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Josh has a Problem – Female Led Story

Torn Between Twins – Female Led Tale

Chapter One

Making Vows > Taking Them


Slavery descended so banally, with a walk down a hotel hallway.

The city itself was banality embodied: Dayton, Ohio. It was Midwestern July hot outside, the evening truly smothering at well past eight o’clock. Facing the dread inevitability of his wedding two days hence, Joshua ‘Jay’ Hawkins Jr. (a.k.a. ‘Screamin’ Jay’ after an old blues singer), nevertheless headed up the corridor with a spring in his step.

This was the Ritz-Carlton. Still all the glamour of Monte Carlo couldn’t have more enlivened him. He hadn’t seen the friend (and so much more) on the other side of the approaching door in nearly a year. If the ceremony on Sunday impended like an execution, this felt like the condemned man’s last repast – or conjugal contact.

If this was indeed the end, at least he’d never yet lacked for action.

At five-eleven and one-ninety, his medium build trim, Jay considered himself about average. His chin wasn’t weak, or his cheeks all marred with blemish scars. His brown hair and eyes were entirely ordinary. Fortunately he’d always been wealthy enough for none of that to matter, especially in such a backwater.

Admittedly a bit indiscriminate, rich playboy Jay had bedded dozens of women since the gift-finish of his seventeenth birthday party. Now just a weekend shy of eight years to the day, still only that original initiate persisted in her ability to consistently thrill him. Freshly titivated on the elevator up, the raunchy dog didn’t delay for even a spritsof breath spray upon arriving at the indicated doorway. Nor did he bother with the knocker but just hammered the wooden panel. This was wrenched open in seconds. Somebody inside was just as eager as he to renew their lifelong,unfortunately intermittent, maybe-finally-doomed dalliance.

“Jay, baby! My ally from our daycare days! Get in here so I can devour your lovely body alive! I swear, after all these years, I am not leaving a single scrap of you for that insufferable bitch to finally get!”

Jay was grabbed by the tie and literally yanked inside. While he was recovering from stumbling, the doorslammed emphatically behind him. When he looked up, banality had been fabulously banished – perhapspermanently.

Sporting a new tattoo, another piercing or two and the fact that she’d changed her hair again, best-friend-forever Jennifer just bristled with exotica atop the familiar. Five-ten, mostly slender and athletic, she exuded an inner vibrancy that was (as always) more daunting than any amount of body art, modification or even the rakish new razor-styling and purple highlighting now adorning what was originally a fabulously healthy wealth of shining jet hair.

Attacking the hospitality supplies, her every lithe bend and flex seemed pent with feral aggression. Then Jen cast him a glance askance. Even obliquely, it was that amazingly piercing gaze that most captivated. Uncomfortably identical to those of her terror of a twin, this younger heir to the Chandler fortune (by only three brief minutes, alas) boasted remarkably large eyes of an extraordinarily expressive hazel.

Brown, green, and even hints of gold tints mingling in their intricately interleaved rings, those beautifully striated irises could be as variable as their owners’ moods – and more eloquent than any language. Beyond hip to their code,Jay was well used to seeing them scintillating like

ice, cutting like knives or darkening like the sea just before a roaring storm. Now joyfully alight with spite (spiced by rampant lust and a deliciously impish mischief), the gaze that could be so evisceratingly frigid in her sister was instead so hotly electrifying that Jay jumped at Jen’s ejaculation as though jolted by live voltage.

“Well?! What you waiting for? Get your ass naked – unless you want to be leaving here in the complementary bathrobe. You’ve got ‘til I finish making these drinks. Then those fancy threads get rent to shreds.

“Jesus, I can’t believe the day is really nearly here. I’ve been railing against this for ten fucking years. Andstill you’re actually planning to marry that harridan!”

Not bothering with futile argument – they both knew he had no choice despite sisterly competition’s endlessobjections – Jay contented himself with silent ogling. It was hard enough trying to swiftly strip without a single trip or ripping off his underwear-entangled, already erecting dick. The sights on offer had been denied for such a torturouslylong time…

Of course in Jennifer’s regular absences there was always his boss Julia, now head of the company, always Queen of the Harpies. But where Jay’s designated fiancé wore only horribly staid business suits armoring away any possible eroticism that might be suggested by such impressively heavy and upswept breasts, Jennifer as alwaysgloried in being blatantly contrary. Tonight she wore but a skimpy clingy strapless black mini that left absolutely nothing to the wondering.

No possible bra, no discernible panty lines. Nipples and vulva both exquisitely sculpted in satiny sable relief… Between the scandalously short hem just clutching her bulbous butt and the similarly tight-fitting soft leather boots that reached to just past her kneecaps, black fishnet stockings and garters were fashionably exposed. Framed against the drinks table (a pair of ice buckets held full bottles of Stoli’s and Dom Perignon), twenty-six year-old Jennifer looked every bit the quintessential temptress she’d always been – and then some. Turning and smirking at him standing therenaked and oh-so rigid already, she handed him a glass and clinked the rim with her own. Those leviathan eyes somehow devilishly gleeful and sorrowfully reproachful both, Jen taunted him with her toast.

“Here’s to the death of freedom and manhood. You better pray this ending frenzy makes up for all the hell ahead.”

“Knowing you, I’m sure it will. Knowing your sister… Well, I’d better do my own damnedest to makesure we truly make this night one for the ages.”

He shouldn’t have mentioned Julia. Rather than drink, Jennifer fired right up. She was determined to take every possible opportunity to vent until they all stood at the altar. Then who knew what she might do? Agreeing toforevermore hold her peace seemed far from guaranteed.

“Goddamn it, I can’t believe you mean to go through with this shit! You will so regret it!” Jay gave resigned patience yet another try.

“Girl of my dreams, we’ve been over this a million times, ever since we were fifteen – or I was fourteen. Unless I want to discover how the other ninety-nine percent lives, I don’t have a choice in this. Bitch to our parents about it, while a couple of ‘em are still around. I’m not the one who arrived in the delivery room three minutes too late to inherit.”

“I couldn’t help that! The pushy bully beat me to the escape hatch. If we were eagle chicks, she would havepecked me to death and thrown me out of the goddamn nest.”

Changeable as always, Jenny giggled at the image. She tossed back her drink in a gulp. Jay followed suit.

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