A Lexicon of Female Dominance

A Lexicon of Female Dominance

The wondrous and prolific (not to mention wise, assertive and all-knowing) Miss Irene Clearmont brings us yet another work of femdom fiction.

This time the glorious Miss Irene has chosen the form of an A-Z lexicon, where each letter contains a word and an accompanying short-story guaranteed to shine a unique female dominant light on the word and activity described by the residing queen and agony-aunt of “Femdom Cave” in her inimitable way.

From Alpha to Zeta – From Authority to Zaftig, all femdom bases are covered as Miss Irene takes us on a femdom odyssey highly unlikely to leave even the most hungry and inquisitive follower of the genre unsatisfied.



Thighs and lace, manipulation and service.

When did Alice realise that sex could be so much under her utter control? Was it when she discovered that putting on stockings and heels almost made Harry come before he had touched her? Was it that moment that she had first treated him like a small boy and allowed him to thrust against her thighs until at last his little cock spilled its creamy come onto her thighs?

It did not really matter! All that mattered was that Alice gave so little and took so much, every time.

So she sat on the edge of the bed and slowly pulled on her stockings. After a luxurious shower and then a slow waxing that left her so smooth that not a hair was to be seen from her neck to the tips of her toes. Alice allowed her fingertips to run from ankles to the inside of her thighs and gloried in that unreal silkiness that passed beneath her fingertips. The stockings slid onto the velvety skin until they were stretched tight and clinched to the twelve clasps that depended from the girdle that smoothed her slightly rounded stomach without hiding the crinkles and creases of her sex.

Then she slipped on the stilettos and stood to admire the whole in the full length mirror that filled the strip of wall next to the bathroom door. As she smiled her fingertips slipped into that open cunt and slid through it with the help of its moist excitement.

Behind her she heard the barred door open and her little boy entered. The husband that had surrendered his manhood to her and now performed his little dance before he was allowed to serve her.

It was just another part of Alice’s dominance over her man that he had to please her without the aid of his own excitement. No! First he climaxed as she ordered and then he treated her to as many orgasms as she decided suited the moment.

She looked around and watched Harry crawl into her sight with that downcast gaze that always went with his knowledge that she was going to treat him. Naked and stripped of every hair on his body. That was the way that she liked him. Smooth and more naked than naked. A man who was uncovered and unclothed  and exposed to her gaze while she remained partly clothed to assert her pre-eminence.

Her hand waved with a small circular motion that indicated that she was not yet ready to attend to him. First she had to prepare and he was invited to observe and await her attention.

“Just sit there,” she said as she smoothed her stockings and hitched the girdle up slightly. “I will be ready for you in a few minutes.”

“Yes, Alice.”

He took his place on the small boudoir armchair and watched her finishing her preparations. Every day this ritual took place. Every evening at eight he had to attend to her needs and she paid passing interest to his.

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