Triads – Book One

Triads – Book One

Triads – NOT the Hong Kong gang variety, but domestically and sexually dominant women.

Women who place men at their feet and NEVER let them up.

A collection of femdom works from FDC containing three books under one cover that are sure to interest the connoisseur of those women who prefer their men sexually obedient – and make them that way even if they aren’t to begin with.

Book-One in the collection contains: “Jill in Bloom,” by Jeff DeLuna; “A Corporate Serf” from Darren Garroway; and “She Loved Him… But…?” by Maria Wain-Vincent.


(From: “A Corporate Serf”)

“Tell me, Rhonda Crawford began, “were you happy being Luann Brent’s slut?”

Terry coloured, it was his first day as what was, in effect, Rhonda Crawford’s office junior and if being placed in such a lowly position to be supervised by a delighted and gloating Moira Wilson wasn’t bad enough he was now being insulted into the bargain.

“Look,” he began censoriously, knowing his position was precarious to say the least but not wanting her to think her upper-hand had him too browbeat, “I’m grateful to be kept on and we both know my financial situation, but that doesn’t mean you can…”

“I can talk to you in such a way?” she second-guessed him, this as he finished delivering to her the files she had requested and the Wilson bitch had reveled in ordering him to locate and take through to his new ‘boss’; she looked cool and composed behind her desk in a severely cut two-piece charcoal suit that seemed to heighten the authority of powerful if shapely legs and a matronly but still hour-glass figure.

He nodded, sensing her new position as his boss and the dependence he had upon his own, given his mortgage and credit card re-payments, would force him to allow her to do just that.

Talk to him in any way she liked, that is.

“My private life’s my own, Rhonda,” he reminded her with as much forcefulness as his tenuous position allowed. “Perhaps we’d be best keeping things on a business basis.”

“Now there’s a realisation coming a little too late, I’d say,” she responded with a dismissive laugh.

She let her meaning sink in before deciding to drive home the power she had and he hadn’t a little more:

“And by the way, you address me as Ms Crawford from now on.”

He stared at her with surprise.

“Whether here in this office and this building or anywhere else, I expect to hear you address me with the respect I deserve as your superior.”

For a second or two he thought she was joking. Empson, Walsh & Entwistle were a company noted for the informal relations between management and staff. To acknowledge her in such a way in front of his colleagues would be…

Again she read his thoughts:

“Yes, I know you’ll find it embarrassing to begin with but you’ll get used to it. People know I’ve taken you under my wing to see if anything can be made of you, so they won’t be surprised.

“Taken me under…?”

“You will also address Moira as ‘Mrs Wilson’ from now on.”

“But she… She’s only a secretary.”

“Which is more than you are at the moment and more than you’ll ever be if you continue with such an attitude,” his female boss told him with more than a hint of asperity and, for the first time, he felt trepidation of a more personal than professional kind.

“Feel free to leave if you’re unable to do exactly what I tell you to do from now on,” she added when he fell silent beneath her rebuke and reminder. “I’m sure you’ll find some way to meet your mortgage obligations before that apartment of yours is repossessed.”

He remained in place and a power surge infused Rhonda Crawford’s attractive body.

“No, I didn’t think so,” she jeered. “You’re in a complete mess and I’m the only one keeping it from becoming worse.”

She allowed him a few seconds to let it sink in then:

“Now, I shall ask you again: were you happy being Luann’s slut?”

In all the time he had been fucking Luann he had never asked that question and a – hopeful – part of him wondered if his new boss was asking it because she saw herself taking over the role.  He had simply taken it for granted that screwing his way through the company was the way for her to get ahead. Just as it had been a way for him to get ahead through school.

Whatever the answer to her question was, he told himself, the fact that she had asked it showed she was interested in him in such a way and could only be good news.

“Luann and I had fun I suppose,” he told her.

“Yes,” she replied tersely. “Sex normally is. But that wasn’t what I asked.”

He looked at her, puzzled.

She sighed at his slowness.

I was asking if you were happy being her little boy-toy.”

Anger flickered red at his temple but he decided to ignore the jibe – knowing he hadn’t an option, anyway – and gave what he saw as her ridiculous question some thought.

“Not really. Not entirely, anyway. Luann was, as you know, generous, but the sex wasn’t that great.”

“Luann told me you liked to be in control… when she would let you?”

He shrugged.

“We all have our own little quirks, I suppose,” he admitted, hoping his new boss would share the same submissive desires as his last and allow him to be the one who gratified them.

At least then there could be some payback for these small humiliations to which she seemed intent on subjecting him.

Just the same, Terry Durrant’s mood was improving by the second as he sensed where Rhonda Crawford was headed and he took her need for control in the office to be no more than a correlative to the lack of control she intended to exercise with him away from it.

“Actually, Durrant, I don’t hold it against you for using your sexual assets to try and get a leg up, so to speak.”

His boss’s words were still more encouraging; so much so that he barely registered her addressing him by his surname.

“As long as there are men and women this will happen, so you can hardly be blamed for attempting to make your charms – such as they are – work for you. However, nothing could highlight your lack of intelligence and imagination more than your failure to take any real advantage from the situation other than a few trinkets and trips and one average promotion for which you were, we’ve already noted, unsuited. Instead of attempting to learn those skills that might actually have made you a decent Account Manager and set you on an upwards trajectory in the company you simply settled for a few treats as payment for your sexual favours.

The option of actually learning the craft required for the Account Manager’s position had never occurred to Terry and even now, despite his current situation, it still didn’t offer much by way of appeal.

But then real work had yet to seem attractive to him.

“It’s one of the reasons that made me consider taking you on as my office assistant and helper for Mrs Wilson,” Rhonda told him, knowingly raising the expectations she knew he already held and which were becoming more obvious by the second.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand,” said the expectant Terry, playing his usual game.

A game in which his new female boss was happy to indulge him.

“I’m a firm believer in people doing what they do best,” she said. “And becoming my…”

She seemed to pause, as if searching for the word most suited to describing what he was to her, before finishing with:

“…assistant, will give you ample opportunity to exercise your talent.”

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