The Commodities Market

The Commodities Market

The punishment handed out to a hot-shot Wall-Street commodities dealer, this after he embezzles money he is laundering for a drugs-baron from Central America, is amongst the most brutal and enduring to be depicted in tales of femdom fantasy and fiction.

And the women to whom the former hot-shot is given as property certainly rate amongst the most cruel of dominas ever to be depicted in words.

This book contains: non-consensual slavery, cbt, and forced oral sex.

Amongst other torments.

You have been warned!


I’m not sure if I passed out or fell asleep. My mind played a multitude of little games as the

hours and possibly even days passed. The calves of my legs were the first to react but it spread out to different parts of my body. My back was the worst. I was bent in an unusual arched position which put a lot of stress and strain on my muscles and spine.


Suddenly I felt my little cubical move. I concentrated intensely to make sure but the crate

was definitely moving. Obviously I was being unloaded from the ship. The jarring and jolting

continued for a few minutes before it came to rest again.


I think my little box was put in a truck or something because there was a constant vibration

and jarring for quite some time. Then the crate received a solid jolt before all was quiet for quite some time. During that time my bladder emptied and I had a bout with stomach cramps.

Obviously I had to take a shit but I was going to hold out as long as I could.


I’m sure many hours passed but finally something was happening. With several inches of

foam covering my ears I couldn’t hear a thing but I thought I could feel a slight vibration. Maybe they were opening the crate. The minute quivering that I think I felt might have been the screw guns. I could only speculate.


Then I definitely felt it.


Moments later the foam that covered my face was ripped apart. Someone cut the hood from my head and pulled the tubes from my nose.


Thank God. I was drenched with sweat but now I could actually breathe.


It took them the better part of an hour to completely extract me from the foam. Chunk by

chunk was torn and pried away. Obviously there was some sort of a film on the suit I wore

because the foam hardly stuck to the surface. I watched intently as they cut the heavy zip tie that held my hands and feet together but even then I couldn’t move.


My body revolted.


Roughly they pulled me up but my muscles were cramped too tight to help. I couldn’t stand so they threw me onto the concrete floor.


“Levantarse,” he yelled, “Ponerse de pie!


I had no idea what he was saying but because of my present situation, I assumed he wanted

me to get up.


“I don’t know what you are saying. I don’t speak Spanish.”


He kicked me squarely in the ribs several times as he kept yelling at me.


Several minutes passed before I heard someone else speak.


“Déjenlo en paz.” “Leave him alone.”


Slowly I started to straighten out my legs. Movement was finally returning.


“Ah, Mr. Jensen… I see you survived your little trip.”


I didn’t recognize this man but his strong Mexican accent assured me that I was not back in


“But it’s not Adam Jensen any more. That man is dead. After they found your suicide note

they still did a thorough search of the ship, but of course they found nothing. They even stopped the ship and circled it in the area where you may have jumped. You were declared missing at sea. Your coast guard even sent out planes and a few boats looking for your remains. After two days you’ll be declared officially dead.


“So from now on your name is Esclavo, nothing more, nothing less… just Esclavo.”


I looked at him a little confused as I worked the kinks from my muscles and joints. Suddenly

two black haired thugs lifted me to my feet.


“What is your name, gringo?”


“Adam… Adam Jensen.”


“No!” he yelled as the back of his hand slammed into my cheek. “Your name is Esclavo.

Now let me repeat the question smart boy. What is your name?”


“I told you it is Adam Jensen. Adam… Jensen.”


“We can continue this until the plane takes you out into the jungle tomorrow. It makes no

difference to me.”


This time his fist lodged just under my rib cage.


“Uh – h – h – h….”


“The next time you don’t give me the right answer I’m going to hang you up by your balls

from that rafter. Sooner or later you will respond correctly and show a little respect for your

superiors. Now what is your name?” he asked emphatically as his hand grabbed my nuts.




He squeezed my balls until I was moaning in pain.


“Again… what is your name?”








“Esclavo what?”


“What do you mean? You said it was just Esclavo.”


His finger clenched once more. “It’s Esclavo, Sir!”


“My name is Esclavo Sir,” I said reluctantly. “What’s going to happen to me now Sir?”


“You will be chained over in that corner for the night. When we finish our dinner you will

be able to eat up our scraps and leftovers. In the morning we will fly you 300 miles out in the

jungle where you will be properly trained. When we are satisfied, your fate is up to Mr.

Rodriguez, but I would surmise that you will be sold at auction to the highest bidder.”

“What do you mean sold at auction?”


“Remember you are just a commodity, a worthless piece of property that belongs to Mr.

Rodriguez. In fact, he owns many pieces of so called property – you know dogs, horses, cars and boats. And he owns you. You are nothing more than a piece of worthless property. That is why your new name is so fitting. If we translate Esclavo into English it means slave. You will be someone’s slave for the rest of your life.”


“Slavery doesn’t exist anymore. It’s illegal.”


“Ah, Esclavo… so naïve for such a smart man.”


“What if I return his money?”


“It’s too late for that. You are already dead and I would be willing to bet a peso to some dog

shit that you’ll wish you were really dead before it’s all over.”


“That’s the second time someone has suggested that. You seem to be a smart and very

reasonable man… why do you say that?”


“Mr. Rodriguez is one of the richest men in all of Central America. You crossed him and

now he will enjoy seeing you suffer as much as possible. The two guards that will be conducting your training are very, very mean men. They are true sadists and will make your next few months as miserable and agonizingly painful as possible. I guarantee it will take them a very short time to break you and trust me, they will enjoy it. You won’t however. That I guarantee.


“And then there’s Mistress Maria. She’s a lesbian who absolutely abhors men. When she

has you in her clutches you’ll be praying to your god every day for a quick death

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