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25 Million Dollars
When a Wall Street hot-shot invests the money of a dominant Asian woman without her knowledge – and loses it! – It won’t be just his job alone that bites the dust.
A Clarice Darling Compendium - Volume One
The new queen of the femdom cuckold story presents three works of femdom fiction in one accessibly priced volume.
A Corporate Regent
When a trust-fund baby comes of age and decides he needs to oust the woman who has been both his guardian since the death of his parents, as well as the CEO of the company they had left him upon their deaths, his ingratitude incurs a heavy penalty.
A Corporate Serf
New author of femdom erotica, Darren Garroway, gives us “Terry Durrant”, a self-described sex-god in his thirties with a talent for using women – mostly older women – to get what he wants from life.
A Cruel Divorce
Why should a professional woman divorce the husband she has grown bored with and allow him to share in her wealth? Especially when he is already housetrained and shows much potential as a chastised and cuckolded manservant – even if he doesn’t yet know it!
A Dangerous Woman
Rich and older men are used to using their wealth as a bargaining chip to win the favours of young and comely women who would normally be out of their reach – sometimes even accepting discipline at their hands to assuage their masochistic need feel punishment.
A Deserved Descent - Book 1
The literary history of females dominating men is dotted with cautionary tales for the male half of the equation. With “A Deserved Descent” - and yet another husband finding much more than he initially sought at the hands of his wife - Clare Penne supplies us with one more.
A Deserved Descent - Book 2
The literary history of females dominating men is dotted with cautionary tales for the male half of the equation. With “A Deserved Descent” - and yet another husband finding much more than he initially sought at the hands of his wife - Clare Penne supplies us with one more.
A Deserved Descent and Husband to Cuckold and Worse
Two complete novels of cuckold fiction in one bargain priced volume from FDC Publications.
A Devoted Domestic
What more could an upwardly mobile couple wish for than a trained domestic to take care of all those irksome household chores? A lot more, actually, if the price is going to prove the loss of the very freedom the upwardly mobile couple cherish so greatly. Miss Irene Clearmont brings you yet another perfectly deviant and erotic entertainment.
A Female Led Marriage
The semi-autobiographical tale of a sexually dominant wife, who wanted it all… And got it!
A Forbidden Love
David Mason, a young, intelligent college student, determined to lose his virginity succeeds his first day on campus and cues a tale of sexual adventure and female domination.
A Forced Descent
In this story from first-time author, Marisette Hennessey, an overbearing husband pays the price for his years of faithlessness at the hands of his wife and her friend and is rewired to become the slave of a woman. Having behaved like a dog during their marriage his punishment will certainly fit the crime.
A Gift From James
A dominant female believes James could just become her ultimate submissive and after a few dates, during which she lures him in with \'straight\' intercourse, she progressively introduces him to sexual servitude.
A Husband Shamed
Maria Wain-Vincent's debut novel describing the fall to humiliation, cuckoldry and domestic service of one handsome and older husband at the hands and feet of his newly empowered and perverted young wife.
A Journey To Disgrace
Kurt Steiner is back with another tale of femdom fiction and two dominant subcontinent females, one beautiful and one… otherwise.
A Lady From The South
Sometimes the events of youth can be so formative they can taint what comes in the life to be led afterwards. Such is the case for one unfortunate man when the now illegal discipline he experienced at school over the knee of his female teachers catches up with him as an adult.
A Locked Room Mystery
The death of John Longbottom behind his locked study door has long baffled the denizens of Salt Lake City and the world beyond. Now, Jane Holmes, partner of renowned detective, Cheryl Holmes, tells the true story of Longbottom’s demise and the sadistic woman responsible.
A New Life
From the author of Chloe & Me and Madam in Attendance, S.M. Ackerman has produced another titillating work of femdom fiction.
A Passage to Britannia
Femdom Cave is delighted to present the first novel to be written by our very own queen of femdom, Ms Indira. For those of you who know her through her writings on the Femdom Cave blog and forum, it is a story guaranteed not to disappoint.
A Perfect Fit
Another fiendish and unrelenting tale of erotic female dominance from the glorious Miss Irene that proves the old adage that there is no such thing as a harmless male perversion.
A Property Baroness
The life of a man, wealthy in his own right, is changed beyond his wildest dreams when he meets an even wealthier and dominant woman with very specific requirements when it comes to her sexual partners.
A Reversal of Fortune
On the very point of business success, Simon Bradwell has used and abused most of the women in his life. Now the woman he bribed, the woman he married, the woman he used and the woman he ignored are overcoming their differences and planning their revenge. But their plan has unexpected consequences, as the relationships of Simon and the women in his life realign into new constellations.
A Sadists Story
An unusual New York City club is the setting for this classic Chris Bellows\' tale in which wealthy libertines maintain a facility for the entertainment of the wealthy and dominant woman whose mission in life is to ensure no masochist is ever left wanting. The “Pets” unwise enough to put themselves forward for service to this club certainly earn their salaries if selected.
A Scandal in Bohemia Revisited
Sandrine Bessancort gives us Sherlock Holmes as we have never seen him.
A Wife Takes Control
A writer new to Femdom Cave in Rebecca Tarling uses her first novel of femdom fiction to relate the story of the hapless Trevor Drayton, his deviant and manipulative wife, and the black shemale who delivers the unsuspecting husband in metaphorical chains and fetters to that deviant wife’s feet.
A Womans Servant
According to Chris Bellows, a woman of authority and quality should be served and tended to in order to satisfy her every wish and command, and the following tale does NOT contradict these beliefs
A Womans Servant - The Second Semester
The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance.
About Eve
Eve is cute. Eve is precocious. Eve is bossy. She’s the favourite of the adults and a nightmare to the boys of her own age she orders around… Ever wondered what happened to her?
Addicted to Samantha
Is it possible for a strong and vibrant man to be so fixated upon a woman he will allow her to take possession of his dignity and his will – not to mention his personal freedom? Question asked, question answered, in Patrick Richards’ riveting novel of male obsession and female power.
Alcock And Balls
One would at least expect the world of sixties football to have been free of the influence of women… and dominant women at that!
All The Nice Girls
When the girlfriend of a retired secret service man discovers the surveillance equipment he’s put in space to spy on the three attractive female students lodging with him his life comes crashing down about his ears.
Alyssas Needs Trilogy
After a year and a half of marriage, the beautiful Alyssa suddenly tells her adoring husband, Brad, that she needs more than any one man, no matter how loving, can give her—far more.
Amanda Grows Up
When an aerobics instructor in a female-led relationship takes the gorgeous Amanda under her wing the arrogant eighteen-year-old’s already advanced sense of superiority over the inferior male sex is taken to new heights.
Amazon Island
From the Age of Exploration hails this tale of lost souls, lands and creeds. Sent on a Pacific expedition by his licentious wife, a naturalist from Amsterdam barely survives a shipwreck. Washed ashore on a volcanic island, he is immediately seized by the inhabitants – a civilization exclusively of women. Somehow these Sapphic savages have survived and even thrived by sacrificing males to their mountain-goddess.
An Embossed Husband
The glorious Miss Irene turns her attention to the more domestic concerns of cuckoldry and female-led marriage, in her latest adventure into the world of human male bondage and womanly supremacy.
An Interview with Mrs Carlotta Fenwick
A trendy magazine for independent women sends a talented but inexperienced reporter to profile the life of the world\'s wealthiest widow. But becoming entangled in a breathtaking tale of female dominant depravity is more than this wannabe news-hound bargained for.
Ancestors of Star
Tim Hyatt is a college athlete and Big Man on Campus, but his plans are very serious: a career as a medical doctor, and a life with his fiancé, Natalie. Taking a year from college to gain work experience on the Lagalero Indian reservation in northern New Mexico, he learns that his new boss, the older but beautiful Elaine Yellow Star, hires a young man every year and expects more from him than a simple cleaning of bedpans.
Apartment Life
A.J. Brown’s latest foray into femdom fiction gives us the story of a young, gorgeous and utterly dominant sophomore.
Arabian Nightmare
A wealthy and free-spirited woman in the England of Edward VII browbeats her husband into an exploration of the Arabian desert. But when they are abducted by a fierce Sheik she finds her dreams and desires of dominating a male turned upon their head. Though she will experience the control and domination of a male she craves.
As Flies To The Spider - Book One
Book-One in the “As Flies to the Spider” collection brings us novels of the dominant wife in all her glory. Cuckolding and domestic servitude of the most abject kind are the themes of these three stories and are delivered in a believable form that will convince even the most entrenched sceptic who believes such things to be no more than fantasy of their possibility.
Miss Irene Clearmont returns to Femdom Cave with the story of William, a god in his own mind whose fragile kingdom is about to be revealed for the palace of paper it really is by his new maid.
Asserting Female Authority - A Training Manual
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont and her equally dominant friend, Mrs Jessica McKovanaugh, bring you a work of non-fiction that serves as a training manual for all females who wish to take control of both their lives and, more importantly, the men - or man - in it.
Battered And Bruised
Take a dominatrix who does pro bono work in the form of husbands who beat their wives; an actor who wants to experience a true dominant woman, an actress living in a lesbian relationship with an assertive partner, and the elements are all in place to guarantee a torrid drama…
Beauty And Her Lamb
“Wanted – a general factotum to work with a famous young actress. Must be highly organised in all aspects of life detailed oriented, devoted, single and ready to travel. Live-in, full benefits and a negotiable salary. Discretion and confidentiality expected. Not suitable for an alpha or dominant personality”.
Becoming Miss Ashleys Pet
Charles Barrington, an ambitious attorney, plots to extract millions from a wealthy young woman and eventually marries the heiress, Ashley Duval, with this in mind. Ms Duval is, however, one step ahead of his schemes and the vengeance she takes will prevent his ever being in a position to scheme again.
Behavioural Modifications: Lessons from Constancia Island
Chris Bellows poses the question of what a woman of power at the workplace and financial superiority in the home does with a husband who commits infidelity? Consult with the American Society for Behavior Modification, of course.
Jo Paso rollicking femdom fiction romp set in the rural, but just as street wise, setting of a sleepy Somerset village continues as the girls – and women – get into their stride.
Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold
Parts-One-&-Two-Complete of another work of female erotica and cuckold fiction from Clarice Darling.
Betrayal... and Worse
A previously unheard of tropical disease, complete with irreversible muscle-reduction and mental fatigue, gives a wife in a previously loving marriage the opportunity to become the driving force in her relationship with her husband.
Big And Bold
An Amazonian woman with a taste for home brewed ale is something of a rarity, and the brewer who encounters this particular Amazon is going to have his life changed far beyond his mild fantasies of sexually powerful women and domestic submission.
Big Lindas Midnight Visit
He's been celibate for ten years since a car wreck landed him in a wheelchair, and his frustrated libido gets little action. But when his newest personal aide arrives, the beautiful Linda Skrue is a wet dream to behold for a terminally deprived male. She’s also highly dangerous.
Biker Gurls
When Corrie’s employer, Mr Baron, catches her embezzling from the company she faces a choice between jail and sexual servitude to him. He turns Corrie into a virtual sex slave and dresses her to suit his fantasies while forcing her to wear butt-plugs during work hours to remind her of whom she serves. Corrie details every aspect of her servitude to him in a diary and is terrified when it disappears from the locked drawer where she keeps it; not knowing it will prove to be her deliverance and see the positions of master and slave in respect of herself and her employer reversed.
Bluebell End
Jo Paso and FDC present another rollicking and sexy tale, featuring the female-led discipline of the not-too-distant past.
Boy Next Door
For Claire, a repressed housewife living a sham sex life, the boy next door offers an opportunity too good to pass up. Raised by religious zealots in an ultra-conservative enclave, Claire’s shyness and low self-image have led her into a dreary ‘camouflage’ marriage with a closeted gay man.
Breaking Brad - A Novella
The ever popular Paula Andante returns to the Cave with a novella of female supremacy and humiliation of the male that tells the story of a conceited user of women who is about to meet his match in one older and highly determined business-woman.
Captive of the Midnight Vixens
Hiking in the mountains of Transylvania, a man stumbles across a young woman with an injured leg and helps her back to the palatial mansion in which she lives. But will he ever be allowed to leave?...
Caroline Miller
Parts one and two complete of Paula Andante's work of femdom fiction telling of the changed marital status of a hapless man and his once timid and taken for granted wife.
Catherine Rules
Tall, gorgeous and dominant, Catherine Roman is the CEO of a large New York bank. In the grip of a dominant passion to truly own and control her underling, Frank Prince, she will stop at absolutely nothing until he is hers in both body and soul.
Catherine The Matriarch
Catherine Rules was originally written for a publisher who believed in the superiority of women. Books by this company advocated a society ruled by women – Matriarchy.
Caught, Taught, Tamed and Trained
From the pen of Lance Edwards comes stories of men enslaved by sexy bitches and voluptuous beauties. If it’s graphic, no-holds barred Femdom erotica you’re looking for these stories are sure to delight. From extreme bondage and female worship to fisting, caging, discipline, punishment, humiliation, pet training, feminisation, chastity, milking, enemas, strap-on anal sex, and forced M/m, Lance Edwards takes the reader on a roller-coaster sure to take the femdom aficionado’s breath away.
Jo Paso again visits the swinging sixties to provide us with some retro femdom as he gives us a group of guys set to become the music world’s next big thing.
CEO To Cuckold...and Less - Volume One
The four parts comprising Clare Penne’s latest volume of sexual perversity give us a work of cuckold fiction that takes us on an adventure in domination and servitude that should – and, no doubt, won’t – act as a cautionary tale even as it excites.
A crumbing life leads to humbling service for one divorced Englishman when a dominant Indian housewife takes advantage of coming eviction and certain homelessness to fashion him into a sexual and domestic servant.
Chicago Becky
A young and straight male prostitute finds his life and even his gender no longer belong to him after one night with a powerful, ruthless and dominant woman.
Chloe & Me
Caught in a compromising position by Chloe, his step-sister, Chris risks humiliation beyond words if he can’t persuade her from leaking pictures and videos that would make him a figure of scorn and ridicule. The option the controlling Chloe presents him will eventually have him regarding scorn and ridicule in a less frightening way.
Coerced Conversions
Another stunning collection of Short-Stories from the ever reliable and imaginative Lance Edwards that’s sure to hit a nerve with both besieged men and forceful women alike
Collared and Leashed
Short of cash, an undergrad is talked into playing a cuddly canine at a party as entertainment for a girl allergic to the real thing. Seeing it as a harmless way to earn some pin-money, the humiliation he endures will mark him for life. And it is not to be a one-off.
Constancia Island
A Caribbean paradise. An Island. A Sovereign country in its own right and administered and overseen by women and for women. A paradise for the cream of society’s females to practice the teaching of Female Domination and male submission on those considered worthless to the world at large.
Corner Time
Two femdom spanking stories constitute “Corner Time” from Paula Andante.
Courting Her
Her eyes had captured him and her smile made him melt, but it was her strength of will that finally enslaved him…
Courting Her Serving Her
Alex is so smitten with Kimberly, he barely notices her seizing control in their budding relationship. However, when he carelessly puts his feet up on the coffee table and fails to remove them as soon as he's told, he gets put over her lap for a punishment spanking.
Cox Folly
Jo Paso returns with yet another work of femdom erotica and a retro look at those dominant women who never seem to be out of either fashion or manservants.
Cucked and Spanked
Merrick Scanlon's first foray into the world of cuckolding, domestic discipline and the dominant woman brings us the unhappy tale of a formerly happy and contented - if a little overbearing - husband.
Dangerous Redemption
He spots her in a nightclub dancing a sexy salsa, hips bumping and grinding to the heavy beat. Her singular beauty and hot Latin passion have him mesmerized. But it’s not until she takes him home to an abandoned part of town that the action gets serious.
Dark Widow
A cunning and ruthless older woman has designs on the widow whose late-husband she both dominated and murdered as well as the massive fortune he left for the unwitting – if not entirely innocent – younger woman.
Depraved Angel
Two women with the same tastes – the desire to sexually dominate men; but each of them at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to good and evil.
After a small Swiss bank is robbed, four American tourists fall into a criminal trap managed by corrupt Swiss/German local and state police. Spirited out of Munich, they are taken to a secure location: an old German castle in the Alps where The Consortium trains and manages a global slave and pony network.
Desperate Kentish Housewives
California is not the only location on the planet where we can find Desperate Housewives. Even in the Home Counties of England and a sleepy Kentish village you may be sure there are many women who fit that description perfectly. You can also be sure that these Desperate Housewives will have in tow some even more Desperate Husbands!
Desperate Kentish Housewives and Norfolk Hall Girls
The themes of erotic fiction and dominant women are the order of the day as Two rollicking romps of dominant female erotica come together in one volume. With "Desperate Kentish Housewives", Jo Paso shows that desperate housewives are not found solely on TV shows. And some of them are extremely dominant. "The Norfolk Hall Girls" supplies a slice of life on a sixties English Manor as the women - servants and ladies alike - rule the men - servants and lords as one - with an iron resolve. Two sexy femdom ebooks with the added bonus of a sense of humour.
Dominated By Her
Kelsey and Charlotte have been platonic male and female friends for some time; but when Kelsey comes clean about certain aspects of his sexuality the whole dynamic between them changes.
Dominion Day - Volume One
A strange school, the dominant and oversized female educators who run it, and an ingenious and empowering (for women that is) take on the world of virtual reality are just three of the factors that make Mr Bruhn’s first foray into the world of femdom fiction so sexy, gripping and thought provoking as a male teacher finds himself taken under the wing of pupil’s mother.
Dominion Day - Volume Three
The third volume of Trevor Bruhn’s riveting and highly imaginative work of femdom fiction and erotic fantasy continues with events at the strange school, controlled and administered by even stranger women, and the virtual reality world of “Milady Rules”.
Dominion Day - Volume Two
Volume-Two of Trevor Bruhn’s work of erotic fiction, in which femdom erotica meets science-fiction and fantasy, continues as the male teachers of the strange school administered by even stranger women become even more subservient.
Down for the Countess
Bereft at the loss of his wife, artist Ivey Marks finds himself manipulated into joining Countess Natasha Vronsky in her Siberian domain. Her plans are to make him her figurehead Count. But Ivey has other ideas and, when the Countess learns of them, so has she. And he will not like what she has in mind.
Drycombe End
The Mistress of the rollicking and retro femdom yarn is back with another tale of the female authority figure of days yon.
Egyptian Bondage
Cleopatra has returned to Egypt, leaving her lover Mark Anthony to flee the defeat at Actium with his conqueror Octavian in hot pursuit.
Elenas Travails
Eighteen year old, high school dropout Elena is homeless. She places a desperate call to Nadia, a longtime friend who babysat her years ago. The timing is perfect. Nadia’s husband, Victor, wants to lure a buxom young woman into their home to train and conquer and he asks the dominant Nadia to educate their new houseguest into obedience and make the innocent young woman his/her plaything.
Enslaved Husband:Empowered Housewife - Volume One
Cuckold husbands and wifely domination are the themes of the two novels comprising volume-one in these dual tales of men under the heel. This volume contains “Into My Web” by Melanie Sanders, and the first novel from Rebecca Sharp, “Husband in Name Only”.
Enslaved in Kolkata
The great Kurt Steiner returns with a novella that deals with his favourite subject: dominant Indian women and enslaved Englishmen.
Eve's Apples
The dominant woman in all her sadistic and controlling glory is the theme of these stories from the versatile – not to mention prolific and diabolical – Miss Irene Clearmont. With each set of tales prefaced by the correspondence of the notorious Ms Maxine and the would-be dominant women who need guidance in controlling the men in their lives you can be assured it is an event not to be missed.
Everything He Had...and More
Another tale of cuckold fiction from Clarice Darling. A husband, a servant and a child, all wrapped in one beaten and demoralised parcel. This wife and her Anglo/German friend, Marjory, wants it all. And then some!
Femdom Cave Presents - Volume One
Another great value volume from Femdom Cave pairs the femdom fiction of Rebecca Tarling with that of Shayla Marks to provide two riveting femdom reads under the one cover.
Femdom Cave Presents - Volume Two
Volume two of Femdom Cave's two femdom novels beneath one cover offerings features Don Gardner's tale of a middle-aged men biting off more than he can chew with two young women in "In Over My Head", and Clarice Darling's “Beloved Husband to Servile Cuckold”, the story of a previously commanding older husband whose young wife, along with her stepmother and her intimidating black lady friend, reduce him to cuckoldry of the most abject kind.
Femdom Exotica - Volume One
Two riveting tales of exotic femdom and erotic fiction together in one volume. Spencer Haskell’s “Ms Hasekura” gives us a philandering and impoverished husband who, after divorce has left him penniless and with his debts mounting, takes up his young Japanese neighbours offer to earn a sizable sum by accompanying her back to her homeland for a few months… As her servant.
Femdom Spanking Tales
Now, together in one collection, Lizbeth Dusseau’s Femdom Spanking short stories from her two collections, PLUS the added bonus of a previously unpublished tales. Galen has trouble keeping her caretaker at his job and it seems only a good spanking is the answer. Once he experiences her wicked belt, Adrian changes his ways; though he keeps coming back for more…
Feminine Governance
Another wife betrayed. Another husband enslaved.
Feminizing The Belligerent Male
The inmates at Hempstead Penitentiary find themselves under the intimidating control of resident psychologist Dr. Mary Dawson, an imposing black Dominatrix with a personal agenda as shocking as the methods she uses to modify the behaviour of the state's most violent and incorrigible convicts.
Fevered Pursuits
A suspense adventure dominated by powerful women! Scheming Kim has divorced her abusive husband for a justified payday.
Finding Chastity
The glorious - and terribly sadistic - Miss Irene Clearmont brings us another story of female pre-eminence and male pusillanimity.
Fondle Moor
Another tale of sexy and rollicking and sexy femdom from the retro 60’s pen of Jo Paso.
Four Play
Four rollicking short stories in one volume, all laced with the unmistakable mix of humour, humiliation and female domination we’ve come to expect from Jo Paso.
Free Man To White Slave
Gudrun Lindstrom returns with yet another tale of interracial femdom as an English architect/designer and businessman finds himself enslaved by a young Arab woman in a strange world with even stranger values.
From Behind A Mask Of Ennui
Appearances don’t always deceive, but they certainly can and, for one hapless husband who makes the mistake of underestimating his languid and disinterested wife, the truism is about to kick in with the most devastating of effects. For him.
Gaijin Slave
A buying trip to Japan for a happily married Englishman and owner of a shop selling far-eastern artefacts, swiftly becomes a nightmare when he finds the gargantuan and monstrous Tokyo woman he thought was a customer has an entirely different agenda.
Garima Madam - The Prequel
Mike Watson returns to the story of “Garima Madam’s Bitch” and the hapless expat in India who has allowed himself to fall into marital male slavery at the hands and, especially, feet of the erotic and cruelly demanding “Garima Madam”.
Garima Madams Bitch
Mike Watson follows up his hugely popular first foray into the world of sexually controlling women – the domestic we may take as read – with a tale of an Englishman abroad who finds his submissive destiny in the unlikely form of a young Indian saleswoman he feels compelled to employ.
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont brings us a tale of unanswerable female domination and transgender fiction in which a straight and unwilling man is coerced, seduced, and blackmailed into a world of the most abject kind of sissified service to a degenerate woman and her equally perverted friends.
A student, too insecure despite his own good looks to try and date the “hotter” looking girls on campus, finds himself hooked-up with one of the more sought after of his fellow students.
Girls Club
Wifely duplicity and the unemployment that follows place a man firmly under his wife’s sexual control.
Staring down financial disaster, Hugh Bristol’s saviour is about to enter his life. Unfortunately, she will also wish to own it.
Gretel's Game
Nothing excites Gretel Fox more than forcing a man to his knees – both physically and metaphysically. And once this sadistic woman has him there…?
Groomed For Servitude
When a shattered and down-at-heel former business owner leaves prison after serving time for his assault on the man who stripped him of his wife, his family, his home and his business, the ad he responds to for a live-in handyman willing to accept full-board and some weekly spending money down on England's Kent coast seems like a godsend that could provide him with time and space to make some sense of his life and put it back in order.
Hanifahs White Body Servant
The complete two parts of Gudrun Lindstrom's tale of femdom fiction concerning a British Secret Service man being brought to his knees, literally and metaphorically, by the young Arab girl whose father's official bodyguard he once was.
Hansel & Gretel - A Fairy Tale for Grown Ups
The classic story of Hansel and Gretel is here retold as erotic fiction for adult readers. As in the original fairy tale, the beautiful young brother and sister are lost in the woods, then rescued by an old woman.
Hardleigh Inn
In the Cornwall of the swinging-sixties, in a Bodmin Moor Inn run by sexually dominant females, a group of recently released male offenders travel take up the offer of a free Xmas break.
Helfour Leather
Another rollicking femdom tale from Jo Paso with a cast ranging from vengeful wives to dominant female employees and a gorgeous and controlling transexual, all coming together to ensure the lives of the men who cross them are altered forever. And not in ways of their own choosing.
When Carl’s ex-wife, Tania discovers he is being blackmailed by a mystery woman from across the Atlantic, in connection with his illegal handling of rare bird’s eggs, she begins to see him in a new light. Even more so when she probes further and realises just what form the blackmail is taking and how she herself can benefit from the mystery woman’s growing control over her former husband.
His Wife Is Now His Master
A successful English expat in Australia loves his wife. Unfortunately, she’s sexually repressed and he is a serial cheat. A state-of-affairs brought to a startling head when their young and female Indian housekeeper seduces the wife while he is away on business.
Hogtied & Electrified - More Slut-Boy Stories
The third in another hard-hitting, no-holds-barred, collection of short-stories from the prolific and inventive Lance Edwards in which buxom, power hungry vixens seduce and enslave willing - and not-so-willing – husbands, boyfriends, clients and lovers.
Homage to Emma
From Pink Flamingo comes “Homage To Emma”, Lindsay Ross shows us what happens to a confirmed love-rat when the wife he has been cheating on finally throws him out and he ends up at the B&B of a local female prison guard. Desperate for a roof over his head and unaware his new landlady’s husband has deserted the nest with a local barmaid and left her with a hatred of men, he readily agrees when she assigns him a number of menial domestic chores. That was his first mistake.
Honey Trap
Following on from “Dark Widow”, “The Second Circle of Hell”, and “Rules of Engagement”; the glorious, and incredibly dominant, Miss Irene Clearmont brings us the fourth book describing her ever enlarging and female-led empire.
Humiliated Men
Led by their obsessive desires for the superior sex, men become the playthings of the very women they covet. Some consent and some even volunteer, while others less fortunate are tricked into chastity cages and humiliating acts. But, in the end, all submit.
Husband in Name Only
Rebecca Sharp's first foray into the world of cuckoldry and female domination gives us a tale of a young wife's empowerment and what it means for the handsome older husband who is about to discover he is not the "man's man" he considered himself to be when he finds himself gradually enslaved and put under her heel.
Husband to Cuckold and Worse
The complete two-parts of Clarice Darling’s story of cuckold fiction, relating the story of a marriage of fifteen years the wife intends to become female led and open to others.
I Have Become A Woman
A normal and loving marriage becomes something else entirely when a wife decides to exert her power and take control of her husband. Control that will ensure he becomes a sight less manly and a whole lot more obedient and pleasing
In Over My Head
Don Gardner kicks off his first foray into the world of the femdom fiction novella with a cautionary tale for all those men out there with a hankering to experience being under the control of the fair sex.
Indian Femdom - Two Volumes in One
Femdom Cave presents two riveting novels of female and subcontinent domination of the European male together in one sensibly priced volume.
Into My Web
This first femdom fiction novella from Melanie Sanders takes us on a journey into cuckolding and depravity in the company of a young wife. A young wife who not only succeeds in turning her handsome husband into an unwilling yet obedient household cuck but, with the help of an equally depraved and sadistic female friend and housewife, sets her sights on doing the same to an older and even more handsome man.
It Was Just His Way Of Relaxing - Second Edition
The strong and loving marriage of an American businesswoman working in Bangalore and her aspiring writer husband is shattered and changed beyond repair by the devious and sexually warped young Indian woman they have employed as a live-in housekeeper.
Jayne And Me
A man and a woman, adventurous lovers from their university days meet again some years later and find their attraction to each other as ever.
Jill in Bloom
The complete two parts of Jeff DeLuna’s second work of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave gives us the tale of a strange middle-aged stalker and an even stranger coed.
Journey into Chastity - Book 1
While John is separated from his fiancée Laura, she begins a hot sexual affair with her college roommate, Christine. Frantic to have his fiancee back, John finds that in order to do so he is going to have to jump through a set of humiliating hoops devised by Christine. One of those hoops in particular is about to ensure that life of the promising college boy will be nothing like the one he had envisaged for himself.
Journey into Chastity - Book 2
Forced into chastity in order to win back his fiancé from the cunning and sadistic Christine, the kinky ménage a trois continues as John finds a new sense of direction in his life. Rather than just seeing his teasing Dommes on the weekend, he spends a long Easter vacation living with the girls and witnesses their intense affair close-up, Understandably, his own need heats up fast.
Journey into Chastity - Book 3
The final part of “Journey into Chastity” finds John even more deeply entwined in the triangle of love, denial and physical torment with the two beautiful women in his life. With John forever the victim.
Journey into Chastity - Trilogy
All three volumes of Stanley Jeffries’ erotic ebook involving male chastity and female dominance between one cover
Judge, Jury & Jailor
Buxom beauties, brutal lesbians, and formidable femme fatales, out for revenge against the inferior sex, highlight this new collection of Femdom short stories. Their aim is to torture, emasculate and anally brutalize the sub male, while these pitiful creatures grovel helplessly before them.
Karl's Year in Chastity
Karl is a good looking Danish guy and Asha an extraordinarily beautiful Asian woman. Both work in the UK headquarters of a European cell phone operator and he finds her attractive, intelligent and great company. But the more he pursues her the more she rebuffs him and with each let-down he becomes more and more pliable until…
Katerina In Charge
Skylar Elliot is a Silicon Valley millionaire who’s sold his company, now enjoying a life dedicated to pleasures of the flesh.
When an older man with issues helps a beautiful young woman with an agenda of her own in a campus bookshop his life begins to spiral out of control and as his infatuation for the exquisite but warped young woman grows the more she uses his need to make him an utterly dependent and completely obedient sexual slave and servant.
Keeping Catherine Chaste
This is the story of a young woman who as she matures, begins to explore the wonderful sensations her body is capable of creating, however, soon feeling guilty, she tells her mother.
Kiss of Evil
In Egypt to recuperate after a long illness, an English journalist with an aversion to commitment find himself at the centre of an ancient mystery and the object of interest for a monstrous Arab woman with the face of a predatory savage and the body of the most voluptuous Amazon queen.
Kristal's Changed Life
The similarities between humans and animals are more numerous than most of us suspect and when one poor unfortunate awakens one morning with a body restrained and helpless it is only the beginning of a descent from being an individual with the power of free will to becoming no more than a dehumanised pet.
Lady Constance
An Interview with Lady Constance on D/s relationships for The American Society of Behavior Modification begins with a discussion of the Lady’s relationship with “Boy”, a captive male who Constance holds at her European clinic to be trained as a woman’s servant by Jasmine, a powerful black nurse. The reader follows along as Lady Constance describes Boy’s morning ritual; interrogation, inspection, cleansing and milking.
Latent Desires - Book One
Elliott Brings us another warped and sexy tale involving the wifely disciplining of an errant husband. A wife guided through the minefield of the female-led-marriage by the older, wiser, and quite depraved lady who happens to live next door.
Laura Davidson - Keeper of Men
At an infamous penitentiary, a highly acclaimed female Warden and trainer of men is left to her own devices in keeping society safe.
Lessons at the Edge
A college student moves in with his mother’s best friend, who quickly realises she has found the sex-slave and household servant she has sought for years.
Lessons for A Dominant Woman
In this eagerly awaited prequel to "Lessons at the Edge", William Gaius takes us back to a crucial time in the evolution of a sexually dominant woman and domestic goddess, RoseAnn Perez.
Lessons in Discipline and Servitude
Living off a massively wealthy wife can be extremely enjoyable for the husband fortunate enough, like Thomas DeLeroy, to have married in such a way. But, when that husband is confronted by irrefutable evidence of the hotels, caviar, fine Champagne and expensive women he has used her money buy, his rapacious lust for female flesh will be turned against him in a way that ensures his life becomes a living hell.
Lizbeths Lesbian Collection
Take a wild adventure into the world of the dominant lesbian mistress and the hapless and sometimes gorgeous creatures she enslaves with these tales of abject submission and woman-to-woman sex.
Lo, A Matron Blooming
Lo, a Matron Blooming is a departure from Nigel McParr’s previous two works of femdom fiction, for Pink Flamingo and his latest release is a collection of seven stories that vary in time and place.
Madam in Attendance
On a course taken to offset the boring life of a typist; a young woman finds herself placed onto a path from which she will never veer.
Made in Heaven
The glorious Miss Irene brings us another tale of feminine cruelty and debauchery and, of course, abject male submission
Marking Mr. Evans
A forty-something male teacher in England’s west-country has his home, family, and career, stripped from him upon the arrival of his new teaching aide from Nigeria.
Meeting Ms Chen
Male slavery in the world’s fastest growing economy is the subject of Mike Watson’s latest tale of interracial femdom.
Milking Male Essence
Chris bellows recounts the tale of a once successful investment banker who finds his life completely changed when he’s convicted of statutory rape and sent to Sing-Sing Prison for a lengthy stay. Offered the hope of leading a more normal life, he signs on for a voluntary therapy program, which will allow him to live as a free man outside of prison-with a few critical physical and behavioural modifications overseen by the domineering ‘Nurse Rachel’.
Million Dollar Mistress
A female star of adult films and pre-eminent activist in promoting all things kink, is running a contest to find the new queen of domination through pay-per-view TV and her website: Unsurprisingly, the prize money of one-million-dollars attracts certain wives and lovers for whom female domination is a new – and exciting – territory.
Miss Amy - M.B.A.
When an infatuated business school student is dumped by the object of his affections he realises he will do anything to stay in her life… And so does she.
Miss Elizabeths Captive
How does a woman, drawn as a young girl to the erotic power of female dominance over the male, satiate her lifetime need for control? The fertile imagination of Mr Chris Bellows attempts to supply us with one explanation.
Miss Irene Clearmont Presents - Volume Two
The glorious agony-aunt, femme fatale and uber-dominant lady, gives us volume two in her “Miss Irene Clearmont Presents” series and two novels of femdom fiction dealing with subjugation of the male at the hands of dominant wives.
Miss Irene Presents
The glorious Miss Irene presents three of her most popular shorter novels of femdom fiction in one Volume.
Miss Lauras Students
The handsome but spoiled son of a wealthy couple is left in the care of their yoga teacher, the imperious Miss Laura, while they’re traveling abroad for the summer.
Miss Leaha - Volume 1
The young college student, a former white-collar criminal sees as a means of realising his fantasy of becoming the “Master” of his very own black girl, is not only unwilling to play ball but soon has similar fantasies of her own in regard of him.
Miss Leaha - Volume 2
The young college student, a former white-collar criminal sees as a means of realising his fantasy of becoming the “Master” of his very own black girl, is not only unwilling to play ball but soon has similar fantasies of her own in regard of him.
Miss Leaha - Volume 3
The young black woman who took over the life of the older white man employing her in Volume-One and did the same for a female professor at her university in Volume-Two is ready to spread her femdom wings.
Miss Monicas Pets
A dominant madam and the men she supplies to satisfy the lusts of wealthy women with a desire for control and vengeance over the opposite sex is the subject of Paula Andante’s tale of female authority for Femdom Cave.
Mistress Of The Mortal Realm - Book One
Forty-two year old Lucia Borgia is in a hurry.  She wants it all. Now! And the only way to get it all now is to perfect a deal with demonic forces. 
Mommy Must Spank
Jacob is a handsome, successful lawyer – a desirable catch, except that in he can only get truly aroused by the thought of being spanked by a pretty but severe and powerful woman.
Ms Hasekura
Spencer Haskell's work of erotic fiction, telling of a middle-aged English gigolo meeting his match at the hands and feet of his younger Japanese neighbour, is now published on Femdom Cave.
Ms Hasekura and Vincennes
A double-header of erotic fiction from the great Kurt Steiner and first-time author, Spencer Haskell, as two novels are published in one volume at an easy on the pocket price.
Ms Norcross
A middle-aged man, recently out of prison and unjustly unemployable; and an Anglo/Latina solicitor whose voluptuous body belies a stony heart and a coldly analytical mind.
Ms Shafiqa
Another tale of interracial femdom in this two-part exploration of the dominant Arab female from Gudrun Lindstrom.
My Husband is My Servant
Shayla Marks, yet another of the growing legion of female writers who know whereof of which they speak when it comes to the domination of the male by women, makes her femdom fiction debut with a novella in three parts that tells the tale of a marriage in the suburbs that is about to become anything but everyday.
My Mistress, My Mistresses
The women in the life of a thriving Investment Banker decide it’s high time he was put in touch with the feminine side they see beneath his less than stereotypically masculine exterior.
My Not So Loving Wife
A man’s discovery of his wife’s affair with her younger and well-endowed fellow teacher makes him question his own masculinity and sows the seeds of the female led marriage that is to follow.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 10
The incredible journey reaches an equally amazing, not to mention surprising, conclusion.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 2
The story of Clare continues with the departure of Hannah overseas and the entrance into his life of “Elaine”. Knowing it would be little short of a miracle to find a woman, let alone a girl, who approached the dominant and adventurous mindset of his departed owner; Clare discovers that not only can miracles happen twice but the second can sometimes exceed the first.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 3
As mentioned in Volume-One, this is an autobiographical novel about the journey of me, Clare, a transvestite, and my relationships with domme women and all the others that I came into contact with from when I was a youngster through to becoming an early middle aged woman.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 4
Clare’s life is about to undergo yet more changes as events call her relationship with Elaine into question and she meets Saffi, the charmingly assertive undergrad from a wealthy American background, who will take the exploration of his sexuality and budding womanhood to new levels as he becomes more and more obsessed with both her and the life of her sexually adventurous family on the affluent Eastern Seaboard.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 5
Clare’s transformation is now complete to the point of being a eunuch. But Saffi has yet more sacrifices in mind for her obliging partner…
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 6
Our hero – now heroine – may be fully transitioned but the ever demanding and dominant Saffi insists he – now she – is not properly trained to serve her in the way she requires. It’s back to Doha and the harem for some training and experiences that surpass even those of Clare’s previous visit.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 7
Volume-Seven of Clare Penne’s massively popular saga continues the adventures of her hero-cum-heroine with the wealthy and loving, if dominant and sexually perverse, Vermont family to whom he/she has submitted in a form of 21st century indenture.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 8
The latest volume of Clare Penne’s femdom ebook continues with Saffi’s tastes for dominance and control becoming more and more marked and eclectic as she decides it will not be women alone who serve in the new “harem”. Bad news for one unfortunate and down on his luck man.
My Passage to Womanhood - Volume 9
In volume-nine of Clare Penne’s increasingly popular femdom ebook, the arrival of fresh blood to both the harem and the extended Murchison family heralds an intensification of a sexual situation already at a point of extreme intensity.
My Pet Werewolf
Fred Finley brings you a tale of a werewolf and his chosen mate that is anything but horrific.
My Wife - The Ad Agency Domme
The queen of transgender fiction and female dominance, Clare Penne, brings us another tale of a man whose whole life is changed after meeting an influential woman.
My Wish Was Her Command
After careful consideration, a wife decides to make use of her husband’s desire for some BDSM play.
Naked Rendition
When an innocuous machine tool salesman is drugged and kidnapped and awakens to find himself naked and strapped to a board he has every reason to be afraid. Especially when he comes to know the woman into whose hands he has fallen.
Never Ending Torments
A forty-something man’s past catches up with him when he attempts to seduce a group of young girls into his games of submission and control; only to find that he will be the one doing submitting to their youthful control.
Night Classes
When unexpectedly confronted by an ex-pupil, now a successful journalist, schoolmistress Hannah Smart can scarcely imagine what is about to follow in Peter Moon’s femdom ebook from Pink Flamingo.
Nothing Ventured
When übergeek and start-up founder Ed meets pretty blonde Amanda at the venture capital firm where he is seeking first round funding, he little suspects that she plans to introduce him to her own brand of BDSM sex.
Nursing a Grievance
Taken under the wing of Sara, an experienced nurse at Milton General Hospital, Shanna has no idea how drastically her life is going to change. Under the direction of Sara, Shanna meets her first patient, Tommy, and begins her discovery of sexual conquest as Tommy is restrained and forced to endure oppressive treatment at the hands of his depraved caretakers.
The pen of Chris Bellows, mind sexually demented, has created a place...location unknown... where wealthy sadists rule and deserving masochists submit.
Obedience Training of The Stepford Men
Lee Allen’s latest femdom ebook on the subject of the famous town of “Stepford” runs the reader through the training of its male inhabitants at the hands of the females in charge there.
Of Male Chastity
In this industrious tale of revenge, women of power take charge of their men by placing the equipment responsible for so much male pleasure and pride under their total control.
One Way Marriage
After becoming financially dependent on his wife of ten years, the once macho Martin Kent finds himself forced to accept that not only has he been relegated to the role of dogsbody and flunkey but he will also have to come to terms with the fact his wife will be stepping outside of their marriage – with both sexes.
Original Sins
The latest collection of femdom fiction from the wonderful Miss Irene.
Overpowered Men
From the decadent and perverse pen of Orlando comes an omnibus of his stories dealing with women who take control.
Owned By Madam Aa Ling
Mike Watson brings you his latest tale of exotic femdom involving a Miami-based IT professional who swallows his pride during the recession and takes work teaching English in China.
Pagan Dreams - Lesbian Erotica
obsession A thought… random… fleeting… unbidden, leaping from cell to cell in a tantalizing dance, of what’s to follow.
Paradise Gained
Femininity is forced upon a completely unwilling man by his warped and gorgeous Italian girlfriend and even more disturbed aunt. Soon he has lost all free will and is no more than a household drudge and a receptacle for the aunt and girlfriend’s more debased sexual desires. But he is not to be alone in his slavery. Miss Irene Clearmont brings you yet another perfectly deviant and erotic entertainment.
Pearl Diver
Jo Paso brings us another rollicking adventure in retro-femdom and a family of females in control. For those of you who thought post-war Britain was a male-dominated society, think again!
Penance Corporation of America
It’s not only men who are grist for the Penance Corporations profit-making mill in Chris Bellow’s femdom ebook. As an unscrupulous former prosecutor and tormentor of men is finding to her cost.
Perverse Venus - Volume One
The first volume of the "Perverse Venus" collection gives us two tales of female domination; one from the past and the other contemporary.
Perverse Venus - Volume Two
“Into My Web” By Melanie Sanders and “In Over My Head” by Don Gardner comprise this great value second volume of erotic femdom and provide us with yet more memorable – not to mention utterly and completely dominant members of the so-called weaker sex.
Pet Shop Girls
When a wife discovers her Police Commissioner husband is about to dump her for his secretary she contacts a group of sexually perverted women who will ensure he will never dump a woman again. But it will not be the husband alone who feels the full-force of the life-changing intrusions into his life…
She is being poisoned. Not to death, but slowly into submission...
Poppy Cock
Jo Paso returns to the Cave lists with another retro tale of sixties femdom. A rural and localised matriarchy is fast being formed in an agricultural area of South-West England.
Private Therapy
A master in the art of Femdom erotica, Lance Edwards latest novel gives readers new twists and a lot more depth, raising Private Therapy from its niche of fetish-themed erotica to potential mainstream triumph.
Programming Language
The glorious (and sadistic) Miss Irene Clearmont brings us another tale of man's inadequacies and the changes for the worse they can effect in females of a previously loving persuasion.
Protege Mistress
Gregory Allen gives us the story of Kevin, a man who married his less than demure sweetheart and settled for a bland existence. Bland, that is, until a female face from their past returns to show Kevin’s bored wife Diane just how exciting her life could be if she were to take Kevin in hand. Completely.
Pussycat And Cream
The glorious - and terribly sadistic - Miss Irene Clearmont brings us another story of female pre-eminence and male pusillanimity.
Queen Aunt
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont brings you a tale of the 1970’s and a nephew with a strict aunt.
Rattan Bonus
A female boss takes stern action when her company begins to flag and she suspects some of her employees are guilty of fraud. But it won’t be just the guilty who attract her anger.
Reformation - The Future Is Woman
In a post-electoral-apocalypse future, women have taken on the roles of rulers and law-givers - in both private and public.
Reformation: Stronghold
Taking place one hundred and eleven years after the events in Reformation, femdom tyranny has exceeded all boundaries. In the twenty-second century, ultimate female sadism rules in a world where males suffer unspeakably for the sins of their forefathers. Any woman who opposes the reformed way of life is destined to share the same fate as the males.
Reign of The Demon Queen
Reyna, a stunningly beautiful woman, takes Gerald by surprise as he attempts to relieve himself into a garage sink at a party they're both attending. Stunned her devastating looks, he allows her to tie him down after she promises to give him his first-ever blow job.
Hank’s living a dream life – a successful stockbroker with a hot car and a hot wife, who just happens to be a top surgeon. He’s also a cheating snake, who knows he’s bound to get caught. If his private playroom suite is discovered, he’ll be on his way to Ecuador in a heartbeat.
Return To Innocence
Another adventure in the world of ruthless and ultra dominant women, from the glorious Miss Irene, describes the fate of one miserably divorced and sex-starved journalist and the mistake that changes his life forever when he decides to join a club for recent divorcees.
Revenge: Femdom Stories of Getting Even
Whips, chains and torture! Oh my! But that’s just the beginning when you deal with vindictive women seeking revenge. Let’s face it. The men in the following tales aren’t dealing with Dorothy, and it surely isn’t Oz.
Road Trip
Most people think that slavery doesn’t exist in the world today. Ha… little do they know. Others are convinced that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is to most people but not to an evil, sadistic woman who gets herself off by making her slaves suffer and scream from the pain.
Road Trip
Recently separated from his girlfriend, Graham decides to fulfil a dream and hitchhike across the States. He did not reckon on accepting a lift and running into a female created hell on a desolate Kansas highway.
Rules of Engagement
An Englishman goes missing in Asia Minor, a grand, powerful and matriarchal Turkish family, and a worldwide network of female dominants who enjoy nothing more than the training and subsequent selling of unwilling slaves, be they man or woman.
Samantha's Slave
Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he\'s immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess. But Jack is not prepared for her cruel tests in submission
Samanthas Assemblage
Samantha’s Slave - Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he's immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess. Addicted to Samantha - Jack's addiction to the beautiful Samantha is becoming more and more marked – as is he – when she ups the ante in the tests of submission he must pass if he is to prove himself worthy of remaining in her life.
Sarahs Girlfriend
Buxom blonde Sarah naturally attracts every male eye on campus. Yet despite her countless desperate fantasies that might shock even her swaggering potential suitors, the shy, deeply erotic girl is comparatively inexperienced. But not for much longer.
Satan Wears Satin
King X Key gives us the story of a man who has allowed himself to be dominated by three different women. But a cocky Vance Gamble is convinced that the latest of the women deluded enough to think she owns will ensure his career as a stockbroker will skyrocket beyond his dreams - as long as he jumps through the hoops held by Sable Brandenberg until such a time as he is wealthy enough to ditch her. Sable, on the other hand, is a femme fatale with money, power and feminine assets capable of disarming any man and Vance, it goes without saying, will be ditching nobody.
Satans Sisters Series
Three thrilling femdom novels in one from Pink Flamingo as Paul Moore’s two books of femdom submission, “Satan’s Sisters” are joined by his highly popular “Biker Gurls”.
Secret Fantasies Fulfilled… And THEN some
We all have secret fantasies and most of the time, that’s what they remain, or should, and in his latest work of erotic femdom, JG-Leathers presents us with another tale of a man’s darker dreams brought to reality.
Secret Garden
A successful female romance novelist finds that true romance isn't only to be found in the arms of tall, dark, handsome and commanding male lovers
Secret Mascot
Another tale of female supremacy from the prolific pen of Lance Edwards.
Secrets of Womens Self Bondage Cult
In thirty-four chapters, Jurgen von Stuka, who brought you SUMMER SCHOOL, AFTER SCHOOL, DESPERATE, BONDAGE BROKERS and other twisted tales from the BDSM scene, explores the secret and private world of women who find erotic release in tying, gagging, strapping and chaining themselves.
See How She Runs (Him)
A freshman cross-country runner loves nothing more than sexually dominating men. Hardly surprising then that when the young woman hears the female members of her running team complain about a senior runner belonging to the boy's squad she decides to do something about it.
Sentenced To Heaven
Sentenced to Heaven centers on Rachel Blaine, a badly damaged rape victim, prison guard and ex-military torturer who avenges her violation by abusing deserving convicts.
Take a recently married couple with a physically unprepossessing wife and a decent looking husband with unfulfilled sexual needs and a desire for domination and control, add a deviant third presence with control issues of her own to the relationship and, voila!... Disaster. For the man, anyway.
Serving An Indian Goddess
Mike Watson's first novel for the Femdom Cave is a tale of one man's obsession for a fellow student and the depths of need and degradation to which it takes him.
Serving An Indian Goddess - The Sequel
The sequel to Mike Watson's "Serving an Indian Goddess" is now complete under one cover. For one infatuated, obsessed and utterly controlled American, a new life in New Delhi as the manservant of the gorgeous Priyanka is about to go beyond even his conceptions of what female dominance can be as his new owner brings him face to face with changes he would never have believed he could accept.
Serving Her
After courting her, Alex feels happy and content belonging to a woman he adores, but Kimberly is not about to let her new submissive boyfriend get complacent and she soon introduces him to punishments that take him outside his comfort zone.
Serving Sreelatha
When Sunil Kakkar, Tim Benson’s partner in a thriving retail business, passes away it brings the handsome middle-aged Englishman into contact with his late partner’s younger wife, Sreelatha.
She Was Evil
An evil Chinese femme fatale avenges herself on her father's enemy by making him the most abject of sexual and domestic chattels.
Ship Of Remorse
I remember the advertisement word for word. Expecting? No where to turn? Thinking of terminating your pregnancy? Have a free consultation with Dr. Helga. The noted European
The glorious Miss Irene brings us another wicked and perverse tale of female sexual dominance; this time from the heart of London’s club-land during the 1980’s.
Sins of the Sitter
Eighteen year old Dan Boynton has just inherited his family estate following his parents\' tragic death. Rattling around his lonely old house, he spies his sexy twenty-four year old neighbor sunbathing nude - a buxom and beautiful Amazon who used to babysit for him years ago. With fondness, he remembers the innocent games they used to play of cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians. All with Dan the victim and his babysitter a powerful villainess who could make him do anything she wanted. Now all grown up, he thinks a date with his former sitter might just be a ticket to a whole new world of fun and games.
Slut Boy
Writing for Pink Flamingo, Lance Edwards gives his fertile imagination free-rein to bring us a collection diverse women. Some beautiful, some voluptuous and some buxom. All of them dominant.
Slut Boy Mega Collection - Volume One
In his latest collection of short-stories, Lance Edwards paints a vivid picture of female perversion and the desire of some women to control her man.
Slut Boy Mega Collection - Volume Three
Dominant wives, and cruel women in shapes and sizes populate the stories of Lance Edwards. Each of them with one thing in common.
Slut Boy Mega Collection - Volume Two
Evil women, controlling women, strict women, and sexually dominant women, are just some of the female types depicted by Lance Edwards in his second collection of “Slut Boy” stories.
Slut Boy: Backdoor Blues
If you like your femdom hot and over-the-top then this collection of Stories from Lance Edwards is guaranteed to hit the “S” for submission spot. Featuring willing and unwilling males enslaved by their voluptuous, sexy wives, lovers and take-charge Dommes, Mr Edwards provides us with his usual brand of high octane, high quality, excitement.
Spanked into Submission
Lee Allen’s HOT NEW Femdom Stories, featuring beautiful, crafty, take-charge Femmes, dishing out justice and plenty of painful punishment to their unsuspecting male victims as a means of teaching them the necessary respect.
Stephanie's Story
"Stephanie's Story" is Paula Andante's third foray into the world of spanking fiction and female domination for Femdom Cave.
Stern Manor
The young and eager Fiona arrives at Stern Manor just in time to witness six new males be processed in, each one tattooed with a gold SM monogram on their buttocks. Despite her youth and relative inexperience she will soon become the most feared female among many feared females
Erotic horror and female domination, in both modern and classical form, is the order of the day in the latest tale of men under female control from the ever inventive and diabolical Miss Irene Clearmont.
Sweetness and Blight
Lance Edwards describes the birth and development of a female led marriage, as a young, lovely, and deceptively kind Manhattan Juliet, Amelia Barnes, wins over and gradually enslaves her handsome and despondent Romeo who just happens to be the son of her father’s late and ruined rival.
In the much anticipated new novel from Chris Bellows, Lionel Hobsworth Middleton, in public a banker to the privileged and the wealthy, leads a secretive private life of sexual perversion. Secretive, that is, except to the woman who nurtures his addiction and who chooses to film it as a means of keeping him to heel. All the roller-coaster elements of a definitive Chris Bellows are present as Hobsworth Middleton’s journey into sadomasochism is portrayed in full color high definition.
Tales From The Estate
Females reign supreme at the secluded farm of a wealthy and ultra dominant widow with a dark desire to see the male species suffer. Chris Bellows describes the characters and events of life at a large farm known simply as \'The Estate\' after its conversion into a haven for Female Dominance.
Tales of an English Rose
Lauries Husband relates the story of a wife in full control of her own life and that of her second husband Robert and reveals the events that made her the woman she is today.
Tales of Female Depravity
Another set of stories from the ever inventive Lance Edwards on the subject of women dominating, destroying and enslaving, men.
Tales of Love & Cruelty
Another collection of shorter femdom fiction from the prolific and talented Lance Edwards sure to please his growing following.
Tales Of Ordinary Cruelty
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont brings you tales of hapless males and the women who enslave them to ensure their suffering, in this collection of tales on the subject of the sexually dominant female and the arrogant men foolish enough to approach them without the necessary circumspection.
Taming The Virile Male
Captured in a failed invasion attempt, a young Captain is about have his life turned upside down by his female captors.
Taming Timmy
Seduced by a black shemale, a happily married wife and businesswoman allows her new lover to introduce her to the dark side she had never suspected she possessed.
Ten Stinging Stories: A Spanking Anthology
A hot & sexy collection of Spanking Tales – including Getting Bruce to Stick to His Diet, The Devil in His Body and The Burning of His Butt, How Louis Van Tongeren Served His Lady, and Classic Cal Battles Booze with a Beaten Butt.
The Apprentice Dominatrix
The beautiful, young and sexy, Alina is made an offer to become the wife, and full time Dominatrix, of English inventor and millionaire, Charles Waddington.
The Beasts of Tatiana
In this work of female led sci-fi from Fred Finley, two men and two women from a destroyed mother-ship land their shuttle on a supposedly uninhabited planet.
The Black Widow Rises
Anoushka wants to be the kinkiest dominatrix there ever was. What could be more irresistible than a curvy vamp who wishes to make up for the wasted years and have all her BDSM dreams come true – now that her husband is gone? Raven-haired, luscious, and with a wardrobe full of the most fabulous fetish wear imaginable, she’ll do anything, with men or women alike, to feed her kinky cravings.
The Blacksmiths Daughter
In another tale of erotic domination from Chris bellows, Dr. Winthrop Samuels plies his craft with zeal, determined to assuage the needs of the Blacksmith’s Daughter, her deep inner quest for the gothic bondage of iron... black and crude... found to be unending.
The Cecedes School of Submission
The lives of men are filled with women of authority – whether they realise or not – but few can have been dominated as thoroughly and with such life altering effects as the hero/heroine in Clare Penne’s latest opus on the lives of the simply well-to-do and the super-rich these less wealthy examples find themselves serving.
The Chastity Game
Gemma and Greg are the perfect married couple – Gemma is petite and breathtakingly pretty, while Greg is tall, strong and handsome. They’ve been hopelessly and totally in love with each other since they were teenagers. There’s only one slight problem with their otherwise idyllic relationship. Gemma is gay… And very dominant!
The Chosen Chastity Belt
Another short but riveting tale from Clare Penne involving yet harmless crossdressing gone wrong. This time it’s that of a husband while visiting the Indian subcontinent, unaware that his supposedly secret indulgence is about to bring about his demotion to sexual and domestic submission when his wife discovers his desires and how he has acted upon them.
The Chris Bellows Collection
Two novels of sadistic women turning unwilling males into beasts of burden and domestic pets from the gifted Mr Bellows.
The Classic Olivia M. Ravensworth
For the first time in nearly 20 years, the original three novels of famed erotica author Olivia M. Ravensworth are back in print! In The Mistress of Castle Rohmenstadt, young Katherine inherits a secluded castle deep the in forests of Eastern Europe. Within these dark stone walls, the outwardly innocent American finds mystery piled upon sexual mystery.
The Club
Paula Andante’s second novel of femdom fiction for Femdom Cave takes us into the world of disciplinary wives and their trained and obedient husbands.
The Club Owners Troubles
Dara Dupree was a Caribbean street girl and prostitute who rose to wealth and power running the most popular fetish club in the islands. To treat herself upon reaching such success, she buys an adolescent male to conceal in an underground apartment below her estate.
The Coffin Dodgers
Another tale of rollicking femdom from the time of power that was as much female as flower, from Jo Paso reintroduces familiar places of womanly dominance such as Peacock Farm and Willicombe House.
The College: Receiving An Education
S.M. Ackerman gives another adventure in BDSM fiction in the confines of a corporate run training college for Subs and Mistresses.
The Commodities Market
The punishment handed out to a hot-shot Wall-Street commodities dealer, this after he embezzles money he is laundering for a drugs-baron from Central America, is amongst the most brutal and enduring to be depicted in tales of femdom fantasy and fiction.
The Conquerable
When Douglas Harper is finally released from his captivity by an unknown government and placed into the care of the female psychiatrist given responsibility for his rehabilitation, he knows he has a long road ahead of him if he is to ever function as a normal man again. Longer, if the devious psychiatrist has her way.
The Constancia Compendium
Whether he is kissing her feet or forced to his knees in submission before her, the man who takes the fancy of a Chris Bellows’ heroine-cum-mistress is always in a condition of abject service to his female owner.
The Cost Of Being A Girl
The ever fertile and erotic mind of Clare Penne brings us the tale of a successful man with a harmless penchant for dressing-up for his dominant mistress.
The Countess's Compliant
The queen of decadent and outré erotica in the world of the wealthy and powerful, Clare Penne, brings you another tale of dominated and feminised masculinity.
The Cuckold Collection
Three different authors, each linked by the common-denominator of a gift for the erotic cuckold fiction story, can now be found together in the first volume of Femdom Cave’s collection of Cuckold tales.
The Danish Domme
A married Englishman decides to indulge his fetish for femdom and crossdressing with a Danish travel writer based in Copenhagen.
The Decision
The spoiled daughter of an incredibly wealthy mother has everything she can possibly want. Or has she?
The Dionysus Project
A huge private corporation wins permission to undertake some highly unusual and, eventually, lucrative research into male sexuality and the means by which it can be made more… biddable.
The Discipline of the Governess
Dismissed from school for the crime of self-abuse, Master Edward returns to Victorian London in disgrace to the home of the aloof and ancient father, from whom he so looks forward to inheriting, to discover his former governess has been replaced. Disturbingly so.
The Double Agent
Michael loves his new life in China. His new website for Western expats is beginning to take off and the Chinese women are both gorgeous and available.
The Dress Shop Domme
From Clare Penne comes a tale of harmless and husbandly crossdressing. Crossdressing that becomes so much more serious... and enslaving... when a woman with dominant sexual desires herself uses her insider knowledge to satisfy her own needs.
The Dressed Investor - Part One of Volume One
In the first part of volume-one of Clare Penne’s latest work of erotic fiction, a man finds himself enmeshed in a world of corporate finance controlled completely by women. But will he be allowed to remain a man? Female erotica and dominant women are the driving imperatives of Ms Penne’s latest femdom ebook as one man’s life is altered beyond all recognition and beyond all hope of ever being restored to its original form.
The Dressed Investor - Part One of Volume Two
The first part of two of Volume-Two in Clare Penne’s femdom fiction tale picks up with the blackmail and subjugation of the hapless Matt.
The Dressed Investor - Part Two - Volume One
The latest erotic ebook from Clare Penne continues with the final part of volume-one. The subjugation of the businessman, now known as “Caitlin”, continues as he/she endures further humiliation and transformation at the hands of his alpha-female owner, Lady Julia.
The Dressed Investor - Part Two of Volume Two
Clare Penne’s femdom fiction tale picks up with the blackmail and subjugation of the hapless Matt.
The Erotic Adventures of a 20th Century Lady
“The Erotic Adventures of a 20th Century Lady” by Penelope Drops is an autobiography of the escapades in stern domination of one of the leading Madam’s of the early 20th century, long before it was considered acceptable for people to even discuss sexual relations.
The Executioner's Girl
Believing herself possessed by the spirit of someone she describes as the “The Executioner’s Girl”, a young and virginal dominatrix seeks out a hypnotherapist to help her gain an insight into the demon possessing her. Brought to life by her infatuated therapist, the experiences of her unwanted guest in a past life go beyond anything either has either experienced or expected to experience.
The Facility
A strict, cosseted world, where every decision is removed from the everyday lives of the inmates – men who are guarded by a specialist, hand-picked team of women that share one common trait – an innate desire to dominate the male of the species...
The Femdom Collection - Volume One
Three great works of femdom fiction in one volume begin with an Englishman’s Middle-East nightmare in “Hanifah’s White Body-Servant”; continue with an erotic and sexually demonic reworking of Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale of possession and submission in a sleepy French village in “Ancient Sorceries”; and complete themselves with the tale of one middle-aged gigolo’s inhuman and inescapable fate at the hands of his young German wife and her Senegalese housekeeper in “Man-Beast to Male-Pet”.
The Gimp
The ketch of accomplished yachtsman Captain Cocoa Michelle sinks during a sailing competition and she becomes hopelessly stranded, believing the unnamed South Pacific island she washes up on to be her final resting place. That is until a naked male shows up on Cocoa\'s beach under circumstances that put her in complete and utter control of him.
The Golden Screw - Book One
Book-One of Wes Royal's "The Golden Screw" collection sees the return of the irresistible Gilda Cane and her cohorts of deeply perverted and sexually dominant female friends and acquaintances as Hugh Bristol ("Hubris"), her new husband finds he might be wedded but any bliss he might take from the union is likely to be extremely painful. And ALWAYS humiliating.
The Golden Screw - Book Two
The trials of Hugh Bristol (Hubris) continue in Wes Royal’s second book in the female-led world of Goldenrod. Caught cheating with Dita, a rival domme, his life in the service of the glorious Gilda – if she allows him to resume it – is about to become even more abject and humiliating.
The Humbled
Criminally minded degenerates had better beware! Especially if they are well-endowed.
The Inferior
Moving to Cornwall after the break up of his marriage, a philandering middle-aged writer finds himself manipulated into slavery by his devious young Indian housekeeper.
The Inferior - Illustrated
Moving to Cornwall after the break up of his marriage, a philandering middle-aged writer finds himself manipulated into slavery by his devious young Indian housekeeper.
The Interrogator
When Robert is incarcerated while on vacation in Thailand, he\'s brutally interrogated by a woman for a crime he did not commit and the experience revives an adolescent affliction. Robert can "get it up", but he cannot "get off". He gets NO climactic sexual relief! Then, back in NYC some time after his ordeal, he encounters the same female who interrogated him in Thailand!
The Jury - Book One
A lusty forty-something man with a penchant for scene-based femdom has his world turned upside down by a seductive teenager and finds the reality of the femdom world is a long way from the consensual forays he has experienced in the past.
The Jury - Book Two
David Beats erotic tale of a BDSM enthusiast who meets his true destiny in the shape of a sadistic and blackmailing teenager reaches its second-volume and even the thoughts of his masochistic past, and his trial before a "Jury" of dominant women, pales into insignificance when compared to the hell on earth prepared for him by the cruel, remorseless, and utterly gorgeous Brandy.
The Key to Feminine Contentment
Over her knee, or kissing her feet, the men in the tales of Lance Edwards are never anything more than a slave to a woman.
The Lock
Sean Malone is a horny college student with good looks, a buff body and a secret fantasy to be dominated by a beautiful woman. He spends hours entertaining himself with femdom porn and fantasizing about his dream Domme but, when opportunity offers itself, will he have the necessary conviction to see the challenge through?
The Lodge
Paul is clipped by Destiny, his favorite lap dancer at The Lodge, a club where the entertainers carry leashes and target patrons wearing collars to lead to the private dance area. Collar boys pay double the usual rate to kneel while the dancers perform towering over them. Destiny teases Paul about how long it her to see him with a collar on. As his dance ends, she spanks him while he stoops and kisses her foot.
The Male Concubine
In the grand style of Sacher Masoch’s “Zenobia”, Chris Bellows gives us the story of a small and autocratic African country, a spoiled Princess, and the unfortunate blond male of unknown origin who is given to her as a plaything.
The Malkin
The authority on dominant subcontinent women and the weak and often unwilling European males they enslave, Kurt Steiner, brings us the tale of sexual and domestic servitude of one English self-publisher to the recently widowed Indian businesswoman who is also his neighbour.
The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women
The Man Who Was Put On Earth To Serve Women tells the story of a handsome man who truly believes that his purpose in life is to make the lives of beautiful women as comfortable as possible.
The Mysterious Domme
The harmless crossdressing of a successful married banker deepens into something far more threatening when a mysterious woman enters his life and uses the threat of exposure to wife, family and the bank employing him, to ensure he is obedient to her. An obedience that grows until he is nothing more than a sissified slave to his new owner’s desires.
The New Maids
Denise la Croix’s femdom ebook from Pink Flamingo tells the story of Julia Merton, a wealthy, beautiful, exceptionally vain and sexy, red-haired woman. She is also a dominant lesbian who finds her life boring and wishes to spice it up. What better way than to poach a friend’s desirable and innocent, and recently employed, young maid with a view to eventually enslaving her?
The Norfolk Hall Girls
It’s 1960’s England and life on the Manor is good – if you happen to be a woman. Has there ever been a sorrier collection of men than Lord Richard (“Big Dick”) Norfolk and the male employees of Norfolk Hall. By the time you’ve read of their treatment at the hands of the halls serving girls, stable lasses and Lady Isobel Norfolk herself you’ll be in no doubt.
The Omani
Clare Penne brings us yet another adventure into the erotic, perverse, and life-changing with this tale of a most unusual – and irrevocable – female-led relationship.
The Party Boy
After Jack is caught peeping at the servants while they’re bathing and dressing, a governess, Miss Kelly, is hired as an answer to such inappropriate behavior.
The Position
Ezra Bedford brings us a novella in the style of late-19th & early-20th Century fiction.
The Power of Devotion
(Previously published as Unsettled Times) After the First World War the Russian soldier Jurij Alexandrovich returns home after having been a prisoner-of-war to find the communists ruling his country. Worse, his vengeful ex-girlfriend Alessia -now girlfriend to the lesbian political chief commissioner of his war-torn home-village- has been placed in a position of power. And she still wants him.
The Power of Satin - Book One
Michelle Thomas’ first novel for Femdom Cave gives us the tale of a burgeoning female-led relationship. When a young woman discovers her boyfriend’s obsession with satin she uses his fixation with the fabric to lead him into ever greater dependence upon her, with the ultimate aim of making him her chastised and obedient manservant – both sexually and domestically.
The Predator
Surviving off her wits, Luda hunts, choosing to vanquish her prey with inordinate strength, quick hands and a sharp knife - except when she needs a male beast of burden. A harrowing tale of a dominant and pitiless woman of the old West.
The Professors Pet
A freshman with an abnormally large penis becomes infatuated with his Chemistry professor, Dr. Teri Teasel, who, it so happens, has a complementary problem consisting of a weakened pelvic floor which makes her \'box\' too big for an ordinary erection; however, when she discovers what he is packing and seduces him for an evening of sex, events do not run exactly as she planned. Which is good news…… For her.
The Q-Tip Punishment
Arthur just wants to have a bit of off-the-wall fun, but his wife Emma has no interest in playing his silly slave games. Her husband though, is nothing if not persistent and when he finally talks her into visiting a ranch that caters to dominant females and their slave husbands, he thinks he’s found the perfect solution to play out his fantasies before returning to his role as Lord and Master of his marriage. Life at “The Ranch”, however, is far from what he expects and, worse, has a strange effect on the previously vanilla Emma.
The Second Circle of Hell - Complete Novel
With characters (including herself) familiar from her massively popular novel of female domination and wicked perversity, “Dark Widow”, Miss Irene Clearmont gives us another fascinating insight into the lives of those for whom morality plays no part.
The Spanked Into Submission Collection
It was spring break and a caravan of students from SW Texas State had just arrived at the beach on South Padre Island. Jane came with three roommates and two other cars that contained two couples each.
The Spiral She Led Him Down
Inspired by the success of two of her friends in turning around their marriages to overbearing husbands; Corinne Beswick looks back on the events that changed the life of both herself and her own overbearing partner, Robin.
The Subjugation of Thomas Tallis
The wrongs of England’s colonial past come back to haunt an innocent man at the hands of a vengeful and sexually perverted Indian girl in Sandrine Bessancort’s female led tribute to the master of the terrifying and uncanny, Algernon Blackwood
The Supplication of the Male Pig
Heir to one of America\'s great fortunes, David Farnsworth Smythe lives lavishly and licentiously. As far as David is concerned, the privilege of wealth is to squander vast sums on young women willing to capitulate to his sordid sexual penchants and completely debase themselves for money and his pleasure. Unfortunately for Farnsworth Smythe, however, he has taken the eye of an even more ruthless predator. And she wants him.
The Supremacy of Samantha
Running low on cash during poker night with the boys, Tom ends up putting his wife up for collateral to stay in on a hand and win an enormous pot he knows he cannot lose…and yet lose he does. None of his friends would ever try to collect on the bet, of course, and instead, looking faintly wistful, they instead merely rib him good-naturedly.
The Training Of Leahs Wife - Volume One
When a man whose formative years were dominated by an older sister marries, it’s no surprise that the woman who has captured his heart is of a controlling nature herself and wishes to rule their life together. But even Nostradamus himself, let alone the poor hapless husband, could have foreseen where her desire for complete sexual control would lead them.
The Training Of Leahs Wife - Volume Two
The adventure of change and sexual re-alignment continues as one formerly controlled husband becomes a pliable submissive – and not just to his dominant wife alone. But even this facet of the former man’s life is subject to the turbulent winds of perverse sexual change.
The Undersecretary
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont brings you yet another riveting tale of erotic femdom, decadence and female authority, as one unfortunate – or fortunate, take your pick – man learns the true consequences of accepting a position at Coxten’s female-led bank and just what it means to become… “The Undersecretary”.
The Velvet Cage
Hoping to fulfil the darker side of his personality, Philip answers an intriguing personal ad in his local paper. This results in him surrendering to a mysterious and beautiful woman, who promises to realise his desire to be dominated.
To Die For
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont brings you yet another in her growing list of the most ruthless, deviant, merciless and predatory, heroines in fiction. This time it’s a sexually warped and money fixated wife who, taking advantage of her role as her husband’s accountant, reduces the man she promised to honour in sickness and wealth to nothing higher than a caged and helpless human animal in the basement of the home he had once considered his.
Tom Cat
Deception, humiliation, extortion. . . in a search for savage revenge! They humiliate her. And get it all on camera for the internet. Videotaping Tommy’s flailing body on the table as they take their turns.
Total Chastity Toy
In this erotic ebook from JG Leathers, Charley thoroughly enjoys his overwhelming desire to experience life dressed in all of his fetish clothing and to use his custom-made medical restraints and corsets in the privacy of the marital home. Then, eventually, after he and his dominant wife have made their fortunes, they decide to move far into the wilderness so that he will be able to pursue his interests in full measure. Bad move… For him.
The lives of three beautiful, dominant and bisexual females have been full of joy and personal fulfilment. The same cannot be said for the men unfortunate enough to have crossed their paths.
From transcripts based on conversations between Jurgen von Stuka and noted German psychologist, Jessica V. St. Claire, PhD., comes another sensational novel of a male who finds his predilections being utilised for her own ends by his partner. All names, times and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.
Twelve Steps to Hell
How far would you go to get the girl of your dreams? Could you stand a year of hell to prove your respect and obedience to a woman in order to win her?
Two Books - Special Bundle 1
Two Books - Special Bundle 1
Great value with these two books under one cover and their tales of hapless men and the sexually dominant women who control them. Domestically as well as physically. A Female Led Marriage & A Devoted Domestic
Under Red Heels
Another tale of unrelenting female despotism from the poisonous pen of the glorious Miss Irene Clearmont. A female domination thriller packed full with the alpha females for which Miss Irene is known. Females who are as severe and ruthless as they are erotic and sadistic.
The glorious Miss Irene’s latest foray into the world of dominant female erotica brings us into contact with the mother-in-law from femdom hell as she first seduces and then blackmails her son-in-law into servitude while his wife and her daughter is away on business.
Venus Ascendant
A traditional and gripping Crime novel dealing with female empowerment and male castration.
Venus In Norfolk
When two friends are reunited in Norfolk, after the marriage of one of them to a Massachusetts’ man goes south, the divorcing friend finds her former university roommate and fellow fantasist has skeletons of her own in the closet.
Venus Is Rising
No wife, no money, no career, no home. A womaniser and would-be writer is about to find a whole other existence.
On a business trip to Calcutta, successful businessman, Vincent Vincennes, comes face to face with obsession and infatuation in the person of a plain young Indian waitress and his life will never be the same again.
Violated Men
Females take charge in this sizzling new collection of twenty-six Femdom short stories. Follow along as men, both deserving and undeserving, find themselves trapped in nightmarish lives straight from their darkest sexual fantasies by the women intent on owning them.
Whatever Lola Wants
Wes Royal gives us his tales us of women used, abused and underestimated – but always victorious – over the arrogant and conceited men who would use them to satisfy their lusts and end up as chattels and sex slaves to their superior adversaries.
Whip Hand
The glorious Miss Irene Clearmont has crafted yet another tale of erotic domination and one man's sensual woes at the hands of the female of the species.
Whips, Chains & Wicked Women
Another high-energy collection of femdom tales in which yet more Slut-Boys are made to grovel before demanding no-nonsense women.
White Slavery - Omnibus
In this great value omnibus, Gudrun Lindstrom brings you three tales of interracial femdom as engrossingly readable as they are believable.
Wifely Dominance
Together in one sensibly priced volume, Femdom Cave presents two works of femdom erotica, both of which make the dominant wife and the enslaving of an unsuspecting husband the focus of their tales.
Willicombe House
Jo Paso returns with more adventures of swinging sixties domme, Poppy Peacock, and the likeminded friends who see men as no more than the naughty schoolboys in need of a firm female hand that they are.
Wish Fulfilment
The glorious Miss Irene brings us another tale of a husband who has the temerity to think he can not only have the cake of his sexual fantasies but actually be allowed to eat it.
Women with the Whip Hand
From the author of “The Mortification of Isabel” comes these titillating tales of men forced to bow the neck before a collection of assertive females sure to instil awe, reverence and excitement in the hearts and minds of even the most unwilling male subject.

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