The Inferior – Illustrated

The Inferior – Illustrated

As depicted by the talented pen of Virmatra Scala, a femdom classic, with all the physical and psychological frissons we’ve come to expect from a work of femdom fiction from Kurt Steiner, is brought to life even more vividly as Virmatra’s imagery is supplied to a text already brimming with sexually perverse and erotic subcontinent life.

Imagery that will make the text worth revisiting for those who have already had the pleasure, and an absolute thrill for those yet to experience Kurt’s tale of a divorced and  failing English writer who takes on a young Indian housekeeper to run his recently inherited Cornwall home.

A young Indian housekeeper whose surface submissiveness and ultra-efficient domestic skills and manner hide a deeply controlling individual who, along with an older internet mentor from her home town of Kolkata, sets about destroying her employers self-respect and dignity until his very masculinity itself is at her mercy.

A destruction that will ensure he is soon ripe to become…

“The Inferior”.

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