She Knew Who He Was

She Knew Who He Was

Having served time for a crime he did not commit, Martin Kiernan forges a new life for himself in Cornwall with the help of his missing brother’s personal documents.

Until a young Chinese woman from his former London neighbourhood joins his company in Cornwall and turns his life upon its head.

A dominant Chinese woman, and her like-minded stepmother, who use his weakness to fashion for themselves the English sexual and domestic servant of whom they have long dreamed.

A work of interracial female dominance from Matt Bennett.



August – Premonition

Sweat poured from him as the women stood over him.

He was naked.

Naked and vulnerable before a group of laughing and fully clothed younger women, ridiculing him as only young women can ridicule an older man who was no threat to them.

Quite the opposite. 

The only one under threat in this scenario was the older and naked man himself. 

By no means ashamed of his fortysomething body and slightly above average endowment, the jibes about his “pathetic equipment” and “scrawny body” took him straight back to the insecurities of the playground and his feelings of inferiority around girls. 

But these were not schoolgirls and he was a long way from the playground he had hated so much. 

Which did not lessen his humiliation one whit. 

He had heard and read of men who actually hankered after such abuse and went so far as to seek it out – even paying for it on occasion. But he could find no common-ground with their predilection for such treatment as one of the young women pulled back a long and shapely leg, before bringing it forward that the point of her heeled shoe might jab into his midriff and rob him of air.

“Pathetic!” he heard one of them jeer from above and to the side, accompanied by giggles and sneers from the others as they took pleasure from his disgrace.

“What should we do with him?” he heard another ask; the youngest of them, a pretty barely twenty-year-old with a look of world weariness that would not have been out of place on a woman three decades her senior.

“Well a fuck’s out of the question. Look at that cringing excuse for a cock!”

This from a brunette with what seemed to be a perpetual sneer, looking down at his naked body as if it were something she had struggled to scrape from her Jimmy Choo’s.

“We wouldn’t know it was in us,” laughed a particularly humourless blonde; her gift-free bon mot provoking the kind of laughter a talented stand-up comic could only dream of receiving.

“I know,” offered a tattooed and pierced piece with short and cropped black hair and skin-tight leather leggings that showcased a pair of surprisingly shapely and powerful young legs.

The others stared at her with curiosity.

“How about we make him pull himself off while he’s on his knees and we watch?”

 A chorus of approval greeted her suggestion, though one of them, the pretty one, standing next to an older girl with short hair and glasses, added a proviso:

 “Okay, but only if he spurts his stuff over my shoes and then licks it off afterwards.”

A proviso that provoked shrieks of laughter and a unanimous agreement. 

He felt fingers in his hair and a hand drag him up by hair until he was looking, despite their youth, into a pair of distinctly hostile and utterly implacable eyes.

The brunette again, displaying a huge expanse of cleavage as he leaned in towards him that revealed what he could only admit were an impressive pair of young tits, stood before him.

“You’re going to pull your little cock off for us,” she assured him, “and when all your filthy stuff bubbles out of it you’re going to make sure you spread it all over young Nell’s lovely red pumps with the peek-a-boo toes.”

The pretty one laughed at the brunette’s request then watched as her friend drew back and delivered him a resounding slap that rocked his head to the side. 

“And,” she went on, “if you disappoint us, we’re all going to take turns kicking your balls until they’re so much mush. Got it?”

Terrified, despite his advanced age and their youth, ne nodded.

And received an even more powerful slap.

“Show some respect, you pig” Say: yes, Ms Rachel.” 

The words and the voice leaving his mouth as he instantly acquiesced were, he had to confess, every bit as pathetic as they insisted him to be. 

“Y-Yes, Ms Rachel.” 

“Good pig… Nell?… He’s all yours.

Eyes on the floor, he watched as the peek-a-boo toes of Nell’s red-shoes entered his vision.


“Go on then,” he heard the young woman’s contemptuous and impatient order. “What are you waiting for? Start pulling on that little cock.” 

He looked up into her young eyes, hoping to see some compassion there.

He was disappointed.

 “Now!” she commanded with all the authority of her twenty years. “And look at me when you do it.”

Shocked to discover he was already hard under such treatment, his eyes misted over as they stared into hers and he began to pull himself off; amazed as his excitement built almost instantly to a crescendo and he…”


“Aaaaaaaaaagh!” Martin Kiernan screamed as he awoke to arcs of white sperm jetting up and over the quilt upon which he lay naked; the remnants of his dream still uppermost in his thoughts and making the power of his orgasm all the more explicable to him given what had triggered it.

As he slid from the mattress and made his way to the bathroom in the hall to clean-up, a sense of foreboding joined the amazement he felt at having been so excited by such a dream.

It felt to him, just as if he had been granted a vision of his future.

By the time he had cleaned his mess and returned to bed, he had convinced himself it was no more than a dream and the new life he had forged for himself was in no danger.

It would be early the next month when he discovered he was both right and very, very, wrong.

For it may well have been a dream; but the new life he had forged for himself was about to be unravelled.

And spectacularly!

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