The Dog Whisperer – A Female Led Tale

The Dog Whisperer

Excerpt of the Female Led Tale of the Dog Whisperer Chapter One Introductions I was on the trail early, my favorite time of day here: cool morning shade, fragrant manzanita, birdsong, and the serene forgetfulness of repetitive exercise. I didn’t see anyone for several minutes and hoped to set a brisk pace, 6.5 miles in […]

LGBT Fiction – Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor - LGBT Fiction

Caveat Emptor – LGBT Fiction My fault – it really was my fault when all was said and done.  ‘Caveat Emptor’ certainly came into play – that Latin term that means ‘let the buyer beware’ and similar to the phrase, ‘sold as is,’ the term meaning that the buyer assumes the risk that a product or […]

Transgender Femdom & Victoria’s Manse

Victoria's Manse - Book Four - Cover

Victoria’s Manse – Book Four Transgender Femdom – Up front, I have to admit that I would never have thought that I could get four volumes out of my autobiography about my transition from having been a hermaphrodite and to being a submissive woman, having started life as a young male. Parallel tracking this has […]