Writers Cramp

Writers Cramp

For one wannabe author, the lines between femdom fiction and reality are about to be blurred forever when the women who serve as role-models for his, supposedly, secret jottings take on a more… editorial… position in his fantasy world.

And their interventions will NOT be completely to his sexual tastes.

In concern of one particular aspect of them, in fact, not at ALL!


Writer I

He wrote:


Greta was the perfect corporate bitch, bossy and hard faced. She was always power-dressed in a tight skirt over her powerful thighs, her firm F-cup breasts swelled in her tight blouse and her heels were the highest that could be bought in the shops. Her long blonde hair was braided into a plait and she walked with the confident stride of a woman who knew that all the men in the office wanted to fuck her but they did not dare even say a word to her. In her office she was like a devil-queen. Her secretaries were all scared of her because they knew that she would punish them if they made any mistakes. She was the boss of all the money that the company made so she could spend what she liked.

One day she found that a secretary had made spelling mistakes in an important business letter and she sacked her without a thought even though she had two kids at home. The real reason that Greta had sacked her was because the secretary found a whip in her drawer and was going to tell Greta’s boss, but she sacked the secretary before she could say anything and security led her out of the building.

What the people in the office did not know was that Greta was really a bitch and a sadist and she wanted to find a man as a slave to lick her cunt and high heeled patent leather boots and give her a lot of pleasure while she whipped and chained him. The problem was that kidnapping a man would be difficult. There were the police and the CCTV and someone might miss her new slave so she had to be careful what she did.

The secretary that was the one to replace the sacked one was called Bill and he was a married man with a beautiful wife called Meg who was very shy. He started in the office the next day and Greta was nice to him because she thought that it was a good plan to seem to be friendly, but actually she had other ideas that were not nice for him because she had already decided that he would be a good slave to kiss her boots…

…William pressed ‘save as’, added a password and sighed with contentment and a little relief.

His story was off to a good start and now that the other three secretaries were returning back to their desks after the lunch break, there was always the chance that someone would look over his shoulder. San, Davina and Lizzy were always laughing at him behind his back and it would be a disaster if they saw the start of his novel.

As he opened the work-letters that he had in first-draft he felt his erection subside and tried to come down from his exalted state. He was sure that this was just the start of a glorious career writing erotica; he so glad that he had actually taken the first step.

“Have you got the loan rejection letter prepared for Advanced Technics, Bill?”

William looked back at his boss and nodded.

“Just the form letter with the points that you noted,” he replied. “Here…”

His finger pointed to the open letter on his screen whilst Margarita leaned over his shoulder and scanned the lines.

“Good! Make sure that it goes off in the next hour. After that I have several acceptances for you and a final edit of the report on loan insurances for small business. It has to be ready for my presentation tomorrow with all of the slides I sent and the charts that illustrate the main points…”

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