Samantha’s Slave

Samantha’s Slave

Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he’s immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess.

But Jack is not prepared for her cruel tests in submission

Driven to Samantha’s house in the trunk of his car, he’s then ordered to bring her to a multitude of orgasms on his tongue – something with which he does not have a problem. The cock torture and the brutal whipping, however, are something else again and lead him to think seriously about the difference between fantasy and reality. For though he still thinks they play a game, he will soon be taken to the edge of sanity.

Yet still he’s hooked on this amazing woman who holds out the promise of his abject submission under her artful reign as the scenario goes from playful to utterly serious..

Wild pleasure, sadistic torture and the cunning wiles of dominant females propel this heated story and readers can gear up for some hot and heavy Femdom action.

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