The Golden Screw – Book Two

The Golden Screw – Book Two

The trials of Hugh Bristol (Hubris) continue in Wes Royal’s second book in the female-led world of Goldenrod. Caught cheating with Dita, a rival domme, his life in the service of the glorious Gilda – if she allows him to resume it – is about to become even more abject and humiliating.

With a supporting cast of exotic and cruel dominatrixes, together with abject and often unwilling submissives, Mr Royal’s fertile imagination has constructed a rollercoaster of female-led storytelling describing a rarefied and extremely perverse world within a world.

In this strange world, Hubris feels like a volley- ball being set up for a spike. But which alluring woman is the striker? Gilda Cane? Or one of her rivals – Maxi Reams or Dita Shafter? And what’s at stake?

Maybe life itself!


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I felt poised to take C.J. Jung’s journey “Into the Dark Woods,” that uncharted path to becoming an individual. Jung, a psychiatrist, said the trail is fraught with risks.

My lofty, philosophical thought, however, sprang from pungent, earthy roots and would receive its nourishment from them.

Handcuffed in the privacy of Maxi Reams’ black minivan, concealed by tinted windows, I had let Dita Shafter lure me astray with just her promise of smearing me with the wild side of sexual chaos.

My bride, Gilda Cane, was subjecting me to Blue Balls, even though we’d been married less than twenty-four hours, and I’d failed her test miserably by letting Dita toss me off with her tantalizing glove jobs—twice—earlier that day.

To top off my flagrant but, in my opinion, unconsummated sex acts, Dita entrapped me into ramming her anus and stopping me after one stroke. That’s when Anis Rimler, Ms Cane’s violent blonde-bomber enforcer, burst in to catch me in the act. Anis bruised my chin and blackened my left eye with just two punches.

To add to my punishment, Ms Cane would gratify herself with another man while Anis forced me to watch, waiting for the least excuse to beat me up if I tried to look away, much less interfere. Handcuffed, I’d be helpless to resist Anis’ punches. And she yearned to batter me.

While we were waiting inside the back of the minivan for Ms Cane to summon me to my humiliation, Dita slinked in to steal me for herself, baiting me with the touch of her clothed, soft, warm flesh—brazenly seducing my mind while the minivan was parked in the driveway right in front of Ms Cane’s mansion.

Dita would take her time inveigling me inside her body now that she’d incapacitated my conscience. She knew I was hers for the taking once she got me alone with her.

I suspected the identity of the man Ms Cane brought to cuckold me, even though she’d put a hood over his head. If he turned out to be the man I thought he was, I doubted I could ever reconcile myself with Ms Cane.

And I’d sink into Dita’s greedy clutches. She would give me more sex than I could handle and bleed me financially to add zest to her conquests.

The favoured adulterer wasn’t Ms Cane’s ex-husband, Gary Nero. He couldn’t muster an erection if he had to because Maxi Reams had nearly drained him with anal sex before Dita finished him off with one of her sensual, irresistible glove jobs.

Ironically, I could have tolerated my wife cuckolding me with Gary or a total stranger because I could rationalize that she was using him just to torture me—not because she cared for him.

On the other hand, if she cheated on me with a man for whom she had intimate feelings, I’d feel betrayed. As sex-crazed as I was, I yearned for Ms Cane’s affection and acceptance even more than I craved making love to her.

Having to call her Ms Cane instead of Gilda summed up her dominance. If she shut me out completely, I’d drown myself in the seamy side of sex with Dita.

So, to determine which course I’d follow—trying to win Gilda back or plunging into the depths of Dita’s whirlpool of ecstasy and degradation—I had to know who the lucky guy was.

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