties Candy
Becoming a man can be a wonderful thing. So long as the dominant women in one’s life allow you the honour.
Breaking The Ex-Husband
On the large side, and less than a looker, a young woman with a trust fund becomes a target for a predator who marries her with the intent of filing for divorce shortly after; thus claiming a share of the wealth left to her by her deceased parents. Unfortunately, for him, the trust under which the money was left to her is iron-clad and he receives no part of it.
Caged And Tamed
When a dying aunt leaves her only niece a trust in her name, along with a house to go with it, she also leaves her in receipt of some advice regarding her handsome and somewhat patronising husband.
Caging Andrew
Bedding a succession of willing young women is never the best approach to marriage when the trusting wife being betrayed holds all the financial and contractual cards - including a cast-iron pre-nuptial.
Dance of The Veils Revisited
The Dance of the Veils is the second stand-alone story from Volume-Three of “Venus Descends”.
The author of the highly popular and semi-autobiographical work, "A Female led Marriage", turns her hand to outright fiction to bring us a short and very erotic tale of a young woman who uses knowledge of her handsome boss's embezzling to turn him into a chastised servant - rather than simply turning him in.
Evil Stepdaughter
When Paul woos and marries the widowed Jenny, he is convinced he has married the soul-partner life always intended him to have.
Getting Uneven
In the latest femdom ebook from Miss Irene Clearmont, a man assaults his fiance; the fiance becomes a Professional Mistress and meets another Dominatrix; and then...
Luella Miller Revisited
Mary Wilkins tale of a strange and commanding beauty receives the female dominant Sandrine Bessancort treatment.
Man-Beast to Male-Pet
A middle-aged lothario\'s marriage to a none too beautiful German heiress, many years his junior, does not turn out to be the ticket to riches and independence he was certain he could manipulate it into being.
It’s 1918 and the Great War is coming to an end in Europe; but for one middle-aged and well-born gambler and womaniser in the English Home-Counties a time of strife and torment has just begun.
My Wifes Venture Into Dominance
The queen of transgender fiction and female dominance, Clare Penne, brings us another adventure of female supremacy and forced femininity.
Original Sins - Book Two
Book-Two of the latest collection of femdom fiction from the wonderful Miss Irene.
Owned by Masika
The Ugandan woman hired cheaply to be the housekeeper of a semi-retired, semi-reclusive Englishman, for his new home on the Kentish coast, soon proves herself capable of taking over the domestic reins and running the household.
Putting Him Under
A self-absorbed physical trainer and sex-god marries a legal secretary studying for the Bar in her spare time. A legal secretary with yearnings to be a dominant wife. No contest.
She Knew Who He Was
Having served time for a crime he did not commit, Martin Kiernan forges a new life for himself in Cornwall with the help of his missing brother's personal documents.
Skewered on Spikes
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont gives us the story of an upmarket shoe-emporium, the demanding woman who owns it, and the unsuspecting man who is about to serve in it.
Taken From His Misery
“Feeling lower than shit” – and about to be treated in the same way – a bankrupt and divorced former middle-aged businessman goes to work for a dominant widow named Vagishwari Desai as her male secretary.
The Chosen Chastity Belt
Another short but riveting tale from Clare Penne involving yet harmless crossdressing gone wrong. This time it’s that of a husband while visiting the Indian subcontinent, unaware that his supposedly secret indulgence is about to bring about his demotion to sexual and domestic submission when his wife discovers his desires and how he has acted upon them.
The Dress Shop Domme
From Clare Penne comes a tale of harmless and husbandly crossdressing. Crossdressing that becomes so much more serious... and enslaving... when a woman with dominant sexual desires herself uses her insider knowledge to satisfy her own needs.
The Entrapped
In a most entertaining story line, Chris Bellows reveals the wickedness of the Dominant female as yet another man gets in above his head to become the slave of a woman.
The Horla
In the first femdom ebook of a planned re-telling of Classic tales from the master penman of antiquity, Sandrine Bessancort revisits Guy de Maupassant\'s classic tale of possession and control and re-imagines it from the viewpoint of a contemporary – and very dominant - woman.
The Ice Queen
A married executive at a conference meets a fascinating and sexy female who makes him want to act like a REAL man.
The Interruption Revisited
W.W. Jacobs famous tale of a Victorian gentleman blackmailed by his former wife\'s housekeeper undergoes a female dominant revision via the gifted pen of Sandrine Bessancort in the latest of her femdom ebooks revisiting the great tales of antiquity.
The Other Life
A man wakes in a Maine forest to find himself the sole survivor of a plane crash and finds he has no memory of his life before it save for the contents of his wallet.
The Parasite Revisited
The second femdom ebook containing another of Ms Bessancort’s tales from antiquity re-imagined is her female dominant take on the Conan Doyle classic.
The Servant Revisited
For those who love both the classics and dominant and authoritative women, Sandrine Bessancort\'s re-imagined short-stories from the past maintain the integrity of the story adapted whilst adding a believable and persuasive femdom dynamic.
The Teacher
After twenty years as a teacher a man has not succumbed once to the attractions of the nubile teenagers he teaches. He is about to do so now.
The Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade Revisited
The latest of Sandrine Bessancort’s femdom ebooks takes Edgar Allen Poe’s tale of Scheherazade and the king who would execute her should her stories fail to please, and gives it a female dominant slant Edgar Allen himself would no doubt have found horrifying.
The Toe Ring
In this works of domestic servitude and erotic mind control, set at the time of the Suffragettes, Wilson Henshaw brings us the tale of most unfortunate husband.
Useless Beauty Revisited
The latest tale from antiquity to receive the female dominant Sandrine Bessancort treatment.
Venus Descends - Volume 1
The first two tales in Ms Sandrine Bessancort’s female-dominant revisiting of classic tales from antiquity are now together in volume-one of a femdom ebook we hope will be the first of many
Venus Descends - Volume 2
Volume-Two of Sandrine Bessancort\'s femdom ebooks re-imagining of classic tales from antiquity from a female-dominant perspective continues with her take on W.W. Jacobs tale of a blackmailing housekeeper, together with a decadent re-telling of Edgar Allen Poe\'s tale of Scheherazade\'s "Thousand-and-Two-Nights"
Venus Descends - Volume 3
Sandrine Bessancort\'s quest to re-visualise the classic stories of antiquity in an erotic and female dominant way continues with volume-three and stories by the master of the occult, Algernon Blackwood, and the observer of all things decadent and oriental, Sax Rohmer.
Venus Descends - Volume 4
An exercise in femdom fiction applied to tales from the past.
Venus Descends - Volume 5
With "Luella Miller" we are given the strange story of a warped and selfish beauty who has a devastating effect upon all who get close to her - especially men; while in "A Scandal in Bohemia" it is the great Sherlock Holmes himself who finds his indifference to women doing a complete about face in the most debasing of ways.
Wifely Control
Another husband loses the plot - another wife takes control.
Writers Cramp
For one wannabe author, the lines between femdom fiction and reality are about to be blurred forever when the women who serve as role-models for his, supposedly, secret jottings take on a more… editorial… position in his fantasy world.

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