“Eve’s Apples” – Stories of Female Supremacy – Complete

“Eve’s Apples” – Stories of Female Supremacy – Complete

The first collection of the estimable and prolific Miss Irene Clearmont‘s short-stories is now complete and available for download at the Cave.

The dominant woman in all her sadistic and controlling glory is the theme of these stories from the versatile – not to mention prolific and diabolical – Miss Irene Clearmont. With each set of tales prefaced by the correspondence of the notorious Ms Maxine and the would-be dominant women who need guidance in controlling the men in their lives you can be assured it is an event not to be missed.

With this first volume of Miss Irene Clearmont‘s collected short-stories we are taken into the world of  the super-rich and the not so rich alike to experience the domination of woman over man that respects boundaries of neither a class nor an economic nature.

Witness, the man whose ageing body finds it difficult to keep up with the demands of the demanding young wife who has him besotted…

The dour North-East of England is an unusual setting for a tale in a femdom ebook, but, with “Northern Lasses”, the eclectic Miss Irene shows us it’s not just the decadent South that has cornered the market in assertive women who refuse to be denied by the men who take their fancy…

What with the masterful title story and a host of others, this is a collection not to be missed.


To download free femdom stories please visit the Femdom Cave library.

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