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Are Men the Natural Submissive Sex?

Are Men the Natural Submissive Sex?

By Fred Finley

What Women Really Want

The big problem Femdom has is that it doesn’t appeal to many women. This is because what most women complain about is that Femdom men tend to, “top from the bottom.”

The reason for this may be men’s attitude when they go to a Dominatrix, which is all about role-playing. Yes, a man may be tied up and caned but it all has to be, “safe and consensual.” So when he gives the safe word, and the Dominatrix has to stop beating him and untie him. This then calls into question about who is the boss.

The irony is that we don’t find this in the maledom scene. Submissive women, if tied up and beaten, don’t have the power to demand a safe word. She has to grin and bear it if it gets too much for her. So, women observe role-playing and fantasy in the Femdom scene but not so much in the maledom scene, where the power is more real.

This may also be the reason why women don’t like the idea of gaining power over men using brute force. For a man, using his size and strength to dominate a smaller woman makes perfect sense, but obviously not for a woman. As she knows that physically, she is at a distinct disadvantage.

So the idea of women forcing men to do anything through violence and intimidation is a joke to them. A woman can only tie up and whip a man if he allows her to do this. This means she doesn’t have any real power when using brute force. Therefore, many women feel that Femdom doesn’t give them genuine power.

So how can women dominate men? We do know that in our society there are dominant women who can boss around men twice their size and strength, so how do they do this? What is their secret?

The problem for women is the myth put out by patriarchal religions and science, that men are the natural dominant sex. So, if men and women believe this, then it becomes a reality. But is it really true?

What the Military Teaches Us About Men

Soldiers are considered to be very macho and seem to be the ultimate expression of manliness. Yet they are the most obedient people on the planet.

In World War One, millions of soldiers came out of their trenches to be mowed down by machine-gun fire. The military spun this, by claiming these men were very brave and courageous. But could it also, be that these men were so submissive that they will obey orders, even when it resulted in their deaths?

In World War Two the Japanese took this total compliance a step further when they used Kamikaze suicide bombers to crash their aircraft into enemy shipping. Today we have another type of suicide bomber of Muslim extremists who will strap explosives on themselves and blow themselves up in crowd areas. Why would any man want to do this?

This then calls into question the idea men are the dominant sex if they are so willing to blindly obey orders, no matter what it is. So how do the military and religions make men so compliant, that they can order them to kill themselves?

It seems that all they do is give them orders. When men join an army, they are bossed around all the time. They are given so many orders, that in the end, obeying commands, becomes second nature to them. As the result, if they are given an order to charge a machine-gun post, they will automatically obey.

So how can we think that men are naturally dominant if they are so easy brainwashed into obeying the most insane orders?

How Women Dominate Men

This is exactly how bossy women get men to obey them, they simply tell them what to do. It seems that men are naturally obedient to anyone whom will confidently give them orders.

This means that women do have the power to dominate men but most of them don’t use it because patriarchal propaganda has convinced them otherwise. So, it is only a few women who are brave enough to be bossy with men that ever get to use this power.

So if femdom is to appeal to women, then it has to give women real power they can use in the real world. As it seems most of them are not interested in role play or fantasies about whips and canes, which only give them pretend power.

For instance, religions are also good at making men totally obedient as we see with Islamic suicide bombers. Many use the power of worship, to brainwash their followers into blind obedience. This is something the Femdom scene can use by persuading men to worship women.

Or alternately, write about how women can use behaviourist psychology, brainwashing techniques or even animal training methods to dominate and control men. This would be of far more practical help to women than BDSM fantasies.

This means we have to challenge the ideas that men are the natural dominant sex. The military has proven submissiveness is natural for all men and not for just a kinky minority. We have to point this out and show the ways men are naturally submissive to those in authority.

So for femdom to appeal to women it has to more practicable and give women actual power to dominate men in the real world.

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