With a reverent nod to the fiction of the Marquis de Sade and the adventures of “Justine”, Miss Irene Clearmont brings us the adventures of “Samuel” and his fate during a break from his university studies to travel the U.S.

In a series of erotic female dominated adventures – each serving as standalone stories in their own right – the glorious Miss Irene follows our young hero as he is abducted, trained, humiliated and sexually tortured by the kind of dominant and perverted women capable of terrifying the imagination of de Sade himself.

“Plaything” is the first part in the “Subjugated Samuel” series and will be followed by “Roadkill”.


First port of call was to find a cheap motel!

He dodged the traffic across the main street and stopped for a coffee and a bite. Two dollars fifty and ten minutes later he was registering in the motel and taking in the room that was costing just fifty a night. Samuel unpacked his bag. A couple of tattered paperbacks, his precious camera, a couple of T shirts and his phone. Not much, but then, that was the idea of the whole trip, to experience America in the raw, to hitch and bus his way around from East Coast to West on just a few dollars a day.

The room had a musty air, as if unused for weeks, but the locks seemed secure and at least the bedding was clean. Satisfied that he had a home for the next day at least, Samuel decided to explore. As soon as he had walked five minutes he regretted getting off in Reno. There seemed nothing of interest, even though he snapped a few shots of peeling buildings overshadowed by glass monstrosities. By the time that he ate in a diner, Samuel was already planning his next move.

Simply put, the problem was money!

Life was simply too expensive on the road despite the fact that he was so careful with each dollar. Samuel had arrived in New York, from Spain, just three weeks ago. A week in the Big Apple had cost double his estimation and each stop on the road had depleted his funds to the point where now, he was starting to think that sleeping rough was the only option. In two weeks he had to be in San Francisco airport for his flight back to Europe, in his billfold were enough dollars for just a single week.

Nothing for it! He would be sleeping rough in Reno after tonight and just spend every third night in a bed. He walked down the river lined with parks and assessed the possibilities before heading back to the Motel. A few more photos; he was running out of space to keep the thousands of pictures and could not even afford another card.

Samuel sighed as he flicked through the photos and eliminated a few from a week back to make more space. This trip had not turned out anything like the fantasy dream he had had. Of being on the road. Footloose and free, the sun high as he met interesting people and saw exciting places. Even the daytrip to Niagara Falls had been an anti-climax. A rubbish-blown park, too-expensive excursions on the river and a glimpse of Canada that made him wish that he was on the other side. Somehow he longed to be back in Seville in Spain, boasting of the trip that he had taken before university.

He awoke.

At three in the morning, the bed in the neighbouring room was taking a beating and the cries of the combatants could be clearly heard through the walls. Samuel sat up in bed and tried to read to the rhythm of that long fuck. The words of the Kerouac novel that he had brought to read to get him in a travelling mood blurring before his eyes. At four the noise subsided, followed by the slamming of doors and high-pitched feminine laughter outside his window.

Samuel nodded off with the light on.

A bang at the door signalled the wakeup call that he had requested at nine and he packed his rucksack carefully before bidding farewell to the room. Time to explore… he felt as though his feet dragged, weary and despondent as he headed back to the bus station and discovered that, that the days’ bus to San Francisco was already fully booked. A peep into the bin where he had discarded the ticket the day before showed just coke cans and he headed back into town.

Samuel hastened out of the derelict area he was walking through and passed under the freeway. Suddenly it was different. Small houses that became larger villas as he headed on through. Neat lawns and playing children. His step lengthened a little until he found himself in an affluent area where smart four-by-fours were parked behind locked gates. With the idea that this might be a safe place, if only he could just find a suitable piece of secluded park. Samuel went further. Now he could see the barren edge of town, the place where houses suddenly stopped and the green watered-lawns became near-desert. A hard, dry place that seemed unforgiving. He reached the edge of town and looked at his watch.

Four hours and the sun was high and bright.

Once again, Samuel’s mood descended, it seemed as though he would have to call his parents and ask them to send him some cash. The very thing that he had tried so hard to avoid. On the other hand, it would allow him to get another night in that motel, the one that was cheap and the sleeping optional. Samuel imagined how smug his wealthy father would be when he was forced to call for money, and he hesitated.

A blonde woman leaned on the fender of a smart small sports’ car with her telephone in her hand. As he walked past he could hear her arguing with someone in an imperious tone.

“Just you get out here now,” she was saying into the phone. “I have paid for recovery and now recovery is what I will get!”

He stopped and nodded in greeting.

“Yes?” she asked, covering the mouthpiece of the phone.

Samuel did not know why he had stopped, but now that he had, he was forced to reply.

“Can I help?”

She looked him up and down with disdain and then said, “If you’re a mechanic, boy!”

Samuel was about to walk on, but suddenly it seemed that a challenge had been issued and he could not resist answering back. On the other hand, she was certainly attractive, all pale skin and long almost-white hair, maybe that was a challenge as well?

“I can push,” he offered.

It seemed that the challenge was taken, because the woman slipped the phone into her handbag and stood with a look of calculation.

“OK, we’ll try,” she said.

He watched her slide into the seat of the small car elegantly and look expectantly up at him. He looked down and breathed a sigh of relief… not an automatic. This would be easy.

“OK,” he said as he moved to the back of the car. “Press the clutch and put it in second.”

“Is that all?”

One stilettoed foot pressed the clutch down and her hand guided the gear stick.

“Just let it out easy when I signal…”

Manual started to push. The car was light and rolled forward easily and he waited until he was almost running before shouting, “Go!”

The car stuttered a moment and then the engine roared into life. Samuel half expected her to drive off without even a ‘thank-you’ but she stopped after a few yards and leaned back to watch him. He strolled to the car, elated and happy, this sort of little adventure was what his trip was all about.

“Don’t let the engine stop,” he said. “It needs charging…”

“Well done, boy,” she said. “You need a ride?”

Samuel shook his head and lifted his hand.

“No, I’m fine.”

She looked him up and down and nodded.

“You’re hungry?”

Samuel shrugged, which she seemed to take as an answer.

“See the pink villa, there,” she said, pointing at a huge pair of open gates. “Just knock on the door and tell them that Miss Harriman sent you. I’ll call ahead and see you in an hour or so, when I’m back.”

“No, really.”

“I insist,” she said. “When I come back I can thank you properly…”

For a moment, Samuel had a vison of the alluring woman thanking him and felt a twinge of interest.

“If you insist, then I’ll see you in an hour…”

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