The Entrapped

The Entrapped

In a most entertaining story line, Chris Bellows reveals the wickedness of the Dominant female as yet another man gets in above his head to become the slave of a woman.

Robert Warren becomes an agent for a brazen unscrupulous extortionist who boldly extracts funds from the criminally wealthy. But the traps are many, and readers will be entertained as the superior female he attempts to dupe not only seduces and outwits him but reduces him to abject slavery in the process.

In a tale of duplicity and intrigue, women of power ensnare unwitting males in traps of various kinds. All of them demanding the sacrifice of male pride and self-esteem and, most especially…


With scenes of bondage, body modification and extreme female dominance with forced male on male interaction this not for the fledgling or homophobic male reader.

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