Another New Novel – The Countess’s Compliant

Another New Novel – The Countess’s Compliant

Hi to all and Happy Autumn/Fall/Thanksgiving, a new tome being launched in time for Christmas and those dark nights.

This one involves nigh-on identical twins that started off life as Siamese and then lose their parents to find themselves moved over to a chateau in France, owned by distant relatives, The Count and Countess of d’Orsayville. A life in bonded luxury, The Countess a dominant with a training school and a passion for younger submissives, The Count, a surgeon of some considerable note and who enjoys his work in body and mind transformation, a recipe therefore a challenge, to say the least, for Gabriel(le) and Dominique – and how they are challenged.

It’s mainly set in the Ardennes-Champagne but with excursions to Paris and the Algarve as the story unfolds.

I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

It’s now with the Ed and Admin Ed and will go live here shortly. Meanwhile, I have already started the next one, based off the ending of the book – however, I have left it open as to exploring what happens to Gabriel(le) and her friends in a second volume.

Clare xx


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