Honey Trap

Honey Trap

Following on from “Dark Widow”, “The Second Circle of Hell”, and “Rules of Engagement”; the glorious, and incredibly dominant, Miss Irene Clearmont brings us the fourth book describing her ever enlarging and female-led empire.

This time, the tale is centred around Korea, where a joint American/Korean initiative to halt the growing International trade in men and women being groomed and trained for lives of sexual and domestic service to wealthy and sexually powerful women and their partners is about to be blown out of the water… And its undercover operatives forced to live that very life their actions were intended to nullify.

A life one lone touring Englishman in North Korea is about to see first-hand when he is selected to be the “daughter” for a pair of controlling and influential party figures.


For the first time in what seemed weeks, Colin slept a deep and untroubled sleep. It could have been the thin mattress on the bed, the fact that he was chained only by the collar, or perhaps it was just sheer weariness and the sleep would have occurred in any case. The confinement of the cage, the fears that filled his mind, all were in the past as he turned in the narrow cot and awoke to a stream of natural light invading his room.

At first, his eyes barely open, he saw the bars of the cot. They stretched like pillars upward and he glanced up to see that they arched up to a point, creating a cage that was almost outlandish. Now, fully awake, Colin opened his eyes fully and could take in the room that he had only glimpsed in the dark as he had been placed here after the selection line-up that Colonel Kin and the strange foreigner had carried out.

The bright sunlight came from the high-set window, coloured by the thin pink curtains that were drawn to block out a view of the outside world. Everything in the room was shades of pink and even where there was white it was stained by the coloured sunlight. A bizarre fusion of a child’s bedroom with touches that spoke of the adult world. Opposite the barred cot stood glass fronted shelving almost to the high ceiling. On the shelves, arranged in rows, were women’s shoes in garish colours. Pink, lime green, bright sky blue and white. Above them a row of pink forms that made him shudder in dismay. Each one a dildo or vibrator in bright colours. His eyes glanced upward and he took in the soft toys and dolls that had been arranged to finish the display. Pushed between them were an assortment of books, but Colin was too far away to read the spines, close enough to realise that the writing was not Korean.

Colin moved in his cage and pulled his knees up to sit staring around at the room and trying to decide the purpose of the place that he was confined. A chest of drawers, a wardrobe, both decorated with cartoon ponies who pranced around their surfaces with innocent abandon. Rainbows and clouds, castles and landscapes that would appeal to a small girl. Between the two pieces of furniture, a rack that was at odds with the innocent décor. Hanging on it were a selection of leather straps, collars and a brightly coloured bin with several canes standing in it.

His eyes were caught by a small flicker of red light in the corner of the ceiling. It flickered red as he moved to gaze at it and then switched to green. The lens of a camera accompanied the light and he realised that he was under constant surveillance. Now his eyes moved to each corner of the ceiling and he could see that three cameras were watching his every move.

He looked at the door, white with a small knob, it did not seem to be a prison door. On a hook on the surface hung a dressing gown. A pink cotton robe decorated with lace and frills. His hands gripped the bars of the cot and the cool touch told him that they were steel. No amount of effort served to even bend them. His inspection of the room turned to the cot where he huddled. The sheets were as for a little girl’s bedroom and a huge stuffed teddy bear sat in the corner staring at him with wide eyes. Its head was almost on a level with his, and the bulk of it filled the whole of the far end of the bed.

Colin shifted in the bed and touched the teddy bear. It was heavy and soft and made a sort of whining sound when he moved it. Almost as big as the man that it shared the cot with, the bear was difficult to lift in Colin’s weakened state. As soon as he had it in his hands he dropped it with a cry as his hand strayed between its legs to find that the bear possessed a huge prick that flopped into sight. Hastily, Colin shuffled as far as he could from the monstrosity and sat staring at it with disbelief.

The bear did not move!

It took a minute for Colin to calm himself and resume his inspection of the room while the bear gazed at him with its staring eyes as if reproaching him for being frightened of it. His eyes turned to the floor. A brightly coloured carpet broken by a single ring set in the floor. A steel loop that formed a small arch in the centre of the room.

Their words came back to him as he took in the room and he realised that he was in some malevolent fairy-tale world. Like a small child, he sat huddled in the corner of his cot and could do nothing other than await events.

The rattle of the door handle.

The door opened to reveal the woman who he had seen last night. The attractive woman who had spoken English, the woman that had chatted with Colonel Kin as they casually decided what to do with each of their victims. Now, she was dressed in a way that made Colin close his legs to hide his rising erection. Short cotton socks that frilled at her ankles over the white stilettos. Her long legs in pink stockings and a frilly pink dress, the hem of which failed to conceal the tops of her thighs and allowed her breasts to almost spill from its lacy top. Following her, just a step behind was a Korean woman in a white coat and wearing rounded glasses. In her hand was a clipboard, her bright red lips pursed as if in contemplative thought.

Hopefully, Colin looked up through the bars at the vision of the tall Mediterranean woman as she strolled to the cot with a small key in her fingers. She smiled at him and turned the key, opening the whole side of the cot that rose with a slow movement. Colin dared not speak, but watched the woman with the clipboard moving around the room as if tallying the contents.

“You and I are going to have some fun,” said the smiling woman. “You get to play and learn how to be a good little girl for your Mummy.”

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