Down At Heel

Down At Heel

Seven debauched and meaty tales – with two erotic female-led poems – from the pen of the queen of femdom authors, Miss Irene Clearmont.

Whether it’s cuckoldry, age-regression, body modification, or irrevocable male chastity binding them, the abject and overmastered males in these seven tales will never know autonomy again.

Be it at the hands and feet of a wife, a mother-in-law, a girlfriend or a religious fanatic gone bad, the only authority they will know from now on will be feminine.

And a harsh, if sometimes erotic and seductive, femininity at that.


“Cindy says that it is fun…”

“Since when did you discuss things like this with Cindy?”

“Since school… Best friends and all that!”

“So now she even gets to discuss what we do in the bedroom?”

Stephanie rolled over in the bed to face her husband and her hands burrowed between his thighs. There was a light in her eyes that Pete had never seen before. Urgency and excitement rolled into one, pouting lips and a slight blush to her cheeks. He could feel her hands enclose his erection and then the long nails that scratched at his balls.

“If I want darling! You said that you wanted me to take the lead more often and…”

“In bed, Steph, in bed!”

“One thing follows another, darling! You want me to make dreams come true?”

“I do!”

Pete groaned as the hands started to tease and stroke him, he lay back and relaxed his thighs. His wife’s response was to take him in hand and slowly tease him to his full size.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she moaned as she moved under the covers and pressed herself against him.

“Of course, it is,” said Stephanie in a whisper. “It’s what I want… I want you to just lie back and let me fuck you!”

Still gripping his cock, Stephanie moved under the covers and slowly slid over him, lifting a leg to straddle and then sitting back on his thighs while her hands rose and fell the length of his cock. Pete’s eyes were closed, but he could see her in his mind’s eye. The petite wife sitting upright while she controlled his prick, making his thighs lift with each movement she teased him to the point of capitulation.

“This is my fuck,” she continued, “so don’t you dare come until I give the word!”

Something hard and sharp ran a few inches along his leg and Pete started.

“Heels in bed, darling, just lie there while I play with your body…”

Pete was so tempted to open his eyes, but somehow he felt that the fantasy would fade if he did so. Instead he groaned as his wife held him tight, he felt her lean over him and now he was pressed to her belly as her hands moved up his torso to his neck and then his face. His arms stretched up and clutched at the bed posts with a tight grip and he knew that he was falling deep into the fantasy. At last, after months of trying to persuade Stephanie to be more assertive, to rule the nights, his hopes were being fulfilled.

“Now then,” she whispered in a matter-of-fact tone. “There’s something that I need to do…”

He felt her reach over his head, her hands under the pillow and then the smooth silk of a blindfold being tied over his face. His lips brushed the silk scarf as she knotted it tight and then sat back to admire her work.

“Can’t have you seeing what comes next…”

The hands returned to his cock for a minute. Teasing and playing with it, closing on his balls and making him thrust up from the bed. Pete was in heaven; his wife rode his thrusting hips and moved up and down whilst her heels dug into his thighs like spurs. Once again, she dropped to the length of him and her hands quested over his naked body, this time the target was his wrists. Her hands reached once more under the pillow and he heard the clink of metal before her slim hands cuffed his wrists to the posts that he was clutching so tightly.

“That’s better, darling,” she breathed in his ear. All we need to do now is to get those ankles in restraints and then I can play to my heart’s content.”

Her words and the friction of her hard belly on his straining cock almost pushed him to the point of no return, but Pete lay quiescent on the bed as his wife made her arrangements. He felt her move on the bed, releasing his legs. The clink of metal, the sawing, grating sound of a chain being pulled over the metal bed posts and the clutch of cold metal on his ankles.

“Now then, nice and tight…”

He heard the steel tips of her heels on the hard marble floor and then the rattle of the chains. A tentative pull and then his right leg was pulled down to the post. A ratcheting sound and then it was the turn of the left. It too was pulled tight and Pete gasped as he felt himself being stretched to full extent before there was the small sound of a sigh and once more she was mounting the bed next to her fully-spread husband. A hand slid along his cock and pulled him tight.

“Is this what you wanted darling?” came her voice from on high.

“Oh, it’s so good…”

“That’s nice, darling, because now there’s a special surprise for you…”

Pete’s body tried to writhe in the chains, but they were so tight that there was no movement possible. The hands plucked at him, slapped his erection lightly and then gripped his balls. Sharp manicured nails bit in the cleft of his ass and he cried out as they probed and explored him.

“It’s time to have a little discussion about sex…”

Her words penetrated his mind and his lips formed a questioning pout.

“That’s right, darling, you see there’s something that I have to tell you and it seems that now is the moment… A sort of a confession on my part…”


Despite the distractions, Pete realised that the tone of her voice was serious and he suddenly wished that he was not so helpless.

“You see,” she began. “I have to tell you all about the affair that I’ve been having…”

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