Free Man to White Slave

Free Man to White Slave

Gudrun Lindstrom returns with yet another tale of interracial femdom as an English architect/designer and businessman finds himself enslaved by a young Arab woman in a strange world with even stranger values.

A world into which he has been sold by his scheming wife.



My wife is astride me, staring down into my eyes hungrily, as if this is the last time we will get to fuck for a while and she wants to imprint the experience of it onto the hard-drive of her memory.

Imprint made for those cold nights of my absence when the need for her to ride my thrusting cock is greatest.


My Nordic goddess of a wife, unmistakably Scandinavian without the necessity to speak.

So Norwegian, in fact, she is almost a stereotype.

But what a stereotype!

The body that rises above me as we make love in the only position in which she says she feels comfortable is as powerful as it is perfect and as shapely as it is exquisite. Short and French-cropped blonde-hair frames her features and the slight overbite of her teeth that imparts both a schoolgirl quality and a sense of wilfulness contradicts the womanly breasts below that are so full, conical and firm, as to need no support from the bra she insists upon wearing anyway.

A bra that is absent now and allows me an unobstructed view of nipples that rejoice in having her husband below her and his cock buried deep inside her.

“Do you like being fucked by your dominant young wife, Howard?” she said, taking me by surprise as I concentrated on holding back my eruption until I was sure she had reached her own crisis. It was the first time I had heard her speak during our lovemaking and it seemed, somehow… shocking. She was the last person I would have taken to be into game or role-playing but a small part of me that was not surprised welcomed the introduction.

“Is this what you would like from now on? To be under no illusions? To know that you are being ridden like the animal you are, powerless beneath your Norwegian goddess?”

I had never been into BDSM or anything like that – and certainly not from the receiving end – but her words and out-of-character aggression towards me triggered a need to be…


Used by her?

“It is what my little Howard has always wanted, I think,” she continued, giving my cheek what I took to be a playful slap.

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