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Sheila’s Planet – A Tale of Female Domination

Sheila's Planet - Book-One

Excerpt Jim woke up and found himself lying on red sand between two clumps of Spinifex grass.  He slowly got to his feet to see the sun was just above the horizon.  For a moment he wondered if it was early morning or late afternoon.  Then he realised it was still a cool, so it […]

The Dog Whisperer – A Female Led Tale

The Dog Whisperer

Excerpt of the Female Led Tale of the Dog Whisperer Chapter One Introductions I was on the trail early, my favorite time of day here: cool morning shade, fragrant manzanita, birdsong, and the serene forgetfulness of repetitive exercise. I didn’t see anyone for several minutes and hoped to set a brisk pace, 6.5 miles in […]

Can Femdom Save The World?

Can Femdom Save the World

Can Femdom Save The World? Why men do a terrible job in ruling our world so can Femdom save the World? Many people complain about the mess of our world is in today but if we was to look at history we find we have always lived in a world of conflict and chaos. And […]

How to Write a Femdom Story

writing a femdom story

Writing a Femdom Story I’m fairly casual. I really let it write itself. Let me explain. I have an intro and I have a rough idea of where I’m going. But I don’t usually know the ending. That comes later as the story and the characters develop and new ones are introduced, or introduce themselves. […]

Deluded Masochists

Deluded Masochists - Pain and Paradise

Pain & Paradise Chapter One Deluded Masochists – Grant felt a frisson of excitement and shame ripple through him.    He had just made an appointment on the internet with a woman disciplinarian.    The excitement was at the thought of finally working up enough courage to do something that had long been a desire, a fantasy, […]

AJ Greene’s The Foursome

The Foursome

The Foursome – Chapter 1 excerpt                                                    Steve’s mother was a pain, always telling him what to do. “At twenty-two years old,” she said, “I really think you should have some idea what you want to do with your life. I’ve told you about Sheila, the teacher in my aura reading class. Sometimes she sees things […]

Pervy Femdom Tales

Pervy Femdom Tales

Pervy Femdom tales is a Wicked Shorty Story Collecition. The French Kiss It was not my cup of tea, the ballet. But it was my girlfriend Lisa’s birthday and these were the hottest tickets in town. She was grateful as I accompanied her to the city to see France’s leading ballet troupe perform. It was also the last time that I ever saw Lisa, because from that night on, my life would be changed forever. […]

Josh has a Problem – Female Led Story

Torn Between Twins - Arranged marriage

Torn Between Twins – Female Led Tale Chapter One Making Vows > Taking Them Jay Slavery descended so banally, with a walk down a hotel hallway. The city itself was banality embodied: Dayton, Ohio. It was Midwestern July hot outside, the evening truly smothering at well past eight o’clock. Facing the dread inevitability of his wedding two days hence, Joshua ‘Jay’ Hawkins Jr. (a.k.a. ‘Screamin’ Jay’ after […]

The Gigolo Juggler Blog

The Gigolo Juggler

The Gigolo Juggler Man Dive Clarice did a stage dive off the head of the bed, naked. She was standing over Marco, as he lay spread eagle on the satin sheets fondling himself while gazing up at her open-mouthed. She landed by his side and giggled, pushing her silky hair from her face. “Thirds?!” she asked and demanded simultaneously. He laughed and threw the sheet over her head. […]

Mistress of Man – Owner of Beast Blog

Mistress of Man - Owner of Beast

Mistress of Man – For one young woman, the need to dominate and totally control her man does not mean she doesn’t love him. Young girls like Melissa in Texas were supposed to know their place. She was different. Melissa figured out early on that she had to stand up for herself.  Most of the boys were […]

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