Command Performance

Command Performance

Blackmail, cuckoldry, depravity, and, of course, the most inescapable and perverted female domination, are the themes of the glorious Miss Irene’s latest outing in the world of involuntary servitude and sexual indenture.

All the above descriptions applying to a handsome young man who has the misfortune to find himself sexually attracted to a woman whose evil would have Beelzebub himself nodding with approval.


They entered the villa and John felt he was in a different world. He was on the verge of university and a week ago, she had just been the most popular girl in the class with all the boys, now she wanted him so bad. A trip that he had planned to get a burger was becoming something else. The first time was looming and suddenly doubt assailed him.

“I didn’t bring anything…”

She turned to him. The smile was almost a leer and her lips were pursed as her hand gripped him between his thighs.

“Big boy,” she laughed. “Nothing needed, bare back for a bitch…”

He started to stammer, but already her hands were unzipping his jeans and burrowing deep.

“I want it in me boy and I won’t hear no for an answer!”

John gasped as her hands closed on his rigid cock. In his imagination, it had never been like this. The pressure of her breasts on him, the smiling lips that he had kissed, his face reflected in her sunglasses.

She stroked him slowly and then gripped his balls. He could feel her nails bite into him as she turned and led him through to the bedroom. The feeling was terror jumbled with lust. He stumbled behind her and gasped as she dropped his balls and turned to face.

“Wanna see what you’re getting?”

He did and Jenny obliged.

The top was slipped off in a second, her bare breasts bobbing as her hands opened the top button of her jeans with a small twitch. His cock nodded and she laughed as her fingers slipped from waist to thigh, under the denim, peeling it back to reveal the smooth rounded flesh. Her feet kicked and the stilettos were off, bouncing under the bed as the jeans fell to the floor.

“Get naked slut, and let’s fuck!”

John hastened to obey. That smooth lipped cunt was begging to be filled and her hands lifted a breast to her lips. Jenny drew back her lips and bit the stiff nipple as her other hand slit between her thighs.

“Jeez,” he breathed as his own clothes joined hers on the floor.

“Nice bod, baby, now show me what that big cock can do…”

With a laugh, she fell back on the bed. Legs open, pussy held wide by twitching fingers. A soft hole that so needed to be filled by him.

John started to move to cover her, but her hands stopped him. Fluttered from shoulders to head, sank into his hair and gripped. Her face smiled and for a moment her tongue licked her lips.

“On your knees, first a little tongue…”

He kneeled.

Now the strong legs were open, her feet on tip toes. All roads led to the same place and her hands showed him the way. They pulled his head down until his cheeks touched the smooth skin, pulled a little more until he could taste her.

“Show me what you can do!”

A tentative kiss, but the hands pulled at his hair and then his lips were buried in her wetness. Liquid pussy, a sweet and sour taste, her pussy flowed from the excitement and his tongue tasted her need.

“Clean that pussy, make me come.”

John resisted the hands no more. Buried deep between her thighs he felt a trembling, a shudder of demand and then her clitoris swell between his lips. The taste was like a perfume, a heady bouquet that he lapped at and kissed. Musk and sweet cinnamon. Never before had he even been this close to a woman, now he was buried between her thighs.

Jenny cried out, her hands pulled and pushed, her thighs closed on him and opened. One foot lifted and pressed John’s cock hard on his belly. He gasped for breath, this was nothing like his expectations, no exploration, no timid reaching out. His head was bursting with the raw sexual energy of her and he could not resist, did not even want to resist.

“Fuck my cunt, bitch,” she shouted. “Suck it all out of me…”

The foot on his cock pressed hard, moved up and down and brought John so close to coming, the cunt opened and seemed to swell. It took him in, beckoned his tongue, demanded his lips and her thighs closed hard on his head while the hands pulled at his hair. She shuddered, twisted under him, waves of climax took her and the cries filled his ears.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. God, I’m so close, harder, harder…”

The bare foot on his cock moved down. Pulled him tight and then burrowed toes against the sensitive tip. It manipulated him, stripped him of his will, urged him to more effort and then suddenly kicked at him, the sharp nails scoring a trail of hurt at the very moment of his climax. John’s climax seemed to send her into a frenzy. Her foot kicked his balls, scored the insides of his thighs and she uttered a cry so sharp that he lurched into her streaming pussy as she climaxed. Her body twisted, taking his head between her thighs with it, a final kick to his balls and then they opened to free him to drop to the floor in a huddle.

“Fuck. Baby, that was so good!”

From the floor, he looked up at her. One foot on the floor, the other dripping with his come hovering as she moved on to her elbows.

“Now you can fuck me, baby,” she laughed. “Make sure you fill me…”

John looked down at his battered cock. Limp and slathered in the slime of his come, it lay covering the scratches of her nails on his thighs.

“I need a moment,” he croaked.

A look of irritation crossed her face.

“No, I want it now! Fuck me with that big cock…”

John crawled to his knees. His breath was coming in gasps and he looked up at the girl who demanded what he could not give yet.

“A moment!”

A sneer clouded her face. A twist of the lips, a look of disapproval that was almost more than he could bear.

“I can’t, Jenny, just give me a few moments…”

“Not good enough, bitch. When I decide I need a cock, then it had better be there for me.”

As she spoke, she slipped her feet into her stilettos. From one, come welled between shoe and skin and ran across the red patent leather.

“No fucking stamina, bitch. The fuck is over…”

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